Nebraska shooting – antidepressant connection yet again?

So it seems there may be an antidepressant connection with the latest massacre in Nebraska. Many thanks to Brian Souter in Australia for this.

46 News in Atlanta has posted this:

A gunman who some described as troubled and others say was funny opened fire in a busy mall near Omaha Wednesday, killing eight people before turning the weapon on himself.

Five others were said to be wounded, two critically.

ABC News has confirmed with two sources that the gun used at Westroads Mall was AK 47/SKS-style assault rifle with two magazines taped together found at the scene. ABC reported that taping magazines together is a technique that allows the shooter to reload more quickly.

Hawkins had been arrested on at least two misdemeanors in November and was due in court this month.

Sarpy deputies said they were getting a warrant to search Hawkins’ home.
Shortly after the shooting, Hawkins’ mother walked into its office with a note that “could be interpreted as suicidal,” the sheriff’s office said.

KETV (Nebraska) reported that the note left with the Sarpy sheriff’s office said Hawkins wanted to “go out in style.”
It also reportedly said Hawkins was “going to go out and be famous.”

Yost said Sarpy County is working with Omaha police.

A friend of Hawkins told KETV that Hawkins had been on antidepressants, staying with friends and bouncing from job to job.

In the Daily Telegraph, we learn:

One friend, identified only as Shawn, told local television news station KETV that Hawkins had been on antidepressants and bouncing from job to job, making “some bad judgment calls.”

So, will we find out more about the antidepressant connection?

Somehow I doubt it. Radio news stories in the UK have made no mention of the connection this morning.

When will someone join up the dots:

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