Paxil is forever – can you quit? – addiction and withdrawal

This is part two of a 2002 article about Paxil marketing and withdrawal by Beth Hawkins.

Listen to enough people who can’t seem to stop taking Paxil and you start to notice a common thread: When they first ask a doctor about their withdrawal, they all too often hear that whatever they are experiencing, it has nothing to do with Paxil. They are routinely told that any “discontinuation effects” should clear up in a few days. When they are still ill a week, two weeks, or sometimes months later, they may be told that the symptoms signal a return of their depression.

About a year ago, Randi Morrison (not her real name) drove herself to the emergency room. The diarrhea and upset stomach that had been dogging her for weeks just kept getting worse and worse. She’d lost a lot of weight and started having crying jags. Her family was panicked. At the ER, it didn’t occur to her to tell anyone that she’d been weaning herself slowly off Paxil for weeks. And it didn’t occur to the hospital staff that after eight years of taking the drug, she might be addicted. “They first said I had an eating disorder,” Morrison recalls. “The [doctor] asked me if I had a ‘fond liking’ of laxatives. Then she asked me how much methamphetamine I had done that day. No one ever asked me what medication I was on, what else was going on. I think they just drew conclusions.”

When it finally occurred to Morrison, a Brooklyn Park resident, to mention that she had become ill when she began decreasing her Paxil dosage, “they said, ‘then obviously you need to be on this medication.’ And me not knowing it was the medication causing it, I agreed. I felt kind of lethargic for a couple of days, but my stomach problems went away and I stopped–mostly–crying.”

Morrison tried again to quit Paxil in the winter, with the help of her psychiatrist. Again, she spent a couple of months tapering off the drug. But this time the effects were worse than before. “By the time I took the last pill, I was okay for a day or two,” she recounts. “On day three, I was incredibly tired. I had to call in sick to work. I mostly just slept that day. But as the week went on it just turned into a fucking nightmare. One minute I was bawling, the next I was enraged.”

“I remember wanting to stab my mom with a fork,” she continues. “I went to staring at a blank wall and laughing. I had tremors. I would be really hot and shaky at some times, and I was sweating tons and tons of this rancid, metallic sweat. I got these electrical zaps if I turned my head, or even just from eye movement.

“I called the doctor and was told to go back on it and then try tapering off again. I hung up on him. I called pharmacists and they said there was no proof that this stuff even occurred. So I hung up on them.”

A hairdresser with a hefty client list, Morrison quit going to work. “It’s incredibly hard work to make people feel pretty when you feel like shit,” she says. “It was like getting off crack, for chrissakes.”

Tales like Morrison’s don’t make Kevin Turnquist so much as blink. “If you spend an hour online, you’ll know as much about this as the majority of general practitioners,” he says. Indeed, more than 25 percent of psychiatrists and nearly 75 percent of other physicians are unaware that patients might have trouble discontinuing the drug, according to the Harvard Mental Health Letter.

One of the differences between Paxil and its pharmaceutical cousins is its half-life, the length of time the drug takes to leave a person’s system. Whereas Prozac lingers in the body for two to four days, Paxil wears off in about 20 hours. And a short half-life is one characteristic that can make a drug habit-forming. “The brain likes things to change very gradually,” explains Turnquist.

In 1993, five months after Paxil went on the market in the United States, a study presented at the American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting found that up to 42 percent of individuals suffered withdrawal symptoms when they stopped taking the drug. At the same time, Great Britain’s counterpart to the FDA, the Committee on the Safety of Medicines, reported 78 cases of Paxil withdrawal.

In fact, since 1994 some 16 studies found “withdrawal syndrome” in up to half of individuals attempting to quit taking SSRIs; all the studies noted that the problem was the worst with Paxil. In an Australian study, Paxil caused withdrawal three times as often as Zoloft and four times as often as Prozac. (The second-highest rate of withdrawal is reported with another SSRI with a short half-life, Luvox.)

A Canadian study found that a number of women who took Paxil during the last trimester of their pregnancies gave birth to babies that went through withdrawal. Many of the researchers concluded that the withdrawal symptoms could be mistaken as physical illness or a relapse into depression. Warnings about the withdrawal symptoms were placed on Paxil’s label in several European nations.

Yet, even as the research was suggesting that SmithKline should both change Paxil’s label and work to educate doctors about its withdrawal symptoms, the drug company seemed to be more interested in damage control. For example, in 1997, a report on more than 13,000 British patients’ experience with SSRIs concluded that Paxil was far more likely to cause withdrawal than its competitors. According to a class-action lawsuit filed against SmithKline, the company reacted by ordering its sales representatives to tell U.S. physicians that the damning study had found no difference between Paxil’s withdrawal rates and those of other antidepressants.

The company may, in fact, have known about the withdrawal symptoms much earlier, according to the suit. One hundred and eight patients who dropped out of a clinical trial of the drug told the manufacturer that they had experienced withdrawal. When it reported on the trial to the FDA, the suit alleges, the drug company reclassified these patients as having relapsed. (Typically the FDA uses only the data submitted by a pharmaceutical company when considering whether to approve a new drug.)

The watchdog organization Public Citizen has warned that the FDA is increasingly dependent on the pharmaceutical industry for funding. In 1992, under pressure from AIDS activists and drug companies, Congress passed the Prescription Drug User Fee Act, which allows manufacturers to pay the agency to review products more quickly. The move has cut the average length of time it takes to bring a new drug to market from 30 months to 15. At the same time, however, there’s been an increase in the number of drugs the agency has had to take off the market, according to the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit.

In May, Congress increased the share of the agency’s funding that comes from drug companies. The provision was neatly hidden in a rider to the $3 billion Bioterrorism Preparedness Act. Sen. Ted Kennedy, author of the rider and head of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, failed to hold a hearing on the controversial law. The pharmaceutical concerns did have to make one small concession: Recognizing that the FDA was ill-equipped to track drugs once they had hit the market, Congress ordered that some of the fees be used to monitor new drugs.

The wing of the agency that tracks adverse drug effects operates with a shoestring budget of $15 million and a staff of 72 and depends on voluntary and unreliable reporting by doctors, according to a May 2000 article in Washington Monthly. By comparison, the portion of the FDA that approves and monitors new drugs has some 1,300 employees and a budget of roughly $290 million.

It’s a far cry from the systems other countries have in place to monitor the safety of new and popular drugs. “What the Brits and the Aussies do is ask healthcare professionals to pay particular attention to possible adverse effects of both new drugs and those that are widely distributed or they are interested in,” says Larry Sasich, a research pharmacist with Public Citizen’s Health Research Group. “And they give healthcare professionals a lot more information, via a newsletter, for instance….Of course, gathering data is certainly easier in countries with national healthcare systems, because prescriptions can be tracked.”

Last December, nine years after Paxil came on the market, the FDA ordered GlaxoSmithKline to begin warning consumers that they might have trouble discontinuing Paxil. Ever PR-savvy, the company rewrote the label to note that the drug sometimes causes “discontinuation effects.” Even as it was drafting the warning, GlaxoSmithKline argued that Paxil isn’t addictive. In the company’s view, in order for a substance to be deemed addictive it must cause withdrawal symptoms that produce “drug-seeking behavior.” And who ever heard of someone jonesing badly enough to steal Paxil from their neighborhood drugstore?

Nonetheless, on August 16 Mariana Pfaelzer, the federal judge hearing Murphy’s and Morrison’s case, ordered GlaxoSmithKline to stop advertising Paxil as non-habit-forming.

