An insider explains why Glaxo bought Reliant Pharma…

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The inside track?

“Talked with a home office insider he said that the main reason they went after Reliant is to postpone layoffs until the fall of 2009 when we lose a ton of patents. They want to squeeze every dollar out of the portfolio and keep the reps focused for the next 2 years. Just be prepared for late 2009, if nothing new gets approved it will all hit the fan.”

and another sales rep comments:

“Hey idiots – Lovaza is only indicated for patients with TGs greater than 500. How many patients actually fit this description? approx 5-15% of the cholesterol market, so any doc RXing it for tgs below 500 is ‘going off label’ (which is their right). The problem you will face at GSK is that your reps have the high power microscope of the gov’t on them and Reliant did not. Reliant was a scumbag company which openly promoted off label usage and was not a part of Phrma (even selling it for the pleotropic effects is off label). What does this mean? Well the GSK reps will have to watch what they say even more carefully and any reliant reps (all 4 of them) who manage to pass a competency test will find themselves held to a higher standard and be washed out. Unless you garner another indication your sales will soon plateau and eventually decline once Reliant is out of the picture.”

So now that Glaxo has bought Reliant (and Lovaza), I wonder how long it’ll be before we discover that Lovaza can treat many other illnesses.

How long until the rigged clinical trials start appearing that demonstrate just that?


3 Responses to “An insider explains why Glaxo bought Reliant Pharma…”

  1. Julie Says:

    For whatever “reason” they bought Reliant it does not matter. The fact is while I my son has to go through the pain and torture of dealing with heart problems they are out buying billion dollar companies. They bought a company that makes heart meds and it should be illegal for them to ever profit off of the damage they have caused.

  2. truthman30 Says:

    I agree Julie, I think any pharmaceutical company that slaughter s and maims the public as often as GSK does should be stopped from having a trading licence…

  3. Pharmaceutical reliant | Shihtzu4you Says:

    […] An insider explains why Glaxo bought Reliant Pharma… « seroxat …20 /PRNewswire/ — Reliant Pharmaceuticals, LLC, a privately held, rapidly growing pharmaceutical company that markets branded, patent-protected … […]

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