Seroxat comic – 3

Well now, will you look at what just turned up – a new Seroxat comic called “Buying Our Silence”.

Quite apt really, given what’s going on in the High Court in London… I wonder what the media would make of this case if it ever did come to court. Just imagine all the damaging detail that would come out – I doubt Glaxo would ever sell another drug again. Panorama is one thing, the High Court is quite another


The two links here will take to the first Seroxat comic and the second one

…and this link will take you to a previous post Buying Our Silence, which I might humbly suggest was part of the inspiration for this latest Seroxat comic?

Click on the pages to see a full size image and then download and distribute as you like – but remember, I’m sure it’s all meant as just a little bit of fun…?


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