“We are very disappointed in the ruling,” said David Stout, president of U.S. Pharmaceuticals at the company. “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration–and not the courts–has the expertise and responsibility for reviewing and regulating pharmaceutical ads.” The company had submitted the ad in question to the agency for review, he noted, and heard no objections.

“GSK is strongly behind the safety and efficacy of Paxil,” he continued. “Physicians’ organizations like the American Psychiatric Association have stated that antidepressants are not habit-forming. It is also important to note that the court has made no finding that Paxil is addictive or induces dependency.”

The company contacted the FDA, and two days later the agency demanded that the judge lift the ban, arguing that the court had no authority to order GlaxoSmithKline to pull the ads. The agency wanted to reserve that power for itself. Last week, Judge Pfaelzer reversed herself and allowed the company to continue airing the ads.

In 1994, Jessica Porter (not her real name) went to see her nurse practitioner for a checkup. She had lost a lot of weight, and on being quizzed by the nurse she admitted that she was depressed and anxious. “I was in a somewhat desperate space,” she recalls. “I was really unhappy and I felt like I was wasting a lot of my life.”

The nurse suggested she try Paxil. Porter was quick to agree. “I had sort of had it in the back of my mind,” she says. “I just never felt like I was sad enough to seek out therapy.” The nurse gave her a prescription for a supply of 20-milligram tablets and a pill cutter. Porter was to start out taking 10 milligrams and work her way up to 20. If she had a particularly hard time, she could increase her own dose to 30 milligrams. “It had a decent effect,” she says. “It put a floor underneath me. With the drug I still had down times and anxious times, but they were never as bad.”

Porter stayed on Paxil for three years before she started having stomach problems. By that time, the nurse she had been seeing had left her practice, and Porter didn’t feel like she could call the psychiatrist who had renewed her prescription during brief annual visits. So she just quit taking the pills on her own. After a couple of days, she began to feel electrical shocks in her head. “Every time I turned I would have these zaps,” she says. “It felt like I had blacked out for a few seconds.

“I was feeling really bad, and feeling really anxious about feeling bad,” she says. “I was thinking, ‘This is me. This is what I’m like without any drug. How can I live like this?'” She called the psychiatrist and was told to go back on the drug and begin tapering off five milligrams at a time.
After she took her last pill, however, the symptoms returned. “I sought out a therapist, but I was having so much trouble with crying that she said, ‘We need to get you on something and then we can talk.'” She went back to the psychiatrist, who put her on Prozac. The doctor assured her she’d be able to stop taking the new medication if she wanted to quit.

Porter has grown used to the idea that she’ll take an antidepressant for the rest of her life. “Still, I always have the feeling that I ought to be able to do this myself,” she confesses. “My issue about it is sort of feeling guilty about it. Like, I have a good life. I have this, I have that, I should be able to get through this.”

Porter does have one major cause for remorse, however. A onetime poet, she has stopped writing and she’s sure it’s because of the antidepressants. She can’t articulate why she can’t create while she’s on medication, but she has accepted it as an inevitable side effect.

If Kevin Turnquist were to meet her, this part of her story would probably trouble him the most. He has a theory that a lack of novel experience–good and bad–puts unhealthy stress on the human brain. “Mundane jobs, boring routines, and the absence of real struggles for survival may all prove to contribute to depression’s increasing place in society,” Turnquist wrote recently in The Humanist. “We cannot discount the possibility that the activities that seem to add diversity to our modern existence don’t provide the sort of stimulation that healthy brains thrive on.”

The latest research indicates that there is a connection between the size of the piece of the brain involved in the formation of memories, the hippocampus, and depression. “One study suggests that the hippocampus may shrink by an average of 19 percent in depression,” Turnquist reports. “Other research has found that SSRI antidepressants and shock treatment, among other factors, restore the hippocampus to more normal volume. This increase in the size of the hippocampus is now considered to be a possible mechanism by which these treatments promote recovery from depressive illness.”

In Turnquist’s experience, many of the people who have a hard time quitting SSRIs are young women. Many didn’t respond well to the drug in the first place. “What you never see are studies about the characteristics of the people who have trouble getting off of this medication,” he says. “My guess is that these are people with chronic, low-grade depression. A lot of them have had awful childhoods. Some have been abused. One of the effects of an abusive childhood is a smaller or misshapen hippocampus.

“The drug companies work like crazy to keep them out of their studies,” he continues. “When you look at the entrance requirements for these trials, they don’t want people who are suicidal, they don’t want people with long-term depression. They want people with nice, circumscribed depressions. They don’t want people who are going to sue them.”

Nor is GlaxoSmithKline likely to pony up to fund research into Turnquist’s theory. After all, a prescription to do something new and stimulating–to exercise, travel, or turn off the TV–isn’t going to do anything for the price of the company’s stock.

186 Responses to “Paxil is forever – can you quit? – addiction and withdrawal”

  1. yvonne (ireland) Says:

    need advice..ive been on seroxat since yr 2001.. spent 12 months weaning with liquid n little support from doctor..only to have major panic attack in 12th month(now down to 2ml) so psyc put me back on 20mg..said it was depression back!!!
    im now ready to try again , psyc says to go onto effexor ,,build up while decreasing seroxat..then he can help me off effexor easier.. anyone tried this method… honestly im scared.. also stated he suspects i have an over sesitivity to seratonin… wonder when that happened..problem is i get to see different psyc each time i go to clinic.. please any experience with this would be very helpful..

    • John Amador Says:

      I’ve been on Paxil for about 10 years. I started out on it because I had a panic attack and after trying several other anti-depressants this seemed to work the best for me at the time. I was living a terrible life as an alcoholic and doing a lot of things that gave me anxiety. I’ve been sober now for two years and living a decent life and feel that I am no longer in need of this medication. I asked my GP if it was okay if I stopped taking this drug and he said it would be okay because there is no withdrawal from it but he did suggest that I cut my dose in half from 20mg to 10mg for seven days then stop completely. Well I’m here to tell you that about two or three days after I stopped taking it I started to feel squirrelly, not being able to concentrate and getting these vibrating or mild electric zaps when I move my eyes or just in my head and getting very irritated. Just today I was making a comment at an AA meeting and I felt that I was gonna break into tears and I’m thinking maybe I do need this drug. That’s when I got online to see why I was feeling this way and if it was indeed a withdrawal effect and thank God I found this page. All my symptoms are listed here! My question is how long before these weird feelings go away? I don’t want to go back to taking this drug. Please help!

    • paulm Says:

      I’ve been on Paxil for about 20 years and have tried to come off it slowly several times in the past few years. I haven’t been successful. I get down to about 10mg and when I go further I can’t think straight, get frustrated, agitated… literally feels like I’m loosing my mind. Back on 10mg and looking for help to try again.

