Top posts for May

And what a month – as usual I suggest that regular readers scan down the list of links and start from the bottom up to see what other people have been reading about this month.

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Cymbalta – a correction    
What will be the long term effects of ta    
Seroxat Comics – all 3 together    
What a tangled web we weave…    
Watching you watching me    
“…let’s get Paxil out of mouths and in    
Michael Moore’s Sicko – early reviews    
The good works of the Diabetes Monitorin    
“Sicko” Is Completed and Michael Moo    
Avandia critic to tell how he “was intim    
A brief history of school shootings    
Charities and their good works – continu    
Eternal sunshine    
Gepirone ER – enter Marty Keller    
The Drug Pushers – “Love that Aropax smi    
SSRI withdrawal – a personal tale    
Avandia – “diabetes drug called potent    
Pfizer and research misconduct in Zoloft    
JP Garnier: Avandia will not be “the nex    
More on Glaxo and Avandia    
Sicko – 29 June release date    
Cymbalta marketing by the back door: re-    
Pharma TV – drug marketing or patient in    
Avandia: the FDA is on the defensive now    
Charities and their good works – a final    
Yet more on Cymbalta marketing…    
National Depression Week 2005 and the la    
Glaxo share price down further still as    
The MHRA & Serotonin    
Seroxat Secrets: “I really have to quest    
This is what it’s all about    
This from Depression Alliance    
More snake oil from Glaxo – 2    
Serotonin syndrome    
From the horse’s mouth    
Another day, another list…    
Michael Moore describes Eli Lilly’s “cri    
More snake oil from Glaxo    
Seroxat & Addiction    
Serotonin – the disconnect    
Dr Peter Breggin on The Real “Mental Hea    
What a tangled web we weave…2    
Michael Moore on the Columbine school sh    
Pharma TV – drug marketing or patient in    
Drs. Keller, Ryan & study 329…    
Depression Alliance – such an attentive    
Wellbutrin XL slightly better than sugar    
David Healy – SSRIs & withdrawal/dep    
So, who’s lying then?    
Seroxat and Violence – the link is made    
The retiring Charles Medawar!    
Do we want direct to consumer drug adver    
A history of SSRIs    
Alastair Benbow caught out…    
Can you believe they really said this…    
Panorama interactive forums – watch here    
We need to keep an eye on Glaxo with thi    
Dr June Raine at the MHRA was warned abo    
Seroxat & Tinnitus    
Trail Of Paxil Suicides Leads To Glaxosm    
Big Pharma’s reputation…    
FDA hearings 2006    
The House of Commons, Glaxo & the MH    
Social Audit, Panorama, Glaxo and the MH    
The best Kept Secret – SSRIs Do Not Work    
The Hansard Society & Glaxo    
A doctor’s office is a ‘big bucket of mo    
Robbie Williams Heads To Rehab    
Serotonin – the marketing concept    
Pharma TV – drug marketing or patient in    
As if by magic…    
No Free Lunch – Confessions of a Poacher    
Seroxat Secrets: “I really have to que    
Glaxo puts pressure on MPs in a bid to a    
You can’t turn off the internet….    
Paul Flynn MP    
More on ‘independent’ patient groups    
What next after SSRIs?    
On a very personal note…    
MHRA, Ian Hudson and the House of Common    
Glaxo lawyers worry what is said about s    
The good Dr Keller – 2    
1998 – Shy? Try taking a pill…    
Ian Hudson’s “significant involvement” w    
A simple enough question – 2    
The MHRA, criminal investigations and Gl    
Seroxat & high blood pressure    
The FDA scandal    
Panorama, Seroxat and Ian Hudson    
Eli Lilly’s Zyprexa marketing blueprint.    
The House of Commons and Glaxo    
Eli Lilly settles Zyprexa claims    
Eli Lilly and Zyprexa – the cat is out o    
More on Lisa Blakemore Brown & the B    
Virginia Tech massacre link with antidep    
Johann Hari’s Seroxat journey    

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