SSRI withdrawal – a personal tale

I’ve just seen an article in yesterday’s New York Times magazine – Bruce Stutz has written his story of withdrawal from Effexor…

I think anyone who has gone through withdrawal and had a hard time doing it will identify immediately with much of the detail that Bruce has written – just as if he came upon this Blog he’d see he wasn’t alone.

In the recent past, patients who experienced these effects would simply be told to go back on their medication – told that their depression was returning… because of this so we simply do not know the true number of people who suffer because of their SSRI medication.

Self-Nonmedication can be read here.


One Response to “SSRI withdrawal – a personal tale”

  1. pythia Says:

    The fact that the New York times printed this story is a victory and I don´t want to make little of his suffering but people who read it may think that this is all there is to antidepressant withdrawal. There are many who can confirm that it can be worse – much worse – and last much longer than it did for Bruce Witz.

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