Another take on the latest Glaxo payout

Another take on the preliminary ruling that indicates GlaxoSmithKline should pay out $63.8 million to make amends for making misleading claims about its antidepressant Paxil (Seroxat) in kids.

CL Pysch writes:
“I wonder if the authors who stamped their names on the the main ghostwritten “scientific” publication for Paxil in kids should also be shelling out some cash. After all, it was the paper (chock full of HUGE misinterpretations of the study data) with their names on it that was doubtlessly used as part of the Paxil in kids marketing campaign. Were these “independent” academics innocent parties who were misled by the corporate meanies at GSK? Or, conversely, were these academics an integral part of the marketing team and should they also be held accountable for making false claims?

What counts as safe and effective on Planet Paxil passes as ineffective and dangerous to us Earthlings. So while I’m glad to see that it appears GSK will be shelling out some dough to compensate its , consumers, the systemic problems of ghosted science and outright lying are not addressed. What is $64 million to GSK? Roughly a drop in the bucket. And the “key opinion leaders” who pimped Paxil escape unscathed.”

Good point – the key opinion leaders – like the Doctors behind Study 329 have got away with it. Read some more about what they did here and here.

There’s a fine article here at Health Care Renewal about the subject of ghostwriting and what might be done to stop it.


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