“GlaxoSmithKline – You Bastards!”

So says Bob Fiddaman at Seroxat Sufferers.

“The gloves are off Glaxo.

I have just watched a video of Manie who at only 8 days old had to undergo surgery because the drug YOU manufacture and ‘push’ was prescribed to his mother whilst she was pregnant.

Manie had an arterial switch. Because of the surgery Manie has a leaky valve. Manie’s surgery lasted 12 hrs.

I want YOU GlaxoSmithKline… in particular Alistair Benbow… to watch this short video clip of Manie after surgery. I want to know if YOU feel any sense of shame at what YOU allowed to happen.”

I couldn’t agree more – go here to read the rest of Bob’s post and see the video.


2 Responses to ““GlaxoSmithKline – You Bastards!””

  1. truthman30 Says:

    There’s a few other new video clips worth watching on you tube .. Check out these links :

    Seroxat Video Montage


    Seroxat / MHRA / GSK




  2. Paul Saville Says:

    Hi there, just a qucik message to the person who posted this. firstly, i completly agree these fatcats deserve to pay and die by overdosing on the drugs they push. but unfortunatly, they dont care they just laugh at you because this is a worldwide organisation who hide behind propaganda and false messages occasionally putting people forward to act as scapegoats. this comapny is a multi million pound investment scheme for people all round the world and that aint gonna change. what we “the proles need to do is uprise against these “excuse my french” F*** and say enough is enough we will not be your guinea pigs anymore. In my life, ive only taken drugs when i had to because i was under section so i had no choice. apart from that, when i have a headache or a cold, i use MY BRAIN and MY THOUGHTS about how i should be treated.. this whol affair is much deeper then you me him or her no and their is a complex web of people involved. doctors nurses drug pushers marketing scum tv radio meda etc etc the list goes on, well i guess you know that anyway… anyway my final message to everyone is there is only one way of destroying these people.. yes we all know it… one choice… dont let them tell you how to live… just wait, youll see arsenic as a childrens diet supplement soon, and they will market it as “is your baby to loud” then they will laugh and count money and the whole process starts again F*** capitalism F*** gsk F*** the mainstream who think they can tell us whats wrong with me, how can you trust a doctor when there just cashiers themselves… bring down the lot of them…uprise proles!!! fight this capitalistic monster! beat it down !! Say enough is enough…!!!!

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