    • Hana Says:

      I’m in the same boat. I tried reducing from 10 down and was hell. Now I’m taking 5mg paxil and lamictal (mood stabilizer) not bad so far. anxiety wise its somewhat worse though. Not sure what to do anymore. 😦

      • Pamela Says:

        Hi All- I have been taking Paxil for 20 years now. I have been off 4 times in those 20 years. First withdrawal-stayed off doe 1.5 yrs, 2nd- 9 mos.-3rd 6 mos and 4th -4 months. Always back on because of unshakeable crying fits, absolute hate for almost everyone, myself especially, extreme negativity, doom, gloom etc. I was nothing like this before I started on Paxil. I took it for irritability, I was after all alone most all the time caring for my two toddlers, and husband (now ex) traveled for work constantly. I felt abandoned then and wanted to be more “reasonable” and “amenable” and “nicer”. Well, Im a lifer on this drug now, lost the husband anyway, but I will say that it probably did make me a better mother in the long run. At least I hope so, because otherwise what a waste of my own real personality. The moods are so intense when I am off it, that I fear for myself or someone else, and so have for the most part resigned myself to staying on 10 mg forever. I am somewhat hopeful that some new discovery will be made to help repair whatever it is that must be broken by now after all this SSRI and neurotransmitter manipulation….. Although, at 56 yrs, not certain there will be any changing this regimen. I also take Provigil regularly for the last 3 years because it helps eliminate that never want to do anything ennui that Paxil causes. the provigil keeps me motivated and active. At what expense, we shall see in the future.
        Good luck and blessings to everyone.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Hello Yvonne

    Doctors In Ireland still seem to be pretty clueless about Seroxat, despite 4 BBC documentaries about its dangers and numerous articles and websites on the internet about it.

    Usually the psychiatric services move psych doctors around making it difficult to form any kind of continuity of “treatment” from a patients perspective. Whether they do this purposely or not, I am not sure, but from experience I know it does not help the process as bonds of empathy and understanding cannot be formed between psychiatrist and patient when the system is led in this manner.

    It sounds to me like your psychiatrist does not know what he/she is doing at all. Which is not surprising considering the profession itself is based at best mostly on guesswork and at worst on random diagnoses with no basis in scientific fact. It is also a “profession” which relies heavily on pharmaceutical funding.

    As you say, the psych stated you might have an “over sensitivity to serotonin” , this doesn’t really make sense, as serotonin in its natural state in the body produces no problems. The over sensitivity you psychiatrist is referring to is the side effects from the drugs, not from you. Your adverse reactions to Seroxat are the problem , not your serotonin. Seroxat creates chemical imbalances, and a host of other problems. It also does not “cure” depression. Your psychiatrist should be treating you with talk therapy, at least in conjunction with SSRI’s, if not just on its own. Seroxat is one of the most notorious SSRI drugs, Effexor is also pretty bad, your psychiatrist is playing with your life.

    I was on Seroxat myself, and I was prescribed it by a psychiatrist originally, also my GP was useless. I suffered terribly on Seroxat but off it now a good few years and life is much easier to deal with chemical free. It is a difficult process dealing with your depression , particularly when you have been prescribed SSRI’s, because they do not help you to deal with the core reasons as to why you were depressed in the first place. So after coming off them, not only do you get withdrawal symptoms but you also have to deal with your problems and the problems caused by the drugs. This can be very difficult and you do need adequate support and guidance. Psychiatry rarely helps in these situations, remember it is in their business interest to keep you on meds, not to help you. Most psychiatrric training, bursaries, grants, sponsorship etc is paid for by the drug companies. They are literally the drug dealers of the pharmaceutical drug cartels. You are little more than an addicted and dependent “customer” to them.

    If you are based in Ireland, I would advise you to contact Michael Corry of the psychosocial institute in Dun Laoghaire, Co, Dublin. Dr Corry is an “ethical” Irish psychiatrist but he is very much aware of the dangers of all psychiatric medications and he campaigns against the corruption and disinformation perpetrated by psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland, he also hold monthly meetings in Dun Laoghaire where he helps people to come off SSRI drugs. Psychiatrists like Michael Corry are few and far between, he genuinely cares about people who suffer because of these meds.

    This is his website :

    and this is his address and contact number :

    2 Eden Park Dun Laoghaire

    Phone: 01 2800084 Email:

  3. Mustafa Sazak Says:

    Hi to all. Thanks for your this nice column. My problem is, whenever i start quitting paxil, i feel great headaches, fever and dizziness. But when I start using, these effects pass. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. It seems it will last forever 😦

    • sevinc Says:

      i used it for 6 months (20mg). Thats how i quit it. I cut it to 10 mg for 15 days, then 5mg for another 15 days, 2.5 mg for another 15 days, then I stopped. Its been a month now, but it is normal to have headaches,sleepness, and suicide thoughts. Just remember that’s not you, thats the side effects of the drug. be patient. all the side effects will go away eventually. good luck

  4. samara Says:

    my husband has been taking paxil, for 3 months and he has been doing really well on this, but a week ago he lost his pills and has been gone to work, for the week he has been without, well now he has came home, and he acts like a drug head with out his crack. i am fearful that he is going to lose it, how do i deal with this and how long will it take to get back in his system once he takes his first pill?

  5. samara Says:

    my husband has all the same side effects as mustafa sazak, the head aches and dizziness as well.

  6. Omar Olivares Says:

    I started to take this Paxil two days ago, and yesterday and today I have felt the electric synthoms in my head and neck……I will quit the drug immediately, I have only taken three pills so far….!

  7. stephen carson Says:

    ive been on it for 3 weeks…
    stopped cold turkey and ive been freaking out on my loved ones…
    this stuff is poison… dont take it

  8. Gerry Says:

    The bad mood swings and just generally feeling depressed are a major factor in the withdrawal effects and by just reading the article above about the issue of withdrawal, it seems clear that withdrawal effects are avoidable no matter how little drugs you take when weaning yourself of them.

  9. Mary Says:

    I’ve been on paxil since it came out….
    have tried to get off many times and when my ‘depression’ returned I started up again.
    from what you’ve said that’s a withdrawl effect.
    I’ve been suffering from MANY of the long term side effects and didn’t know paxil was the cause.
    I feel releaf and fear knowing. I’ve tapered down to 10 mg a day. now will go to 5. I want to get out from this poison.
    any suggestions will be loved.

    • Heather bateman Says:

      Change your way of thinking cognitive behavior therapy so your depression stops returning. Anti depressants are a band aid. You are what you think.

      • Nhsssa Says:

        You obviously have never been depressed in your life. Its a disease! People who are depressed don’t want to be that way. The chemical imbalances in the brain force them to go into depression and often times they cant get themselves out off that pit that they are in. No one wants to be depressed and its not that simple, to just change your way of thinking and expect one’s depression to go away. I know because I know people who live with it every day of their lives. Furthermore, they follow Dr.Wayne Dyer to facilitate change in their thinking and help them attain a more positive outlook on life, as well as getting in tuned with their spirituality. They have been doing so even before they started taking Paxil and it has no effect on their condition to date. With all due respect, your theory only works with persons who do not already have their battles with depression and are not being poisoned by these toxins we call medicines.

      • Barbara Says:

        i can only speak from my experience and I have been in bed for almost 4 years, if that is not depression and side effects from taking Paxil and withdrawling from it then I don’t know what it is!

      • Antoine Says:

        You self righteous horrid person

  10. truthman30 Says:


    You must go to

    Experienced people can help you there, its a chat board about all things Paxil-Seroxat related , just register, join the group, introduce yourself and they will help you there..

    good luck 🙂

  11. jasic Says:

    I am suffering from major depression and anxiety, lost weight a lot,mu psyc. is suggesting to start taking Paxil but reading all of this I am afraid, and still I don’t know what to do maybe just go with cognitive behavioral therapy. But this depression wont go a way I have it for 2 years.

