JP Garnier: Avandia will not be “the next Vioxx”

Catch up with all the latest Avandia news:

Avandia critic testifies at hearing

Glaxo on the defensive

Avandia maker threatened to sue Critic

Glaxo’s Avandia Prescriptions Drop After Heart Report

Experts say early results from Avandia study not reassuring, despite Glaxo’s claim

Lawmakers to grill Glaxo, FDA on diabetes drug

Not the next Vioxx?

You sure JP?


2 Responses to “JP Garnier: Avandia will not be “the next Vioxx””

  1. truthman30 Says:

    JP Garnier: Avandia will not be “the next Vioxx”,8599,1623580,00.html

    Time Magazine seems to think that it could be..

    (no doubt the GSK Damage Limitation Machine is already in overdrive )

  2. Matthew Holford Says:

    Well, JP may be right, but that doesn’t exclude the possibility that Avandia is the first Avandia, which could actually be an even less appealing scenario. Incidentally, I don’t like “Not Across the Front Part,” as a name, so I shall henceforth be calling Avandia “Gostrewfochypo,” which is an amalgam of a Greek, Swedish and Proto-Indo-European words. This translates as “Guest room fuck up,” which, as fans of Blackadder will know, is a contraction of the innocent observation that something has gone wrong: “Shall I prepare the guest room for Mr Fuck Up?”


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