“…let’s get Paxil out of mouths and into the garbage, that’s where it belongs…”

That quote is from Cindy, who is the Aunt of a young boy called Manie.

Yep – you guessed it, Manie’s mother, Julie took Seroxat (Paxil) when she was pregnant with Manie. If Glaxo had been quicker to properly warn pregnant women about the risks this might not have happened.

Julie’s new blog is here – big pharma victim – need I say any more?

“I had a normal pregnancy with Manie. I even had a couple of ultrasounds done while I was pregnant with Manie. There were no clues that Manie had a rare heart defect. I had already 3 perfectly healthy kids and did not expect for Manie to be any different.

As soon as Manie was born he began to turn blue. The more he cried the more he turned blue. Our doctor did not know what was wrong with Manie. The doctor thought that it might be his heart or his lungs.

Manie was flown to a hospital an hour and a half away from where we live. I had to stay at the hospital where I had Manie. The doctors called me when Manie arrived and told me Manie had transposition of the great arteries.

I was told that Manie had to have a procedure done to save his life. The doctors went through the artery on the inside of Manie’s right leg. The doctors snaked a balloon all the way through the artery to Manie’s heart. Once the doctors were in Manie’s heart they blew the balloon up and ripped a hole in Manie’s heart.

In the days following the surgery Manie’s leg and foot started to turn a dark purple. The doctors told us that Manie may have to have his leg amputated because the procedure damaged the artery in Manie’s leg.

Right before Manie’s open heart surgery the doctors put Manie on blood thinners. Shortly after putting Manie on blood thinners they were able to detect a pulse in Manie’s foot. Manie kept his leg.”

That’s just the start of Manie’s story – he’s three now and still having to have operations.

Please look in on Julie’s blog and give her and Manie all your support – big pharma victim


Seroxat and the Foetus

Glaxo admits that Seroxat can double the risk of heart defects and other malformations in babies born to Mothers ingesting Seroxat during pregnancy. This has been well documented already and the FDA and MHRA have issued warnings recently about the risks to newborns and the unborn.

Seroxat was also recently reclassified from a category C drug to a category D… Which means it does “officially” pose a significant risk to the foetus…

To find out more, I suggest you read Truthman30’s excellent post about this sensitive issue.

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