Sufferers in the UK sue ‘happy pill’ firm GlaxoSmithKline for £30million

This from the Daily Mail:

Pharmaceutical giant Glaxo-SmithKline is facing a £30million damages claim from users of its anti-depressant Seroxat.Lawyers representing patients who insist the bestselling drug is addictive have issued the first of 600 High Court writs against the company, each seeking compensation of up to £50,000.

Since first prescribed in Britain in 1990, Seroxat has been linked to at least 50 suicides of adults and children.GSK, which makes up to £1billion a year from the drug, is already embroiled in lawsuits with American users, and has been accused of failing to act on warnings that it could have serious side-effects, including mood swings and personality changes.

Mark Harvey, of law firm Hugh James, claims Seroxat is “defective” under the 1987 Consumer Protection Act.He said: “When patients took the drug, not only was there no warning of withdrawal problems, there was also a statement on the data sheet until about 2003 which said you cannot be addicted to Seroxat.

“Unfortunately many people are having difficulties as they try to withdraw from the drug, and there are a few who have not been able to stop taking it.”Earlier this year the BBC’s Panorama programme alleged that GSK had covered up fears about Seroxat’s safety, which the firm strongly denied.

The drug was banned for under-18s in 2003 amid concerns that it contributed to suicide among adolescents with depression, and adult patients have reported that, when they stop taking it, they feel aggressive, reckless and violent towards themselves.

Four years ago a man arrested for armed robbery was cleared after medical experts concluded that his behaviour could have been altered by severe withdrawal symptoms from Seroxat.GlaxoSmithKline said: “Seroxat has benefited millions of people worldwide.“We believe the product is not defective and that there is therefore no merit in this litigation.”

Well, I’m not letting Glaxo get the last word – do you know what I believe? –

I believe Seroxat is defective and dangerous.

I believe that Glaxo has hidden clinical trial data that shows exactly how dangerous a drug it is.

I believe that something must be done to help people who suffer terrible problems with withdrawal, as they desperately try to stop taking Seroxat.

I believe that Seroxat is addictive.

I believe that Seroxat can cause anger, aggression and violence.

I believe that doctors have taken large sums of money from Glaxo to lie about the efficacy and safety of the drug.

I believe that GlaxoSmithKline puts profits before patients – their wealth before our health.

I took Seroxat for 9 years and it took me 22 months to withdraw from the drug little by little.

Believe me – I know what I’m talking about.


10 Responses to “Sufferers in the UK sue ‘happy pill’ firm GlaxoSmithKline for £30million”

  1. truthman30 Says:

    GSK knows damn well that Seroxat has claimed lives and Seroxat has ruined lives…
    They have been making the same damage limitation claims in the US where they have been quietly paying out litigation claims and gagging the plaintiffs..

  2. jackie sexton Says:

    iv been on seroxat 4 more than 10 years my life has been hell and still is. The worst thing is what the tablet is doing to my thoughts the things i want to do to people its mad. My life is ruined im hooked on seroxat cant get off them i become so ill within 48 hours of not taking a tablet. I would kill anybody to get my fix .GLAXO need to be taken to the cleaners, I also think the goverment is a waste of space over this there to scared to get involved cos glaxo are such a big company. GLOXO need to pay the people who have suffered for years like myself and thousands of others we need to all club together and be strong to fight for our rights . LET the people speak for a change Its about time we used our human wrights law. GLAXO lied they should have put the rest of the side effects on to the paper they presented to get the drug released for human consumption they brook the law they now have to pay the concequenses SEROXAT SUFFERERS LETS GET TOGETHER AND FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS AND OUR PAIN AND SUFFERING

