More Astroturfing?

Remember what Jim Thomson wrote recently “… ask yourself one question…What does this person, or this organisation, have to gain from taking this position? All may become marginally clearer. Jim.”

I’d like you to hold that thought while we look at some facts about the The Diabetes Monitoring Forum (DMF), an organisation set up (and run?) by Innervate – “Making Connections in Healthcare”

You remember Innervate, I’m sure, Jim Thomson used to be Business Development Director with them, although he plays down his time there, telling us “Nor do I work for Innervate. I did for a short time, while I was trying to establish the Centre for Mental Health.” More on this particular issue another time, but for the moment I’m glad Jim’s cleared things up for us.

Back to the DMF – on its website, we are told:
“The Diabetes Monitoring Forum (DMF) is a group of diabetes healthcare professionals who came together with the aim of helping people with diabetes better understand the role of blood glucose and ketone monitoring in diabetes management.”

However, on the Innervate website we are told:
“The Diabetes Monitoring Forum, is a multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals. The group was brought together by Innervate to develop practical education material that offers simple advice on appropriate blood glucose monitoring and blood ketone monitoring for people with diabetes. The DMF, with the help of Innervate, has more recently run a number of PCT workshops providing further support on blood glucose monitoring to primary care professionals.”

Spot the subtle but important difference?

Now, The sponsor of the DMF is Abbott Laboratories.

Abbott Diabetes Care was established in April 2004 after the acquisition of TheraSense™ Inc adding to the Abbott Laboratories company portfolio, which already included MediSense®. Abbott Laboratories is one of the largest and most innovative diagnostic companies in the world, with a presence in more than 130 countries.

Abbott Diabetes Care develops, manufactures and markets blood glucose monitoring systems that enable people with diabetes to manage their condition more effectively. Abbott Diabetes Care believes that the convenience and simplicity of its products promotes increased compliance by individuals with diabetes and provides more effective management of their condition. The convenience and simplicity of the blood glucose meters is illustrated in the product information sections of

I wonder if Abbott is a client of Innervate’s?

I think the only way to finish off this post is with those wise words of Jim Thomson: “… ask yourself one question…What does this person, or this organisation, have to gain from taking this position? All may become marginally clearer. Jim.”


2 Responses to “More Astroturfing?”

  1. BOB FIDDAMAN Says:,2879,en_21571361_34225293_34760115_1_1_1_1,00.html

    He was a pioneer of cause-related marketing and of co-ordinated programmes of corporate social responsibility.


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