Things are getting a little heated, I see…

It seems I’ve been left out in the cold – Jim Thomson only wants to talk to Bob Fiddaman over at Seroxat Sufferers – see the latest emails from Jim here, here and here.

I’ve just read the emails on Seroxat Sufferers and I have to say Jim seems to be getting rather excited about the whole thing today – and not a little confused as well.

As for this comment of Jim’s “…but I am willing to be convinced of your motives…” I can only politely suggest that, in fact, it is Jim Thomson that has to prove his motives rather than vice versa.

You see, I still remain skeptical about a few things – firstly a specific brochure Pulling Together – that was produced by a charity called Depression Alliance in order to support their National Depression Week 2005. Jim was dismissive of my review of the design and layout of the document (I’ve only 28 years’ experience in the corporate design business – obviously not enough for Jim) and he assured me it had “nothing to do with Cymbalta” – unfortunately that is not the view of the Healthcare PR agency (Packer Forbes) who designed the brochure, organised the campaign for National Depression Week and organised the two research surveys that the campaign was based on.

Packer Forbes is also the agency that was responsible for the launch of Cymbalta in the UK (I think about three months prior to National Depression Week). The manufacturers of Cymbalta, Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingleheim, provided the funding for National Depression Week and for the research it was based on and for the brochure, Pulling Together.

I’ve been waiting for Jim to respond on this but he has not felt able to as yet although he has no trouble writing long emails to Bob Fiddaman.

I also find it strange that ‘patient advocates’ such as Jim and Amelia Mustapha can be so dismissive about world reknowned experts such as Professor David Healy, Richard Brook, Charles Medawar, Dr Peter Breggin, Dr Andrew Herxheimer, Paul Flynn MP and organisations such as MIND and Panorama.

Then there’s the Innervate connection. You remember Innervate, I’m sure, Jim Thomson used to be Business Development Director with them, although he plays down his time there, telling us “Nor do I work for Innervate. I did for a short time, while I was trying to establish the Centre for Mental Health.”

And what exactly is The Centre for Mental Health?… why did you establish it Jim? WHY? I’d love you to explain The Centre for Mental Health to me. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand what you and Amelia do there – what is its purpose?

And remember what Jim himself says “…ask yourself one question… What does this person, or this organisation, have to gain from taking this position?”

I don’t have the answers.


9 Responses to “Things are getting a little heated, I see…”

  1. Matthew Holford Says:

    Just taken a look. It’s all getting rather heated, isn’t it? What do you have to gain, Mr Admin, from taking this position? Bob’s disseminating information, I’m bored – what’s your angle?


  2. admin Says:

    My angle?

    What is my angle?

    I was lied to by Glaxo. My GP was conned by the drug companies. I was let down by the MHRA. I was one of the unfortunate 30% + who had a VERY bad time with Seroxat.

    My angle?

    I want validation for what I went though and I want to cause as much trouble and embarrassment for Glaxo as I can. I want to expose the way the drug companies manipulate the system.

    I want to help people make more of an informed choice than they are allowed at present. I want to put another point of view in the public domain.

    I hope I don’t tell people what to do or think – I hope I just provide information.

  3. Matthew Holford Says:

    But, but, Jim is convinced that you and Bob are somehow involved in litigation, or something, with the intention of getting cash from GSK. Quite why he gives a shit about the “cash” figure on GSK’s Balance Sheet, I’ve no idea, but he seems to think that money influences your views. Who knows? Perhaps that’s a case of projection?

    Quite how running a public blog would benefit any legal argument, I have no idea. Perhaps we should ask Jim. Anyway, we’ve taken on quite a project, by the look of things. How on earth are we going to compete with a company that is able to place full-page ads in US national dailies, as part of its marketing drive?

    I mean, all those really bright PR people, lawyers, and whatnot? We just can’t deal with that kind of quickwitted assault [with less than 10 minutes’ notice, and 15 minutes to compose a response]. Calling Netwank: are you picking this up?



    Gadzooks! I suppose I’ll get blamed and investigated for this post now!

  5. Shutah Says:

    Well, well well …. ’nuff said!!

    Except perhaps a “thank you” to Mr Thomson for the excellent lesson in sarcasm!!

    You know what they say …. “Boys will be boys, but girls will be women”.

    Grow up boys!

  6. admin Says:

    And what about the specifics – see the post above.

    Jim writes a lot, but not about any of that.

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