The First 2007 Doctors for Dollars Award

And you thought you were just depressed, eh?

But hold on, perhaps you’re not – perhaps you might be suffering from Adult ADHD… yep, Adult ADHD!?

Luckily, Shire Pharmaceuticals has just the drug for you and it has been spreading its cash around to let doctors know and Shire’s messages go something like this: “1) Adult ADHD is underdiagnosed; 2) Adult ADHD is a really bad disease, with lots of terrible consequences; 3) A lot of the patients that present with depression actually have ADHD if you dig deeply enough; 4) Stimulants don’t lead to substance abuse, in fact they prevent future development of substance abuse; 5) Finally, and most importantly, psychostimulants are incredibly effective for Adult ADHD, so prescribe lots of them…”

Now, where have we heard those messages before…?

Thanks to Dr Daniel Carlat and his Carlat Psychiatry Blog – Supporting the search for honesty in medical education – for bringing this story to us.

Read the whole thing here.


4 Responses to “The First 2007 Doctors for Dollars Award”

  1. truthman30 Says:

    Psychiatry is nonsense, they come out with with new ways to drug people with every new edition of their diagnostic manual “The DSM ”

    The DSM 5 will be out soon (psychiatrys fascist bible ) ..

    Adult ADHD …


    What will they think of next ? ..

    Oh… It seems they are thinking of qute a lot…

  2. truthman30 Says:

    Check out the authors of DSM 4 …

    Most of these psychs are whoring, pimping (or both) for the pharmaceutical industry….

  3. Matthew Holford Says:

    They’re no nearer understanding than they ever were. Healey’s right: psychiatry should ‘fess up to its ignorance.


  4. pythia Says:

    What kind of pharma crap is this? Stimulants don´t lead to substance abuse??????? Have they never seen an amphetamine junkie? And by the way, if stimulants are so good for “adult ADHD”, may I suggest a cup of strong coffee? Should take care of the problem without dangerous and damaging side effects …or is it called “treatment effects” now?

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