The latest government initiative to use Seroxat for ‘chemical castration’

In the news today in the UK we are hearing all about the latest government initiatives to deal with paedophiles and sex offenders – some of the most persistent sex offenders are already offered drug treatment, but Home Office sources say the review will propose increasing this provision.

Plans to offer more “chemical castrations” to serious sex offenders will be among a raft of measures set to be unveiled by the government.

Increasing provision of libido-reducing treatments forms part of a crackdown on paedophiles, sources told the BBC.

And what drugs will be used?

Well, according to the BBC, SSRIs such as Seroxat Prozac and Zoloft will used to ‘chemically castrate’ offenders.

More later when the official announcement is made.


7 Responses to “The latest government initiative to use Seroxat for ‘chemical castration’”

  1. Matthew Holford Says:

    Well, one might as well make use of the side effects, mightn’t one? And why not make some money out of it, at the same time? Grotesque.


  2. Shutah Says:

    Abominable …. but are we really surprised at ANY of this Government’s recent proposals? John Reid needs to conduct a very careful examination of the pros and cons of introducing such measures into our society!!


    I learned of this yesterday and have to say I am appalled.

    So an SSRi takes away the urge to mess with a child?

    Jesus! Who writes this stuff?

    Do they not know that if you castrate (physically) a male, that male will still get the urge.

    Then we have the fustration factor. What happens when one becomes frustrated?

    One becomes angry.

    Combine that with a course of Seroxat and you will not only have a paedophile on the loose but a possible violent one too.

    Reid ought to be brought to task over this. For what it’s worth I am going to write my MP – May I suggest you all do the same


  4. Matthew Holford Says:


    I’ve just been reading a piece featuring Fred S Berlin, MD, of John Hopkins Dept of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences (if you’re interested, let me know, and I’ll send you a copy (I don’t see why anybody else should have to pay $4.95 for it)). He’s of the opinion that fuck all is known about this “mental disorder” – there’s been very little research, owing to the stigma attached to the condition. Do a Google, for “depression”, “schizophrenia” and “paedophilia”, and see how many resources you turn up.

    Anyway, the piece, in Behavioural Health Management, is, on a cursory read, a lengthy analysis of the lack of knowledge, in this area. And, Bob, Dr Berlin agress with you: apart from the fact that recidivism rates are relatively low (although reoffending is not unknown), chemical castration does not change the underlying sexuality of the individual, so one is, at best, masking the condition.

    I dunno, this just looks like another badly thought out, knee-jerk reaction, and no kind of solution, at all. Quite apart from being a convenient way for GSK, and others, to sell more crap drugs, to be used on people that nobody gives a shit about, if it all goes wrong. Besides which, these people are animals, aren’t they? If there are increased rates of sexual violence by paedophiles detected, we can always say that it was part of the condition, and not the drug, can’t we?


  5. truthman30 Says:

    Quite apart from being a convenient way for GSK, and others, to sell more crap drugs, to be used on people that nobody gives a shit about, if it all goes wrong.

    Absolutely on point…

    That is exactly how GSK have gotten away with the Seroxat Scam..
    By targeting the mentally ill they have created a subclass of chemicaly dysfunctional lepers…

    People suffering from depression have always been an easy target of exploiation… This new venture is just another target market…

  6. Matthew Holford Says:

    Yes, given the general attitude towards paedophiles, it’s nice to know that depressives, and the like, are regarded in the same light by the fuckwits in Bedford, and elsewhere. I’m starting to think of paedophiles in an altogether more positive light, to be honest!


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