The profitable anti-Seroxat bandwagon…

This post has been prompted by a series of increasingly distasteful and personal emails that Bob Fiddaman got from one Jim Thomson.

When the going gets tough, the tough get personal.

That seems to be the message from Big Pharma – disagree with us and we’ll soon find ways to put you in your place.

You might have though that experts such as Professor David Healy, Richard Brook, Charles Medawar, Dr Peter Breggin, Dr Andrew Herxheimer et al were the good guys.

You might have thought that campaigning MPs like Paul Flynn and organisations such as MIND and Panorama were on your side – making an honest stand against the spin, deception and lies of companies like Glaxo and Lilly.

Well that’s not the case says big pharma – more and more I see the good guys dismissed as cranks who care for nothing and no one and just have their eyes on the main chance – and they might even be connected to Scientology – The decidedly scary Prozac Survivors Group in the US again are [sic] funded by Scientology and the views of Dr Healy – the ‘expert’ regularly trotted out by Panorama – are generally only supported by those pesky Scientologists.”

There are widespread doubts about Healy and Brook’s integrity [sic].

Panorama uses “…bad science and shock tactics… exceptionally emotive language to hide a very shoddy evidence base…”

And another constant big pharma moan is about the “evidence”.

Ah, the evidence. It matters not a jot what I, and tens of thousands of others like me have gone though, – that just doesn’t count. The big pharma apologists want key opinion leaders, studies, meta analyses, publications in peer reviewed journals – maybe like Study 329 and Dr Keller, perhaps? Ghostwriting, anyone?

According to the big pharma hymn sheet, the one thing all their critics (and MIND and Panorama) have in common is that they have all jumped on board the “profitable anti-Seroxat bandwagon” – and now it seems that Seroxat Secrets and Bob Fiddaman at Seroxat Sufferers are to be tarred with the same brush and, I suspect, Dr Aubrey Blumsohn may well be in the firing line sometime very, very soon.

However, I’m not actually sure exactly how this ‘profitable anti-Seroxat bandwagon’ thing is supposed to work – so if anyone can explain it to me (and tell me where the bandwagon is parked at the moment) please do – I could certainly do with the cash!

And in all of this distracting noise, we seem to be losing sight of the point (or is that actually big pharma’s point?).

The point is – Seroxat is not a safe drug. It might not even work for you and it can be very, very hard to stop taking once you become addicted.

I’ll tell you all one thing: I will never get what I want from Glaxo – because they can’t give me back the last 10 years of my life.


5 Responses to “The profitable anti-Seroxat bandwagon…”

  1. Shutah Says:

    Eloquent reporting … thank you.

    I echo your final paragraph, as I suspect many others do. I was asked last week who I miss most … my answer … the person I was 11 years ago – pre-Seroxat!

  2. squirrel Says:

    I too miss the person I was pre Seroxat sadly I think she may be gone forever , the trauma involved in the withdrawl of this drug has long lasting & frigtening memories. I fear I may never truly recover.

  3. truthman30 Says:

    Well as long as there are people which are meant to represent you continue to screw you because of their own agenda the scandal which is seroxat will happen again….

  4. truthman30 Says:

    Hello Depression Alliance …

    Do your “job” and listen to the patients for a change eh?

  5. seroxat secrets… Doctoring the Evidence: GlaxoSmithKline Pushes Depression Drug « Says:

    […] well as being angry with Glaxo, I am just as annoyed with the drug company apologists who rant on about a “profitable anti-seroxat bandwagon” while they simply ignore the […]

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