Glaxo spends $2.4 billion on advertising – in the USA alone

GlaxoSmithKline was America’s seventh-largest consumer advertiser in 2006, according to TNS Media Intelligence’s Stradegy as reported in Advertising Age.With ad spend of $2.4 billion, GSK placed just behind Ford and ahead of Walt Disney, moving up from ninth-largest in 2005. J&J, last year’s No. 4 advertiser, slipped in the ranking to place ninth ā€“ still beating out the likes of Unilever, Toyota and Sony. Further down the list were clustered Pfizer, at 31, with $1.1 billion in ad spend, and Wyeth (33), Novartis (36), Merck (38), AstraZeneca (40) and Schering-Plough (42), all in the neighborhood of $1 billion.
The survey covered TV, magazine, newspaper, outdoor, radio and internet advertising. Perennial No. 1 P&G weighed in at $4.8 billion in measured media.

You’ve got to think that if Glaxo spent some of their advertising budget on research and development, then maybe it might discover some new drugs that were actually safe and effective…


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