Top posts for April

Here are the links to my most read posts for the month of April – it’s a chance to see what everyone else has been reading this past month:

What will be the long term effects of ta    
The Paxil Protest time machine    
Seroxat comic    
National Depression Week 2005 and the la    
Committee on the Safety of Medicines Exp    
Big Pharma Spin and Child Suicide Rates    
Seroxat comic – 3    
Dr June Raine at the MHRA was warned abo    
Michael Moore describes Eli Lilly’s “cri    
Another day, another list…    
A “personal view” of Panorama – 2004    
What a tangled web we weave…    
Top Posts for 30 days ending Saturday 14    
What next after SSRIs?    
Buying our silence    
Seroxat comic – 2 (repost)    
Dr Peter Breggin on The Real “Mental Hea    
The MHRA, criminal investigations and Gl    
The chemistry of happiness (part 1)    
Panorama interactive forums – watch here    
Huge Glaxo pay out…    
Ghostwriters in the Sky    
The MHRA invites your comments!    
1998 – Shy? Try taking a pill…    
Latest from the MHRA to Charles Medawar    
Another take on the latest Glaxo payout    
Antidepressants and Violence: Problems a    
Alastair Benbow caught out…    
Well, the MHRA did invite comments…!    
Michael Moore on the Columbine school sh    
My previous six posts    
‘Sicko’ Selected for Cannes Film Festiva    
Glaxo confidential settlement agreement    
The House of Commons, Glaxo & the MH    
“Vile pills that could pull the trigger    
Was Glaxo’s David Wheadon guilty of perj    
Alastair Benbow – GMC complaint    
Seroxat and birth defects    
More on ‘independent’ patient groups…2    
Zprexa Documents Borne by Winds of Free    
The MHRA & Serotonin    
Drs. Keller, Ryan & study 329…    
More on ‘independent’ patient groups    
See you in the High Court, Glaxo! – 2    
Ghostwriters in the Sky – 3    
You can’t turn off the internet….    
Dr. Lee S. Cohen, stand up and take a bo    
Ghostwriters in the Sky – 2    
We need to keep an eye on Glaxo with thi    
Thinking Blogger Award    

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