Youth suicide and SSRI prescribing – the truth

Two great posts about the recent study that supposedly found a relationship to falling SSRI prescriptions and increasing youth suicides…

Firstly CL Pysch takes apart the study bit by bit and he barely manges to hide his contempt for the authors of said rubbish…

Then, over at AHRP, there’s a simple timeline analysis of what happened when…

The study authors, Dr. Robert Gibbons and Dr. J. John Mann should be ashamed of themselves.

When scientists are for sale and “peer reviewed” journals publish planted commercial pronouncements masquerading as “science” news reports, the public is advised to disregard those “news” reports and wait for the evidence to be independently examined and either corroborated or refuted.



5 Responses to “Youth suicide and SSRI prescribing – the truth”

  1. Matthew Holford Says:

    “We are in control…”

  2. truthman30 Says:

    This is the problem exactly…
    All these key opinion leaders ( from psychs to physicians) sell themselves to the pharmaceutical industry..
    None of their opinions can be trusted..
    Its total bias..
    Big Pharma Owns these people…
    Its a disgrace..

  3. Matthew Holford Says:

    “Big Pharma Owns these people…”

    Between the withholding of data by the Worshipful Company, the unreliable “academic” papers and the shabby regulatory assessment, we have a system designed to bring shite drugs onto the market. But nobody’s doing anything about it.

    One might almost think that those in control are happy with the arrangement, solely on the ground that not enough people are aware of the true position (in fairness, I didn’t, until I started researching this, six months ago), and it’s too onerous and damaging to do anything other than carry on.

    Still, as long as it’s ignored, it will go away, eh? In your dreams, MFs.


  4. Cary Says:

    The FDA has certainly over estimated the positive affects the anti-depressants are having on the teens while also under-estimating the suicidal side affects brought upon by the medication.

    These doctors with potential conflicts of interest have too much knowledge in their field to let a few hundred thousand measly buck get in the way, Right?

    As long as we keep allowing these crooked and biased reports from doctors that are in big pharma’s pocket, we will continue to have these problems.

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