Important new Paxil withdrawal documentary finally completed

Phil Lawrence, the film maker who filmed his withdrawal from Paxil (Seroxat) has just posted a trailer for his movie on the internet – thanks are due to Truthman30 for letting me know:

Phil summed things up really well a while back:“I’m starting to think that antidepressants are like the ‘perfect storm’ – everything came together to create the ultimate moneymaker. You’ve got the perfect consumers – people who desperately want and need help. You’ve got the perfect illness – one that cannot be scientifically proven and is subjectively diagnosed. You’ve got the perfect marketing scheme – huge advertising campaigns in magazines and on television that play directly on the consumer’s fears and desires to get better. And, you’ve got the perfect pushers – government regulators and a professional community that have bought into the whole thing hook, line and sinker. The result of this perfect storm is a tremendous amount of power and influence that allows the industry to keep the wave rolling.

It’s intimidating – and a little overwhelming to actually fight the storm and try to get someone to listen – or make a change, or for that matter, tell the truth – but at this point, what other choice do we have?”

Catch up on Phil and his documentary in my previous posts:

Corruption? Glaxo? FDA?

I’m not buying it. Not any more.

FDA hearings 2006

Update on Phil Lawrence and his Paxil withdrawal documentary…


One Response to “Important new Paxil withdrawal documentary finally completed”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Thanks for that clip.

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