  12. Sharon Taranto Says:

    I have been on “aropax” as it is called here in Australia since 1999. I went on holiday in 2003 to the USA and stupidly left my meds home in Australia. After 3 days in hell (dizzyness, crying, very unbelievable nightmares, sweats etc.) I ended up in the hospital in Washington DC. That was my first and only experience so far with withdrawal. Recently I had a mental health assessment carried out by a major hospital and was told that my levels of depression were so high they were ‘off the page’. What the hell…… I am on 60mg a day of this drug, what for…….and now what can I do? How can I withdraw without going to hell and back. Also before I took it I weighed around 80 kgs and when I went on it I just kept going up and up and now weigh 115 kgs. Any advice out there for me??

  13. Cherokee Says:

    I know it can be time-consuming to update your blog but thank you for keeping me informed and entertained!

  14. Dianne Says:

    I have been on xanax and 40 mg of paxil for 15 yrs and have finally found out from my psychologist that is is an extremely dangerous addictive drug and that i need to come off of it. My doctor wanted to use another drug while coming off the Paxil to make it easier. NO WAY!! I told them I am not taking something else that 15 yrs down the road I will find out how dangerous it is. I have decreased my dose by 10 mg per day for 4 weeks. As of 2 days ago, I am decreasing it another 10 mg per day for another 4 weeks. It has horrendous side effects, destroys nero transmitters and neurons in the brain(at least it can) and cause irreversible damage to the person taking it as well as other aspects of their lives totally ruined. It changes your personality, your morals, your ways of thinking(if you can think at all), causes “chatter” in the brain that on ly you hear and its like a million people talking at one time and you cant hear anything but noise and its extremely irritating.
    Oh, and by the way…you should be having liver checkups every 6 mths while on this drug according to my drwhich I have been doing all these yrs. I am angry that I was ever started on this drug that ruins your life but am now grateful to understand things that happened in my life for which I had no control over was due to Paxil and not me losing my mind. I WILL come off this bar none whatever it takes(not drugs) it will be my biggest goal in life. i am already having side effects and withdrawals from the dosage decrease. I will persevere and PLEASE if you are on it or someone starts you on this drug…do yourself a favor and those around you…don’t take it. there is always another route. I was told it wasnt addictive that was a lie. However, to give drs the benefit of the doubt, my psychologist says 15 yrs ago it was the drug of choice to help people with panic attacks and/or seratonin levels that are too low. Now they apparently know better…at least mine does. And xanax is just as bad it also can affect your personality and make you a nut case literally just like Paxil… I’m also weaning myself off that!! I will keep everyone posted as I progres thru this awful mess. god bless those dealing with it.

    • Doug K Says:

      Hi Dianne,
      I was wondering how you feel now that it is February of 2011?
      I have been on Paxil for 13 years, but have never had any bad side effects taking it. I tried cold turkey once to stop but I felt really anxious. I am on 40mg a day but have cut it to 30mgs a day. Feeling ok so far, but want to cut down 5mgs a month and eventually try to wean off completely.
      If you have been on Xanax for 15 years that is really bad. Were you taking it daily? Xanax is for occasional and short term use. If you took it daily for 15 years that can really screw up your brain.
      I hope you are doing better, and wonder how you are feeling now in 2011?
      Thank you, Doug K.

    • Cindy Lewis Says:

      Hi Diane,
      I too have been on Paxil 40mg for 20 years and I weined down to 20 mg. for 4 months. I want to get off of it but it is hard. At first I had bad dizziness, lightheadiness, confusion for the first month or two. Now I still have like a “brain fog” feeling most of the time, but the dizziness is better. I hope to reduce to 15mg for the next few months then to 10mg and so on. DON”T try to quit cold turkey because I did that 3 times. I even hated to be around anyone. I had the brain chatter you spoke of and anxiety, brain zaps, crying etc until I went back on it. A word of advice to those thinking of going on this DON’T. This drug is bad unless you plan to stay on it for life. Paxil makes you numb to real feelings. You don’t feel sad when you’re suppose to (funeral sickness etc>_ and you don’t feel happy either. I wish you the best Diane! I hope we can both get through this! Cindy

      • Pam L Says:

        Hi All- Here is the bummer for me, I “successfully” weaned off of Paxil- I took one year to go from 20 mg to 0 mg. No side effects during withdrawal as it was sooooo slow. I did a lot of nutritional support. However- after 6 months or so, I am so totally outrageously moody, tearful, rageful, depressed, full of self-loathing and worthlessness, that I go back to my Paxil, and lo and behold, within 48 hours my symptoms are magically gone! What does this tell me? That my brain will not function properly without it, that I can make my own or enough serotonin to create an ounce of well being. I do believe that my brain structure and/or function has been permanently altered so that I must remain on this external source for survival. I believe that without it I would end up doing myself in, because living life with no sense of peace, happiness, or contentment would be found. I am sorry to share such a depressing view. I have been on this drug for 17 years. Off completely 4 times, the first two times I went back on thinking I felt better with it, not a requirement. The second two times, I would say I REQUIRED Paxil to remain alive and part of this world. It doesn’t mean that is your story, I would love to hear from someone who was on this long, and has been off of it for more than one year and doing okay.
        Much love and prayer for all-

      • Gary Says:

        I have been on paxil for I think 18 years now. I have come to the conclusion I can never stop taking it because I can not bear the withdrawl symptoms. I actually end up in the emergency room. That’s even when I just try to cut back on the dose. We need a nation wide group of teams we can talk to who are paxil addicts like me,( not by choice), but at least someone to talk to.

      • Dave Behm Says:

        There’s no sugar coating what your gonna go through.I was on it for 16 years at 40mg/day and finally did quit on May 2,2012.I stopped cold turkey.I tried this many times before and couldn’t do it,but this time I was in a safe place to do it.It has been over a year and still have some symptoms such as slight dizziness,emotional flip flop,sleep disturbances,bad stomach aches,and the one that drives me nuts…The eye thing ( I describe it as when I shift my eyes,I can hear it in the back of my head ) The eye movement problem only happens when I’m in bed and all is quiet but at times I wonder after this long if there isn’t permanent damage .I wish they’d do a comprehensive study on this drug and let us know exactly what damage has been done.At least knowing there may be an end in sight or not would be somewhat comforting.

    • asad Says:

      hi, plz do tell me how to properly stop taking paroxetine,, i have panic attacks,, and i am using this drug for well over 5 years, thanks

  15. Beverly Says:

    Help, Have been on Paxil for thirteen years. My new Family Doctor placed me on Lexapro for 6 weeks which I could not take and now on Prozac for 6 weeks. Have been having high amount of anxiety, insomnia, and dry heaves in AM. Can you still have withdrawal symptoms from Paxil even though you are taking another SSRI?

  16. helen Says:

    hi everyone
    ive been on seroxat {uk} for ten years and spentt about a year tapering off,recently my gp suggested i change to citalopram 20 mg wich i did.i experienced horrendous side effects so after only 10 days i stopped,my gp said the side effects were most likely withdrawel from the seroxat,i havent taken seroxat for 3 weeks now and feel like shit,my gp knows how strongly i feel about quitting this drug and is supporting me,she told me how bad the side effects would be and advised me to take up exersise and omega 3 wich i have,im so scared right now and have to keep reminding myself this is the drug withdrawal and not me going mental.
    i withdrew from seroxat about 5 years ago and stayed off for a year,i went to my gp feeeling a bit shitty and was immediatly put back on them!!!!that makes me so angry now,,,,,all advice gratefully recieved,

  17. jana Says:

    I have been on paxil for 10 years, I have wanted to stop for a long time, a year ago I started to reduce the dose 5mg at a time, I went from 42.5 mg cr to 40 mg regular paxil, I am now down to 15mg, done fine until a week ago I had a panick attack, I feel nerves alot, But I will make it I know, what is normal anyway?

