Oh the irony of it – Glaxo buys Reliant Pharma for $1.65billion…

I see that GlaxoSmithKline is going to pay $1.65 billion to buy U.S.-based Reliant Pharmaceuticals, a privately held drug maker that specializes in cardiovascular remedies…

That’s handy, because Glaxo’s drug Avandia seems to cause heart attacks – at least that’s what the FDA thinks and it has recently forced Glaxo to amend Avandia’s existing black box warning to add the FDA’s conclusion that a meta-analysis of short-term studies showed an association between Avandia and an increase in myocardial ischemic events – that’s heart attacks in plain English.

That all gives the Reliant deal a kind of symmetry, don’t you think?


4 Responses to “Oh the irony of it – Glaxo buys Reliant Pharma for $1.65billion…”

  1. Matthew Holford Says:

    Flogging off paroxetine (according to Fidders, just now), and buying into heart drugs. Nobody ever said that they were retards, Mr Admin! Just shitsticks.


  2. Julie Says:

    Lets not forget the fact that they have caused all of these babies to be born with heart defects.

    I bet they were thinking:
    Between the people who have taken Avandia and the babies they have caused to be on heart medication their whole lives we are going to make a killing (In profits that is).

    As a mother of a child born with a heart defect caused by my ingestion of Paxil I feel like this is just a slap in the face.
    My message to GSK….
    That’s pretty low even for you GSK haven’t you done enough to my son and others like him. Now you want to make money off of the pain and suffering YOU have caused. You make me sick. Of coarse I bet you make a pill for that too.
    Manie’s Mom

  3. Matthew Holford Says:

    Trouble is, Julie, it’s not just GSK. If the commitment and integrity were there in academia and government, GSK would disappear like a cloud of steam. That the absurdities that GSK (and others) are peddling continues to be entertained by those in positions of power, responsibility and authority merely goes to demonstrate that they are not fit to hold those positions.

    The wrong people are in charge, Julie. Don’t kid yourself that what motivates them is what motivates you: the nonsense that comes out of their mouths doesn’t bear any comparison to what’s actually happening.

    Do better by living more and feeling longer.


  4. rebecca Says:

    my better half had a heartattack after taking avandia. strange how he been healthy all his life only seeing a doctor when needed. then wham he finds out hes diabetic in 08 them put on avandia and something else just to have a heartattack a year later and we not even in our 50s yet. we just like to have an idea how the lawsuites are going and a approx idea what to expect from the courts these next few months in 2010. any answers?

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