alli… “side effects” or “treatment effects”?

So Glaxo have entered the blogosphere with alliconnect in order to sell their new drug:

“You may have heard about alli by now. It’s the only FDA-approved OTC (over the counter) weight loss product. We’ve launched alli with a major advertising campaign (see our TV ads on YouTube). We’ve started this blog (yes, it’s the official alli corporate blog) in order to do something a bit different”.

Problem is, no one will be taken in by Glaxo and this latest soft-sell initiative. The truth about alli is much more like this: Drug Company VP Admits New Diet Drug Made Him Crap His Pants and the (very) unofficial alliconnect blog which paints a realistic picture about Glaxo and the deeply cynical nature of the way it does business…

Lastly, can I just ask someone at Glaxo when drug side effects became known as “treatment effects”? The change in language seems to be a clumsy attempt to divert patients from the truth.

You can hear the conversations in pharmacies all over America: “Don’t worry, alli doesn’t have any side effects at all – no, what you’re experiencing are simply treatment effects”.

Reminds me about this: “Seroxat doesn’t have withdrawal problems – what you are experiencing is “discontinuation symptoms”.

Yeah, right.


6 Responses to “alli… “side effects” or “treatment effects”?”

  1. Matthew Holford Says:

    “You may have heard about alli by now…”

    Yup, that’d be right!


  2. truthman30 Says:

    By changing the wording of “side effects” to “treatment effects” almost creates a new form of misleading information…

    Great marketing angle by GSK …

    Replace the terminology and you disguise it…

    Deviously clever indeed…

    (Who would have thought George Orwells ideas would become so undeniably prophetic)

    I wonder will the term “treatment” effects eventually become the standard for all new drugs?… Will other pharmaceutical companies follow suit? …


    Bigger picture here is that desperate people will try this pill and realise sometime down the line that it isn’t working – this will create a form of depression – ‘Hey, if Alli don’t work then nothing will – I’m depressed about my weight’

    Step forward SEROXAT

    Don’t be duped by Glaxo – always stay one step ahead


  4. Matthew Holford Says:

    Can you shit through the eye of a needle? Take Alli and impress your friends!

    Did you know that the first recorded useage of the word “treatment,” meaning “conduct,” or “behaviour,” was made in the mid-16th Century? First medical useage of the word is recorded two centuries later.

    So, if Alli’s conduct makes you shit yourself, it’s good to know that this is an effect of the Company’s behaviour, generally!


  5. Kristin Says:

    I took it for two day, and two days later, the mud butt still won’t go away. Nice underwear are ruined, and for what? Me wanting to look good for my wedding day when I know my husband will want me as I am anyway? This product is horrible, I haven’t used it in two days and I had “Alli accidents” twice. Once right before I walked into a PACKED hair salon, and another when I woke this morning. I’ve had to wash two comforters and a whole set of sheets. My mom is encouraging me to stay on it, just eat healthier. I said no thanks and gave her my pill bottle. If I end up really wanting to lose weight, i’ll do it the old fashioned way. OR maybe i’ll just wait until after we have a baby, that way I won’t hafta do it twice. But anyway, ALLI is horrible, it leaves ur underear full of oil, makes ur feces leak, and is all around horrible. I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy, well, maybe my worst enemy.

  6. Pam Says:

    The truth is Alli does work – I have lost 30lbs since the first of the year. You have to watch what you eat – I do not have the side effects and haven’t since the first few days when my body was getting used to it.

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