    • Doug K Says:

      When you started to lower your dosages, what mg did you lower each time, and how long did you stay on that dosage until you lowered it again? How are you feeling now? Feb, 2011?
      Thank you, DK

  18. Sara Smith Says:

    Hi – a few years back I self medicated paxil (bought on Internet). I took for about 3 weeks and then decided to quite (can’t remember exactly why). I stopped taking and I did have some side effects like the electric effect, but not too bad and it wore off after a few weeks.
    So anyway, now I am thinking of going back to paxil, but I read all these nightmare stories and it makes me cautious. I want to ask people if these withdrawal effects are different for different people, and if I took it before for 3 weeks and came off ok, can I expect the same sort of withdrawal after 6 months on it? Or can I expect worse?

  19. Constantine Says:

    I have been on paxil for a month and well I just got off it about a month ago and all I can say is that it is a drug from hell. I had the worst withdrawl symptoms and I felt like i was going to die. The emotional instability was the worst thing. I was crying one moment and then I was pissed off and angry. I am still having severe headaches from getting off this drug. The drug is of Satan, and I would not recommend this drug to anyone not in a million years.

  20. Marie Says:

    I took Paxil for about 7 years, weaned off them in 2009. I’ve been Paxil-free (and also antidepressant/med free) for almost one year now, and still experience side effects. Perhaps the Paxil destroyed my brain”s ability to recover enough serotonin, I don’t know. But it has been nothing short of a complete nightmare, pure hell and pain beyond description. I continue to suffer from agonizing “spasms” and feel many times worse than I ever did when I was initially prescribed Paxil. Every day is a struggle but I am determined never to take this vile drug again. God help me.

  21. leticia Says:

    After 6 months I left paxil.



    The worst experience in my life, but I encourage you to do this, to take the handles of your life for goo.

    I have a couple of videos of my detox and I would like to upload them to help mpeople with the symptoms and to not feel alone.

  22. Yasmina Says:

    Has anyone successfully sued because of Paxil withdrawal symptoms?

    • admin Says:

      Not yet, I’m afraid… who knows what 2011 might bring…?

      • Doug K Says:

        I don’t think you can sue if they warn you of the withdrawal symptoms that may occur ahead of time, and you wean off according to how they say. It’s like taking any drug (like the ads on TV), if they warn you of symptoms and side effects ahead of time they are protecting themselves, and you take the drug at your own risk. They warn you of potential risks, but it’s still ultimately your choice to take it even if a doctor recommends it.

    • Debbie Says:

      YES! My son joined a class-action suit about 6 yrs ago after he was admitted to the ER after stopping Paxil. He was awarded $90K.

  23. Pennie BOyd Says:

    I have been on Paxil for about 7 years. I have severe panic attacks that will leave me quite debilitated if I don’t take the Paxil. I have had no side effects from it except weight gain and find that I can drink alcohol without any effects. What I am concerned about is the long term effects of taking Paxil. Can it be taken for life or must I try to get off it eventually??

  24. S Says:

    Has anyone else developed a heart condition while discontinuing Paxil. Tachycardia, Arrhythmia ?

    • Cat from AZ Says:

      I stopped a month ago, and have had 6 episodes of tachycardia. I am hoping they go away and this is not permanent. One episode lasted 20 minutes/132 BPM….I freaked out totally.

  25. Al Says:

    I hate Paxil god help us all. I been on 40mg for over 4yrs since I came home from Iraq. I been off it for a week completely now. I was tapering down 5mg every 7-10days. God its hell, I’m only 26yrs old and experiencing these withdrawls god no wonder drug companies can still kill people and not be blamed. Once marijuana comes out no side effects besides your a smoker that can cause lung cancer. When in reality thats the antidote to this fricken pill. I have upset stomach feel like I am going to puke but can’t everyday, feel dizzy, have hot flashes, night sweats, headaches or migraines, tunnel vision a whole bunch of shit I never once experienced only on generic paxil. Will this go away, how long does this hangover take to get rid of honestly? I feel good when I am doing something but the moment I stop for a couple seconds bam I get hit with all these effects. Honestly I am not going to ER or Urgent Care, nor am I calling my doctor to get put on something else like she mentioned. Fuck that I am strong enough to handle this constant sickness. I hope you all no where I am coming from I am being blunt about this shit cause its a real problem. Wanting to cry sometimes wow been a long time well since I never took paxil. Since I been on it its controlled my life, got a divorce on this shit, because it changed me so much, was violent, aggressive, didn’t take shit from nobody on paxil, now I am back to reality and understand that I have been seriously fucked up on paxil I didn’t believe my wife but it really did change me, god I feel like shit. I wish this demon withdrawl would just go away will it? How long will it take? What are some remedies of getting through this?

    • admin Says:

      Hi Al
      Have a look at Paxil Progress – there are some good people there who will help you.

      Sounds like you did a very quick taper there – I hope you’re feeling OK.

      It does look like you’re getting some perspective on what Paxil did to you (and is still doing) which is good – wanting to cry is a good sign as well – the person inside you is coming back, you’re feeling emotions again after Paxil had hidden them. The withdrawal symptoms will fade in time but it may take a few months.

      Just go with the flow – there’s no quick way.

      Acunpuncture was great for me – expensive but I think it saved me.

      You’re right about the drug changing you… it did the same to me.

      I’m 5 years off it now. You can do it as well.

      Good luck and stay in touch.

      • Dawn Says:

        I was on Paxil and Ativan for a year.The reason for my anxiety was no longer an issue so, my doctor was getting ready to take me off the drug.
        The month before he was going to wean me off we were remodeling our masterbath and I forgot to take it for a couple of days. When I realized what I had done I started taking them again. But, the damage had already been done.
        At first I just thought I was exhausted from all the work we had done. My personality changed. I went on a serious spending spree that I NEVER would have done but, it couldn’t stop myself. I had hallucinations, body aches, joint pain, sweats, non-stop brain activity. After my fourth night of not sleeping we went to the doctor. By this time I was so dehydrated the skin was coming off the insides of my checks. I had sores on the side of my tongue because I could quit talking. During this time I felt as if I were dying. The doctor tapered me off which took a week.
        Now, three months later my doctor is still doing test because I now stutter when I’m tired and my hands don’t have full cordination. He tells me I still shouldn’t be having side effects since the drug is no longer in my system. He thinks it’s all in my head and now is sending me to a psychologists. I know it’s not in my head especially after reading everyone’s stories.
        If anyone could tell me how long these horrible side effects last I would really appreciate it since my doctor seems stumped!

  26. mark Says:

    hi all i was on paxil for 12 years tried to come many times to be told my underlying depression coming back finally tried to taper down over 1 year im 6 months free of it but the anxiety and symptoms continue daily it truley is hell. does it cease after say 1 or 2 years im just holding on and hopeing 1 day it will end or is there permanent damage done ?? i feel im going to be like this for the rest of my life…ie a sobbing mess every day….god please help me

    • admin Says:

      It will end.

      What you’re feeling is your emotions coming back.

      It takes time, but you’ve already got so far – stick with it and relax. Don’t put pressure on yourself, just accept it’s going to be slow.

