Yet another Jim Thomson initiative…

I notice on the website of the Centre for Mental Health a news item about the Zyprexa recall in the UK…

Interesting to note that Jim Thomson is still against the parallel trade in drugs: “The Centre has long campaigned on our belief that the (presently legal) free movement of medicines in Europe is a potential weakspot in the supply chain and an open invitation to criminal counterfeiters who prey on vulnerable patients. It is well known that medicines counterfeiting is a source of funds to organised crime and international terrorism.”

Is it well known Jim?

I’d like to see the evidence of a proven link between medicines counterfeiting and international terrorism – you see, I thought the link was between DVD piracy and international terrorism – or was it CD piracy and international terrorism? – or was it counterfeit handbags and international terrorism?

Anyway, Jim goes on “…our committment to protecting patients has led us and a number of partners to form the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines (EAASM).”

Great – just what we need – yet another ‘Alliance’. Now, I wonder who the partners are…

Jim is Chair of the EAASM and continues to be CEO of the Centre for Mental Health.

I’ll be interested to watch how the EAASM develops and I hope I’ll be able to report back to you with full details of the founding (and funding) partners, as well as to inform you all exactly what the aims of the organisation are.

Until I can find out more, just remember what Jim himself says “…ask yourself one question… What does this person, or this organisation, have to gain from taking this position?”


6 Responses to “Yet another Jim Thomson initiative…”


    I think it’s a reasonable question to ask without fear of being ’sued’ so here goes…. Who pays Mr Thomson’s wages?

  2. Matthew Holford Says:

    Well, from my recollection, (although I’d have to check the latest FATF Typologies Report), the biggest source of funding for terrorism is unwitting donations to “religious” organizations (at least, as far as Islamic terrorism is concerned). Narcotics trafiking and “legitimate” companies, which contribute revenues to terrorist activities, also feature. Maybe al Qaeda’s branched out.


  3. Eda Says:

    I came across this discreditable character in a web discussion.
    All I can say is I have never come across a man so abusive
    and slippery, and I guess not all that bright.

    GSK can surely afford better.


  4. admin Says:

    Well Eda, I’m sure that Jim has never been employed by GSK.

    At the moment we do not know who is funding the EAASM and what its aims are…

  5. The European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines - the latest « seroxat secrets… Says:

    […] The European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines. You can read my previous posts about the EAASM here and […]

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