Good ol’ Marty Keller

Dr Aubrey Blumsohn at Scientific Misconduct has a new article about ‘Marty’ Keller (catch up with my previous post on Marty and his infamous involvement with Glaxo’s Study 329  here).

In his article, “The path of least resistance and the case of Professor Martin Keller”, Dr Blumsohn discovers that it seems as though you had better keep on the right side of Marty or it could prove damaging to your career.

There is also a series of posts over at Seroxat Sufferers if you want to find more Marty and his life and times – the first two are here and here.


One Response to “Good ol’ Marty Keller”

  1. Matthew Holford Says:

    It’s a funny old place, Brown, isn’t it? Still if you were somebody like Shank, who would you back? Kern, who’s rocking the boat, or Microfibres, who had a couple of execs sitting on the Hospital’s Board? And would you back Keller, who’s probably bringing in stacks of research cash, from Big Pharma, or a couple of admin people and “lesser” technical bods?

    Yes, so would I. Sorry Marty, it might be minor fraud, but diddling your expenses is still fraud.


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