Michael Moore’s Sicko – early reviews

Documentary-maker Michael Moore’s new film Sicko has become one of the most talked-about productions at the Cannes Film Festival.

This link will take you to a BBC round-up of what the early reviews say.


2 Responses to “Michael Moore’s Sicko – early reviews”

  1. Matthew Holford Says:

    There’s a critique from James Rocchi, right at the bottom of the page, which I found interesting. For the likes of you and me, and probably Moore, too, the option of taking this business seriously is not open to us. The Secret Keepers are there to have their peculiar version of reality laughed at.

    If one protested one’s views in the approved format, one would be ignored, then frustrated, then angered, then depressed. I don’t see the point in that. One might as well have a bloody good laugh at these people’s expense, and if others don’t understand the approach, then they’re not as astute at formulating an opinion as they think they are.


  2. seroxat secrets… Top posts for May « Says:

    […] Michael Moore’s Sicko – early reviews […]

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