Another Seroxat suicide?

This story from Truthman30

The family of a man who died after being hit by a train at Winnersh Triangle have paid tribute to a unique individual who would “light up a room”.

Peter Mayhew, 30, died instantly on Friday, September 7, after being hit by the 5.54pm Manchester Piccadilly to Gatwick service.

It was not until Monday that they learnt Mr Mayhew had died. Now they have shared their memories of a great son and brother.

Mr Mayhew’s mum Nora said: “He was a decent, good, moral, upstanding person. He was very kind to people. When he was happy he would light up a room. He had a lot of time for other people.

“He had so many good friends, but because he had depression he felt lonely and isolated. He was very sad. He found it difficult suffering from depression.”

Mr Mayhew’s family believe Peter took his own life, although they do not know this for certain. He had attempted suicide previously and had spent time in Tilehurst’s Prospect Park hospital.

Mr Mayhew took Paroxetine, also know as Seroxat, for his depression. His mum believes he should not have been prescribed this because of its side effects which can include increasing suicidal thoughts in some people.

The full story is here.


5 Responses to “Another Seroxat suicide?”

  1. truthman30 Says:

    How can they still justify the prescribing of this horrible drug when it has been proven to increase suicidal thoughts?…
    Would you give a cancer patient a drug which make the cancer worse?…
    I don’t think so!

    Ban Seroxat now!

    I honestly feel that the “mentally ill” are not people at all to these drug companies…
    There is a mass slughtering of the most vulnerable in society by Seroxat ..
    Suppose we can forget about the regulators giving a crap though! …

  2. squirrel Says:

    They always blame suicide on the original symptom, never the medication, time and time again!!


    Absolutely Squirrel. GSK use it as a form of defence in litigation.


  4. Richard Mayhew Says:

    Peter was my brother and although in one light someone had the idea of trying to help him with medication I can understand the thought behind that, what I cant understand is why any medication that can cause side effects as serious as these can be made available, we ban and criminalise LSD and CANNABIS for these same reasons, and if the only course of treatment was medication it should have been done in a controlled and supervised environment.

  5. admin Says:

    Dear Richard, can I first say how sorry I was to read about your brother’s death.

    Knowing what I know now about Seroxat I have to agree with everything you have written. Unless someone has taken the drug it’s hard to understand what it can make you think and what it might make you do.

    It has a different effect on each individual who takes it to a greater or lesser degree, but what is sure is that it was never safe enough to be prescribed in such vast quantities by GPs without proper follow up and monitoring.

    I am convinced that Glaxo has more information about the safety profile of Seroxat that they have never made public – after all it has been one their best selling products, thanks to devious marketing.

    Seroxat played its part in your brother’s death, you can be sure of that. I’m so sorry.

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