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Truthman30 made a comment on one of my recent posts …Let’s get Paxil out of mouths and into the garbage, that’s where it belongs…

I think he’s hit the nail on the head

“The thing is , it should never have been licenced…

I have long been calling Seroxat the mental health thalidomide, even before the recent indications of Seroxat inducing malformations in new-borns I had thought of it as such. But, I wasn’t prepared for the absolute shock and horror I experienced when I read the news last year about these poor babies being harmed by this defective and toxic medication. It is an absolute and total disgrace, and GSK should be paying for Public Health Adverts on TV and full page adverts in every newspaper and magazine alerting everybody about this. It is another thalidomide and I wonder for how long will the governments and mainstream media continue to ignore the facts of this disgusting assault on human life. I suspect this ignorance is down to a fear of losing advertising revenue and for MP’s it is a fear of losing jobs in their constituencies but surely, there are people brave enough to challenge this? This madness has to stop.

GSK spend millions every week promoting their bogus drugs but they don’t seem to care when their drugs do harm. Instead they play down the horrific consequences and still even in the face of undeniable proof of harm, and stacks of evidence, they continue to deny the truth. The Seroxat Scandal and its legacy is beyond reason, and it stems from a system which has been gorging itself on “Greed” for far too long. And it is a system which has rotted itself to death. It is deeply flawed and it has failed. This has to change.

It is beyond belief enough that Seroxat was still allowed a licence after the evidence of its increased risk of suicide and aggression in children and adults. But how in the name of god can anyone argue its “benefits” now considering the damage it is causing to these babies.

I would not have believed the stuff I have read about Seroxat before I started to investigate it. But, unfortunately the Seroxat Scandal is all too real and people’s lives have been destroyed because of corruption, opportunism and a complete lack of respect for human life and dignity from all of the parties involved. The Seroxat story is not just a mental health catastrophe of epic proportions; it is an assault and an abuse of human rights. It is a chemical holocaust.

The Scandal that is Seroxat brings every societal structure into question. From the patient groups funded by pharmas , to the GPs taking perks from Pharmas to promote and endorse drugs , to the drug reps encouraged to lie about side effects. And Not only does it have huge implications for the medical and pharma community, it also highlights the failure of drug regulation because of a pharma funded system which the government is responsible for, a Government which seems intent on protecting the interests of Big Business before the health of the public.

It also begs us to question the ethos and doctrine of biological psychiatry which has spawned into a multi billion-dollar industry itself because of its all too eager collusion with the drug companies. And because of the fraud and crimes of biological psychiatry, the “mentally ill” have been further stigmatized, alienated, murdered, maimed and harmed.

“Mental illness” has become bastardised, bought, sold and squandered and the profits from this bastardisation have been soaked in misery, blood and tears from the patients who have been the innocent victims of this rancid regime.

We can forget the word “patient”; the public are merely marketing “targets” in this system dominated by an insatiable and blatant greed. We can forget the word “victim” and replace it with “statistic”, because at the end of the day, it is profits, stocks and shares, which are valued before life, health and well being. We can forget also the word “medicine”, it no longer means a “remedy” for a “malady”, “Medicine” means “product”… And the sick patient in need of healing has been replaced with ” a consumer in need of a brand of a drug”.

This may be a cynical world and I admit after being exposed to Seroxat and all that has subsequently entailed, I have become a cynic myself but I urge anyone involved in promoting Seroxat to question their conscience and to read about the Seroxat induced malformations in new-borns and I urge them also to question their integrity as human beings. I do hope that this madness fuelled by greed can be conquered by the compassion which every human being is capable of but beyond that.. I really don’t know.”

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