      Good luck

  27. tarre Says:

    I’ve been on 20 mg of Paxil for 9 months and I must say it has helped me with my depression I’ve carried for 10+ years. I do feel better today but within the last month, I’ve been experience sparatic nerve pulsations in the back of my head. I spoke my doctor and she said that I’ve been on it long enough and time to wean myself off. (Didn’t mention my head, I was more concern with getting off because of the weight gain and tireness.) Well, its been 4 days on 10 mgs and I’m feeling really wierd ie; lightheadedness, closing my eyes for just a couple of seconds feel like I’m up in a cloud, sleepiness and the sensation that my brain feels like jello when I turn my head either to the left or right. Are these common side effects? My doctor want me to stay on the 10 mgs for 2 weeks and then switch to every other day until I’m out.

  28. mark Says:



    • mark Says:

      oh yeah one more thing and no one has yet mentioned it but has anyone had this symptom….in the early waking hours of the morning lying in a foetal position and crying destrautingly and desperately
      for your mother ..literally out loud its as if im a 2yr old when in fact im a 40 yr old.

      • mark Says:

        also i cant stop making what can only be descibed as gunea pig noises throughout the day…has any one else got this problem its as is the inside me is sobbing but being externalised as low pitched animal noises , it just goes on and on ….does anyone think i tapered too quickly and its left me with permanent neurological damage? i hate it and this is being 6 months free of it.
        i desparatly want to ring and talk to someone …just to hear a voice on the phone is so comforting …………….when will this hell end.
        why dont the doctors understand…….

  29. maleah Says:

    I’m 26 I started taking paxil 5yrs ago. I’ve still had anxiety attacks nearly everyday feeling trapped shortness of breath and a feeling something bad is gonna happen. I hate the attacks so I went to my Dr yesterday and he wants to try me on lexapro. So I’m a little scared has anyone ever just stopped paxil and went to another that fast?

  30. Monica Says:

    I’ve been on this 10mg of shit for 6 months, didn’t like the effects and have started to wean myself off. My withdrawal symtoms have started off by having painful headaches on one side of my head where I’d never had a headache before. Feeling drunk and bumping into things. I’ve developed verbal ‘ticks’ – talking out loud and repetitively. I have an attitude of I couldn’t give a toss about what people think, feel, say or see. I’ve got the eye-shake thing where your eyes feel loose in their sockets coupled with electric shocks when I look side to side. Hot flushes, weird dreams and the feeling on walking on a bouncy castle all the time. I decided to take 10mg every other day but because it doesn’t stay in the body for long, it’s like a bloody rolle-coaster. I would like 2 answers please that I can’t seem to get any on. 1. Do people recover – ever? Like does anyone succeed in going through withdrawal, come out the other side and feel ‘normal’ again? And 2. Does taking this hideous drug do any permanent physiological change or damage to the brain. In other words, does the brain as an organ receive damage and will recover itself physically after it’s been battered by this chemical? I know that’s quite a difficult question because the tossers who let this drug out of the lab are in a permanent state of denial and don’t know jack shit about the aftermath that this drug does!

    • mark Says:

      monica…i could have writtten your posting i had exactly the same problems and …same questions…im off the drug for 6 months and im still not right.

      • Monica Says:

        Thanks for your comment Mark and sorry to hear that you’re still not ‘right’. It’s total crap ain’t it?! I’m determined to see it through. In fact I can cope with my new ‘attitude problem’ and my lack of tolerance with people – it seems to be benefitting me in lots of ways – namely people think twice before opening their mouths and irritating the bejasus outta me! It’s the physical aspects that are pissing me off. I’m doing cold turkey now – I’m not putting anymore of this poison in me, and I think, like with most of us on here will just have-to see how that goes.. Good luck to you, we will beat it and recover and the more exposure this poison gets the better. I’ve arranged to see my Doctor. Not to have him come up with a weaning plan, oh no… I’m going to be asking him questions that perhaps he’s not had before and more importantly, advised that dishing out these smarties ain’t big or clever! All the best.

    • Kayla Says:

      I know this post was from 5 years ago but I was curious to see how you’re doing now? I was on paxil for over 6 years and had horrible withdrawls while taking lower doses to eventually stop taking the pills. It took me about 3 to 4 months to fully get off paxil. I’ve been off paxil for a few years now and over the past month all of a sudden my anxiety has been through the roof! I feel just like I did when I was having withdrawls from paxil. Ever since i stopped taking paxil I’ve had dizzy spells, nausea, headaches, and the feeling that my eyes are shaking back and forth in my head as well as the zapping feeling if I get in my head if I turn to quickly or look in a certain direction. I’m almost certain that the issues I’m having are linked to my years of taking paxil. I just wanted to know how everyone was doing now. Are you still having issues and withdrawl symptoms even years later?

  31. pam Says:

    Iam one who has been on seroxat for 15 years, and I have tried to reduce or come off the pills several times, always to go back into anxiety and depression. These pills saved my life when first I took them and I wonder if it is worth trying to stop or carry on as my life is ( fairly) normal for me. I have had anxiety depression since my teens, possibly before, but was not diagnosed as a depressive until 1989. Until then it was “Just nerves” so had tranquilizers on and off. I have had 5 major episodes of depression in my life and just can’t bear the thought of going back there. What to do – I don’t know, and I don’t think Doctors know either.

    • Gerald Says:

      Hi Pam and everyone else,

      I have also been on Seroxat for 15/16yrs now, same story as Pam try coming off and BANG! Depression/Anxiety comes back big time! I feel like as if I was a woman with terrible PMS one week pre menstrual, one week menstrual, one week post menstrual and have like one good day in the month, most of the 15yrs has been spend slowly tapering off and tippy toeing around people not wanting to argue, not feeling strong enough to fight back, paranoid as if people know I’m weird etc and when the lows arrive I put my hands up in the air and say ‘okay, I give up’ in utter desperation, the pain just exhausts you, emotional and physical ones as well.
      In 15yrs on the drug I have noticed that the brain gets used to it and the electric zaps and many other things do not happen anymore, just sheer panic, anxiety, depression, anger etc slowly and progressively days get worse and worse until I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!
      I have some ideas that I will be using, the problem in the past is that my brain needs a substitute form Seroxat and that’s a tall order, lets face it St Johns Worts compared to Seroxat is like a weed compared to an Oak Tree (In my experience that is), kava kava didn’t do it for me as well, Chinese medicine didn’t do anything. But this time will plan ahead, I think Magnesium is interesting to supplement as is said to be calming, GABA is good apparently for anxiety which WILL COME make no doubt about that, 5HTP or Tryptophan I may also take along with other vitamins and minerals, may include certain herbs that may help my brain, eating brain healthy foods may assist one in this difficult time, protein and carbs are important too, regular eating times.
      Meditating and getting into a routine before coming off so you have some root may help, strating meditating whilst in the whirlwind of a taper may not work. I say all these things and sometimes think, yeah this is great but this is the Seroxat ME talking, when I’m off it all hell breaks lose and can’t plan, can’t bloody function anymore.
      Paxil forums are good but I found that certain forums or boards will help you and give good advice as long as you listen to what they are saying, if you deviate and say well Seroxat actually saved my life or comment on how a certain member is aggressive although she may have ‘successfully’ come off you’ll be attacked, many of these boards are like women only clubs and when a man gets in and stirs then he is attacked, this is silly as we are all human beings and this Seroxat hell hurts all of us regardless of gender, race, age, social position etc.
      Don’t know yet if I can come off but I hear what all you guys are saying, my doc says I have to stay on for life, I said hmmm.

