Kerry Katona: ‘I’m taking drugs for bipolar disorder’

One for my UK readers, from the Daily Mail.

Troubled star Kerry Katona has revealed she takes anti-depressants in an effort to control her bipolar disorder.

The pregnant star revealed she takes Effexor every night to control the psychiatric condition, and put her bizarre appearance on GMTV down to the effects of the drug.

Now, I’m no Doctor, but I can’t help wondering who has prescribed Effexor (an SSNRI) for bipolar disorder… not really a good idea at all.

Perhaps Kerry might like to read (and sign) the Effexor petition:

“We the individuals listed below have electronically signed this petition for the purpose of making it known that consumers treated with the SSNRI antidepressant Effexor have or are experiencing “often ignored” serious side effects of this medication. And that thousands of patients in the US and worldwide are unable to discontinue Effexor or even reduce dosage due to the rapid onset of severe withdrawal-like symptoms which often initiates before a patient begins dose reduction due to the short half-life of Effexor. Documentation of which the manufacturer, Wyeth-Ayerst has gradually disclosed now some 8 years after this drug was first licensed, being aware of these problems all along but failing to communicate this knowledge to the public and the medical community.

Wyeth-Ayerst misleadingly advertises through its Effexor labeling that only drug abusers are at risk of physical and psychological dependence, and withdrawal problems when tapering back or abruptly discontinuing Effexor usage. Wyeth-Ayerst knows such representations are false, and that all patients, including patients not having a history of drug abuse, are susceptible to withdrawal problems after tapering back or abruptly discontinuing Effexor.”

Good luck Kerry, but maybe I might suggest going to see another Doctor?


2 Responses to “Kerry Katona: ‘I’m taking drugs for bipolar disorder’”

  1. experimental chimp Says:

    She’s currently pregnant, so it may be that she’s on an antidepressant and a mood stabiliser usually (which is a common combination for people with bipolar where depression is a major feature). Since most mood stabilisers are unsafe to take while pregnant, this would have been discontinued for the duration of her pregnancy, leaving her with just the Effexor.

  2. truthman30 Says:

    Yeah could be anything, suppose she could blame the music of westlife for her depression in the first place though..


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