Marty Keller – the plot thickens

I suppose that the question has to asked about who actually wrote the Study 329 manuscript that Marty Keller put his name to – see my previous post here for some clues.

But it’s not just me who has issues about Keller and study 329 – Matthew Holford at Seroxat Sufferers has been writing:

“I will leave the gentle reader to ponder that particular question as I return to the issue at hand. Now, we should, perhaps, recall that Study 329 was a cluster fuck, as far as SmithKline Beecham (“SKB”) was concerned (my succinct appraisal of its position). The data suggested that the drug was dangerous and inefficacious in the target demographic (minors), by the Company’s own admission. We should recall that the Company engaged a PR Company, Scientific Therapeutics Information, Inc. (“STI”), to prepare a piece for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, JAACAP, and that Dr Martin Keller seemingly was chosen to endorse this piece, because he was perceived to be a key opinion leader, whatever that might be. Although, in the words of Drs Keller and Ryan, it seems that anybody who wanted to put their name to it, should feel free to do so, according to their draft letter to the Editor of JAACAP, Dr Mina Dulcan. I suppose that’s one way to bulk out one’s CV. Next, the piece, written by one Sally Laden, I am reliably informed, who no longer works for STI, received some stiff criticism from reviewers, if I may understate it like that, before having marketing authorizations refused in both the UK and US, although, as far as I am aware, none of the criticism was ever acted upon. Amusingly, in the draft letter to Dulcan, Keller and Ryan argue that if a trial fails to demonstrate efficacy, then the regulator will refuse to license. I was similarly amused by the additional detail that Keller and Ryan read into Drs Jureidini and Tonkin’s critique. By extension, anybody who agrees with Drs Keller and Ryan will be as intellectually and morally superior, as they are, in their view.

Anyway, I don’t like to dish dirt, so you can Google Laden’s name, for yourself. Actually, no. Here’s one perspective on the Cyberonics business, in the Write Stuff. And here’s another, from the Alliance for Human Research. Make of that what you will, although I would note that Cyberonics is not directly concerned with ghostwriting, and so doesn’t fit my theme as well as I would have liked, because, per Laden’s own words, as quoted by Bloomberg News, she was just a facilitator (ie, she made things easier, presumably). A ghostwriter, as in the 329 case, will always be anonymous”.

You can read the whole article (and others) here.


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