Avandia – “diabetes drug called potential death risk”

There’s a very good post about Avandia over at Aftermath News.

It references the USA Today article “Diabetes drug called potential death risk.”

I know I’m a little behind with this breaking story, but I thought as Glaxo is looking in on Seroxat Secrets quite few times a day, I’d better give it something to think about –

Glaxo, you can run but you can’t hide anymore… the internet is seeing to that.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – pharma’s business model is broken – the science will not let it be sustained any longer. The age of the truly innovative blockbuster drug (and the massive profits) is over – that’s why drug companies continue to market sub-standard products to the public. And that is also the reason why one in every three people who works at Glaxo is in sales and marketing.

This simple fact shows where Big Pharma’s priorities lie – science and discovery have taken a back seat and the salesmen are driving.


3 Responses to “Avandia – “diabetes drug called potential death risk””

  1. Matthew Holford Says:

    I don’t understand. Somebody please explain to me why world leaders (Blair and Shrub, to my knowledge) think that this company is great, and should be protected from scrutiny, at all costs? There is a pattern apparent, here. I don’t know if the appearance demonstrates a determination to foist shite drugs on the general public. But I think the possibility should be looked at very closely, because I’ll tell you what, the Establishment’s next, if GSK doesn’t sharpen up its act.


  2. truthman30 Says:

    The Ironies of these dodgy pharma drugs would be hilarious is they weren’t so serious….

    Say you get depressed… And they prescribe you something nasty like the “anti-depressant” Seroxat, then you have a common adverse reaction like mania or depersonalization… And possibly then they would diagnose you as psychotic or bi polar… So they prescribe you Zyprexa ( an anti-psychotic), which is known to cause diabetes, so then they could prescibe you Avandia… And that could raise your possibilty of having a killer heart attack by 43%…

    Are all prescription drugs comparable to playing roussian roulette with your health and your life?…

  3. truthman30 Says:


    “We remain confident that the significant benefits of the medicine continue to outweigh any treatment risks,” GSK chairman Christopher Gent said.

    How many times have we hard that about Seroxat over the years?…
    How many times have we heard the same crap about other GSK products and “medicines”?


    Can Corporations Become Compulsive Liars? …


    What is compulsive lying?

    Compulsive lying is a common disorder often caused by low self-esteem and a need for attention. Often, the liar does not realize how often he or she is lying because it becomes second nature or habit (indeed, it is often referred to as habitual lying).

    Maybe they can make a drug to correct this disorder for themselves?…

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