Anti-depressants and massacres – Fox news investigates

I believe that anti-depressants can cause extreme violence.

I have written on the subject before. All too often it seemed that the only other people in the world who would ever begin to entertain the possibility were people such as Micheal Moore and Dr Peter Breggin in the USA – and in England David Healy, Andrew Herxheimer and David B. Menkes, who co-authored a paper on the subject in 2006 – Antidepressants and Violence: Problems at the Interface of Medicine and Law.

Now maybe the rest of the world is slowly starting to catch up. The video below is from ‘Hannity’s America’ on Fox News and was aired a couple of days ago. It explores links between extreme examples of violent behavior among teens on anti-depressants:

I suggest you also watch The Drugging of our Children – this feature-length documentary examines the alarming growth in the prescription of powerful psychotropic drugs for adolescents and children. Leading experts, as well as Neil Bush, Michael Moore and Gary Null, provide insightful commentary about the growing trend to pathologize the behavior of children, and then require them to take mind-altering pharmaceutical drugs as a “cure.” The documentary recounts the national tragedy of Columbine and focuses on the largely unknown fact that teenage shooter Eric Harris was on the psychotropic drug Luvox at the time he and Dylan Klebold took the lives of 13 other students at their high school. Violence and aggression, precipitated by prescribed drug use, is also explored in an unprecedented discussion between Mark Taylor, the first shooting victim in the Columbine tragedy, and Cory Baadsgard, a teenager on Paxil and Effexor who, in another violent incident, took his teacher and 23 students hostage at gunpoint in his Washington high school.

If you want more information, then you can read follow up with these links:

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Join up the dots?

3 Responses to “Anti-depressants and massacres – Fox news investigates”

  1. Matthew Holford Says:

    LOL. I started a thread on Five Live with this Fox piece, and raised the question as to why nobody else bothered with it. The link between the use of these drugs and violence/suicide is well-established, not by us, but by the manufacturers, who have helpfully started the ball rolling by acknowledging the side effects on the PIL.

    Nobody was interested in the story itself, but only in attacking Fox’s and Breggin’s objectivity. This kind of apathy is what you’re up against: nobody wants to believe that the Worshipful Company could really be that cold. Until they’ve experienced the dark side, that is. I suggest you limit your prospective audience to those who have been impacted, and need an alternative to it all being their fault: there’s no point in talking to the human equivalent of a brickwall.


  2. Fid Says:

    When are the UK networks going to wake up and highlight this? Do WE have to be the sole voices in speaking out? Shelly Jofre has done numourous investigations on BBC’s Panorama, that has been a major help in getting the word out but what about other flagship programmes on our networks?

    I’m afraid it’s down to us all to do what we can.. even if it means us all being labelled Scientologists or having the slur, “Just what is in it for you?’ bestowed upon us.

    Mental Health charities should be doing more. Mainstream religions should be speaking out, MP’s should be questioning the effects of these drugs but more importantly the MHRA should step in and ban the use of these particular type of drugs to ALL new patients of ALL ages.

    Pharma should set up withdrawal helplines for both the patient and their loved ones and finally… any lawsuits should be taken to the wire – no out of court settlements with no gagging orders.


  3. 處決1938! » 時光 Says:

    […] 藥物減量不是頭一次,雖然份量是幾個毫克連一顆眼屎也比它碩大沉重,我的身體要好幾個月或更長的時間適應,重新去到一個平衡,去到一個可以忍受而繼續日常的平衡。我試過一次一次,無論加減藥量、或由一種藥轉服另一種藥,很反覆的。有人用了幾年才逐漸能減去身體對一種藥物的「依賴」,而且,逾接近完全不吃一種藥,反應愈烈。譬如說,由25mg 減到20mg,還好,由20mg 減到15mg 卻會比先前一次減藥量要糟,如此類推,一次「甘」過一次。由5mg 減到最後1mg 也還好,可是由1mg 減到0,就將會是世界末日一樣。有人指出美國好幾宗青少年槍擊案,行兇者不是剛開始服Seroxat 就是正在減…。 […]

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