  3. Tracey Says:

    I took seroxat a few years ago, at the time i thought they would help i was not told of the effects it would have on me. I became increasingly aggitated and would have panic attacks often, my mood swings were outrageous and family memers would mention it and i would literally yell and scream at them and say it was in there imagination i was on them for 2 years and eventually i knew i had to stop taking them because i began to cut myself badly no one understand why and neither did i, i was accused of being deranged and although i had previously had a very strong mind on these shoulders i was what felt like “being taken over” I was constantly thinking about killing myself and was violent towards my partner ( he’s 6ft 4 and i’m 5ft 2!!!!) these tablets were seriously damaging my head. I tried one evening and scared the life out of my partner as i waved about a knife and sliced my own arm open. it was sheer terror i was living in and somehow i managed to get free of it, i blatantly stopped taking them, it took me a few weeks to deal with not having them but i got over it, i really don’t know how the hell i am alive today…. very lucky indeed. life is damn hard and seroxat made it by far worse. i couldn’t talk to people as nobody truly understands each individual, we all have different problems at different levels, it’s just finding the strength in yourself to be strong enough to sit back and make that decision not to take them anymore. if not doing yourself a serious injury and scarring yourself inside and on the outside it’s possible to end doing harm to others. so please don’t take them any wean yourself off by taking a lesser dosage and things will improve eventually. all the best.

  4. truthman30 Says:

    Hello Tracey

    Thanks for telling your story, your experiences of Seroxat induced violence is one of many thousands upon thousands..
    It is absolutely horrific what this drug does to people…
    Good to heart that you are off the poison now though..
    Well done..

  5. julie hayes Says:

    my marriage is now over because of seroxat i was going insane , and they messed my head up… also came off them 10 months ago and my memory is not good , my new doctor said i shouldnt av taken them , he wouldnt tell me why???

  6. suzanne Says:

    It should be taken off the market. No no one should be prescribed this drug.
    It did not make me feel better and it took only weeks to get hooked. Within 24 hrs of missing a dose I knew it. I would not only get the usual ‘electric shock’ and ‘rushing wind’ withdrawal symptoms, but become very agitated. When I stopped taking them altogether, within a few days I had become aggressive……after a few weeks, I wanted to kick babies in the face I was so angry. I started self harming, felt suicidal and checked the train time tables planning to lie on the railway tracks at night.
    I am now on duloxetine which seems to be much the same. Life is a chore and a bore with no emotion in it all….apart from if I miss a dose that is. Now I only have 12 hrs grace before withdrawal kicks in. Seroxat has changed me from a bright articulate professional career girl with a fab social life into a self loathing zombie who can’t read a book or hold a conversation.
    Thanks GlaxoSmithKline. You ruin lives.

  7. nancy Says:

    iam so very dissapointed,having got a solicitor involed withmy side effects of seroxsat, to be told im to late for the class action group from wales, i have been very aggresive and voilent since ive been on seroxsat,since aprox 1995, i will do something myself, to be heard buy gsk believe me

  8. Avril Says:

    I am a 49 year old female who has been prescribed Seroxat since the age of 38. I have been feeling increasingly ‘angry’ – which is simply not my nature. If people dither about in shops I can feel my temper rising and I hate feeling this way. For a while now I have been missing my 40 mg of Seroxat every now and then and I think that this is what is causing this anger. I am trying to take it again consistently but it’s like I feel rubbish on it and feel even angrier on it! What do you do?

  9. solo49 Says:

    Yes admin, you do know what you are talking about. Along with compensation for victims, the appropriate controlling (if not curative) measure for GlaxoSmithKline’s culpable denials about the harm they are causing ought to amount to long periods of jail time.

  10. Louise Says:

    I’m been on anti-depressants for 16 years, have tried all the SSRIs & a few others, and sometimes a combination of reboxetine + another SSRI together. A few months ago I kept the 12mg reboxetine & was given 40mg seroxat as i’d got to the point where I needed to change again. A few weeks ago I’d had enough of the side effects from seroxat (for me, extreme tiredness; not realising when other people are upset or angry unless they are actually crying; I became so impatient & more aggressive). So almost 3 weeks ago I just stopped cold turkey (but I still take the 12 reboxetine) & I feel like I’ve been to hell. I’ve had the scariest nightmares of my life, night sweats, waking up cold & shaking, my hands are nervous too, I’m embarrassed eating in public & my appetite sometimes is gone, sometimes so hungry, craving salty food. Even though i’m still taking the reboxetine it feels like i’m not. As for my depression I can’t explain easily but it’s got so bad. I want to die but I have to tell myself the seroxat has done this & to keep going for my children. I’m waiting for another tablet to replace the seroxat hopefully i’ll start today. I feel so weird like a different person that it’s hard to explain. I hope this isn’t what I’ve been reduced to because of seroxat & I hope they stop giving this out like it’s like the others because it’s very different.

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