  32. mark Says:

    im with you on that unfortunately doctors are totally ignorant as ive already asked mine questions yet he seemed totally oblivious to any harm being done which seems odd with the fact the pledge to ‘do no harm’

  33. Giovanna Says:

    Hii ive been on seroxat for the past 3 months and a half, when i first took it i was kind of dizzy. then after that it started feeling great. i felt my depression gong away me randomly crying out of no where was done. i used to have panic attacks every single time i would hear something heartouching and bad that would occur. i used to be so scared of my own body thinking i was going to die today or tommorow! i was one of the toughest people with this i feel so dizzy and so light headed. my blood pressure is low too it gets to 88/60. Im in europe right now ive been here for 10 months but im just tired of this place and im thinking american lifestyle will change everything. i tried getting off of this for a day and i had a severe panic attack all i would do is yell yell and yell!!! my doctor wants me off of it now theough, and he tells me to take it 3 times a week, weekends none!!! Its been cut down to 10mg though. i cant stay a day without it let alone cutting down that much!!! what should i do? i dont want to take this for years and years. i want to get off this myself and be tough about it. what should i do?!!!

  34. Monica Says:

    Well, it’s been 3 months since my last post and I’m glad to say that I have rid myself of this appalling drug, never to be visited again, EVER! Riding the cold-turkey rollercoaster worked for me, although it was very frightening and at times, it was tempting to try and ease the symtoms by topping up with more poison – thus perpetuating the hideous cycle. However, I resisted and the side effects eventually subsided and now have completely gone. In fact, I feel a sense of achievement at healing myself and getting away from this poison and as far as I know, physiologically speaking, there seems to be no permanent damage. My circumstances that led to me seeking assistance have not changed, but the relief I feel in tackling this has in a strange way made me I can cope a bit better in general. I hope that my experience is a positive read that I as one person, I have conquered this nasty substance. I cannot advocate the method I used for anyone else, but want to leave the message that it can and does get better. We humans are very resilient creatures! Good luck to all who are quitting and those about to try…

    • mark Says:

      well its beennearly 7 months since my last post and 13months drug free after taking paxil for 10 years the past 13 months has been hell but i refused to consider going back on….i must say that the anxiety is now tolerable abnd the daily crying spells have lessoned ….so at this rate after another year i might feel human again …cant wait for 12 more months …im praying for more improvement.

  35. Pam Says:

    i have taken Paxil for 15 years. I have quit 4 times. The last time I quit I did it over a year with alot of supplements. At the end of a very long, protracted taper I feel great, super happy that I am clean, feel sexy again, but over about 6 months I spiral down, feel angry about everything, hate my life, my husband, and almost everyone else. So I go back on, because why is life worth living feeling that why? But I feel defeated and sad and cheated that I was ever prescribed this devil pill and do not know what circumstances of my current situation (divorce) are attributable to being on the drug with no sex drive, being off the drug and crying and hopeless, or what to do now. I don’t believe that I could hold a job without the drug, I don’t think my brain can any longer make enough serotonin without the drug. Any one else feel this way or have this long term use? Has anyone had long term use (over 10 years) and stay off and feel happy for more than one year. Do you all go back on????

    • Gerald Says:

      Hi Pam,
      It could be the case that after many years of re-uptake the brain has very low levels of serotonin and can’t live without it, I was thinking of tapering and supplementing with GABA for anxiety, 5HTP for depression, mutivitamins/minerals and eating healthy for the brain as well.
      I have also been on them for 15yrs, we should compare notes Pam, how are you now?

  36. Lee Says:

    Paxil is the devil in a little pill. I am hoping to find anyone out there with a success story on how to stay off this nightmare and carryon. I do not take the drug nor have I ever but my husband has been on it for 9 years now and the doctor has increased him from 20 to 40 mgs. He is experiencing almost everything I have read in all the above statements. He has told me he has no interest in anything and hates just about everything. We have two beautiful little children and it takes him everything he has to give the very little attention. He has no interests, no like, lose all drive to do the things he once loved. Ready all of the above has helped me understand what he is going threw. He has tried to reduce and get off these pills and has all the same side effects as most everyone. I will tell you this drug coupled with a few drinks can turn a kitten into a beast. They do not mix and makes you crave alcohol to the point you drink till you pass out and don’t remember much the next day. I’ve been reading allot abou this drug lately. The drug companys say there are no addictive side effects. From what I’ve seen most people are tring their best to hold on to some since of normal life, happiness, feeling of worth and peace. This drug seems to provide that and once you feel better and try to get off of it, well the drug takes it all away from you and you need it once again to get the better you back. Funny sounds like an addiction to me. God Bless all of you struggling to over come this addiction and I wish all of you the best. I pray that you loved once can read the things I’ve ready to get a better understanding of this demon you’re all dealing with. Has anyone got advise, methods that worked for them, activities, supplement ideas or alternatives to help as we are going to embark on a weaning off process very soon. I don’t want to trade one evil for another. But, all of you are better then this drug and you will I pray get throuth this. Doctors these days seem to be to quick to prescribe with out a goal in mind. I’m looking for suggestions, answers, help for the one I love. God bless you all.

  37. Jaded Says:

    What I CAN NOT understand is why there are so many people experiencing these withdrawal effects and yet none of this is being reported to the drug regulating agencies. Adverse drug reactions can and should be reported. I thought I was having a stroke 3 weeks ago….no just Paxil withdrawal? WTF

  38. Tina Says:

    Okay… this is crazy!!! Why didn’t my doctor tell me any of this before he put me on the paxil?? And why did I need such a strong drug for anxiety? But until I started having horrible, vivid nightmares, and problems in the bedroom, the paxil seemed to be working great. When I had been taking paxil for just a little over 2 months I went to him (Friday the 26th) about the nightmares and he stopped the paxil. Cold Turkey… exactly what I’ve been reading on different sights that you shouldn’t do. Immediately after stopping the paxil he put me on celexa. Well 2 days into the celexa comes the dizziness, the zaps in my head that feel like electric shocks, The unsteady gait, and the feeling like I’m going to pass out. I was at work the morning that all the symptoms started. I work in healthcare, and had my blood pressure and sugar checked to rule them out. Nothing physical seemed wrong. This was Sunday. So, Monday, back to the doctor I went. And he took me off of everything to let my body get back to normal. Tuesday I couldn’t even walk around the grocery store to buy groceries. So, I went back. I didn’t have a doctor’s visit, but he did come talk to me. I tried to explain to him what was happening to me. But it’s hard to explain when you’re not sure yourself. He didn’t really have anything helpful to say. I told him I cant afford to keep calling in to work, but I am scared to drive, and I am not sure I could handle all of this at work. I have started seeing shadows and glimpses of light mostly down by the floor. I am becoming nauseous. My head is killing me. And these blame ‘zaps’ in my head are driving me up the wall. Now sometimes it feels like it runs through my whole body. Today is Wednesday. 5 days off the paxil. How long does this take? I have been online most of the day trying to find a glimmer of hope. From what I am seeing this kind of thing has been going on for quite a while. And they can say this isn’t addiction withdrawals all they want to. They won’t convince me. Why aren’t there more answers and if there are why can’t I find them? How do I report this? Who do I report it to? Can anyone help me?

  39. Cathy Says:

    I’m glad I found this post on the symptoms of withdrawing from paxil. I am going through alot of these symptoms. My head feels weird, I am on the edge most of the time. I’m letting every little things bother me. I try to start arguments with my boyfriend, I don’t want to do anything, and I am pissed off at everyone. I was ready to go back on it because I don’t want to be like that. I don’t want to be like this either, afraid it’s going to hurt my relationship with my boyfriend. As you can probably tell, I can’t even think straight while I’m writing this. Will I ever feel better? I was also told that it wasn’t an addicting drug, now will I be messed up in the head forever…I am 63 years old. They put me on it when I lost my husband, so I’ve been on it for about 5 years now. Should I continue taking it or hang in there?

    • admin Says:

      I’m not sure if you’re withdrawing or not Cathy… how long have you been off Paxil? How fast did you taper it?

      It does get better, but we’re all different. Only you know how you really feel about going back on it.

      I am better off without Seroxat.

      You must let your Doctor know what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

  40. Cathy Says:

    Thanks you for replying so soon. I tapered myself off of the paxil very slowly. It’s been about a month since I took the last one. I was down to taking a half one (10 mg) every two days, then 3, once a week, then I just stopped taking them. It just seems like I didn’t get like this until after I stopped. That’s why I was wondering if I should go back on it just to see if it is. But I really don’t want to depend on it, and I really don’t want to be this way. The doctor told me how to wean myself off, so I know I did that right. Maybe I should just wait another month to see if I still feel this way. I was put on it after my husband passed away 5 years ago, and I sometimes would have panic attacks. It was helping me get through the days, and deal with the loss. Now I’m wondering if I’m dealing with all that now. I feel like I’m going through “the change” (which I heard it helps you with that too), but I did that already. I really don’t want to go back on it, don’t know if it harms your body taking it for a long time, especially to your head. I couldn’t describe how your head would feel weird sometimes, but reading other posts on what they say is about the best way to describe it. I hope I make sense, it helps to have someone that knows about the symptoms you’re going through. People that don’t take it don’t know how to help you. My boyfriend doesn’t like me this way, he worries, but he doesn’t know how to help. Men don’t like dealing with a crybaby all the time either. I have been retired for 2 years now so I have more free time on my hands, I know that doesn’t help. It already has helped me to find a post about this subject. Thank you again for the reply!

    • admin Says:

      Well done for getting this far – you’ve done so well to stop taking it.

      I’m sorry to tell you but it will probably take longer than a month for you to feel better/normal… it sounds like it may take a while for you. Seems to me you’re suffering withdrawal problems, but you’ve DONE IT!!!!

      You’ve managed to stop!

      There was no way I was going to g back on it once I’d stopped – you will get better but it may take a longer time. Don’t put a time limit on it.

      I think what happens is that your emotions come back – or rather you can feel them again – hence the crying. You’re right, in a way you’re dealing with things from 5 years ago.

      Let your boyfriend read this site and I hope it’ll help him understand – all he needs to do is to be there for you.

      Time is what you need – take it easy.

  41. Cathy Says:

    Thank you for the reply. I think it’s easier to chat with someone who is going through about the same things. I’ll check in soon to let you know how it’s going. I’m just trying to keep busy.
    Thanks again

  42. Marrianne Oaks Says:

    If you want multiple C/T’s with no time to heal that drug damage, take it every other day, then three and so on. This will leave you in drug chains forever. This is what many doctors and pharmacists suggest doing!

    It works like this. You take the drug and it is eliminated by your body naturally. Then ,without the drug, you go into withdrawal because your brain now is so changed it needs the drug. You stay off for that day or three going through hell and then take the next dose approved by your doctor..

    This further enforces the drug harm again. Then you try to go through the foolish process again and again harming yourself more and more.

    Brains don’t change quickly. They need time to come back to normal. Going on and of like that just keeps you in hell until you realize how stupid that method was.

    Any doctor who can’t think better than that should be put away.

    You will be able to recover by maintaining lower and lower levels of drug EVENLY!

    Read at . Yeah this is for benzodiazepine patients but the brain heals the same way…slowly and evenly when you taper slowly and evenly.

    Addiction? I think not. A compulsion to use is not the same animal as a need to take a drug to survive the drug’s harmful effects. Medical doctors learned the difference, but they like blaming their patient victims so they call them addicts.

  43. liqouricelady Says:

    I have been on seroxat for 13 years, never had any problems at all. I have managed to lower the doses over time and it was fine. I’m still on it now, and have no problem with that, as it has made me feel 100% better. Just wanted to get across the alternative point of view.

    • admin Says:

      That’s good – you’re lucky.

      Why are you still taking it?

    • Diana Hrdina Says:

      Hi there
      Out of interest, what dose reduction did you successfully make?
      IE, how many milligrams were you taking and how much did you reduce by?
      And over what period of time?

      …I am getting severe withdrawal . I was on 20mg four weeks ago and I am now down to 5mg. This is my 3rd attempt and the most successful. This time I was prescribed Serequel 25mg ( 2 daily) to counteract the withdrawal.
      My psychiatrist and GP said coming off should be fine/no worries but it has been horrible:-
      …intensely frightening, macabre dreams ( like you would see on an R-rated horror movie, night sweats, electric “chills” through my spine and legs, unusual body temperature changes, “swishy” head ( like the feeling you get when you have a middle ear infection),ringing in ears, aching body/flu-like feeling, fits of intense crying and rages over nothing/tiny things eg the leaves being hard to rake up!!! Hubby and kids just look at me as if to say WHAT THE HELL?!
      I have been on and off different SSRI’s over the past 20 years for anxiety and depression and have never noticed any withdrawal symptoms coming off the others. But this is really really hard and no one around me seems to believe me. My psych and hubby have said “you have to watch that it isn”t just your anxiety/depression coming back” is exhasberating and maybe the most lonely difficult part of thins whole withdrawal and makes me need to write on this forum and know there are people who can here me and understand


      • admin Says:

        Diana – a good rule of thumb is to reduce by no more than 10% each step and take as long as you need to stabilise between reductions. That means that now your reductions will be much smaller each time.

        As for “…psych and hubby have said “you have to watch that it isn”t just your anxiety/depression coming back”…” – well, I think you and me know they’re both wrong, so wrong – it’s just withdrawal from the meds. Pure and simple.

        What you’re describing will all pass – it’ll be slow but it will pass and you’re doing one of the hardest things that you will ever do in the whole of your life.

        Seroxat withdrawal is a bitch if you happen to suffer.

        You can do it.

        Good luck.

      • admin Says:

        And another thing Diana – I think you’re reducing much too fast… it took me 22 months to get down from 30mgs

        You got the liquid Paxil?

      • Tillie Says:

        I think you are reducing too fast. I have been on 5mg for 7weeks and am now stable, but I am not going to go down to 2.5mg until another month. Its took my body 6 weeks to recover from withdrawal symptoms and I don’t want to experience this again as yet. Good luck the symptons do stop but I empathsize with you.

      • admin Says:

        Tillie – that’s a 50% reduction you’re planning… are you sure?

    • John Gerweck Says:

      I have had the same experience with the long term use of paxil (over 20 years). Started getting panic attacks in my early forties, at first infrequently, but over a year or so they became more frequent and severe. At the age of 44 I started taking a 20mg daily dose and have never looked back. After the first week I felt great!! I have not come close to having a panic attack nor have experienced any adverse side effects. Love that pill

  44. Gerald Says:

    I agree, if I am on it I feel absolutely GREAT, only if I try to taper off then the rollercoaster begins.
    The reason to taper? Well I heard some people talk about poop out after 15yrs or so and that means the drug dtops working, then you have two problems depression back and you have to taper which sounds confusing to say the least and frightning.
    As to another reason, I have liver function tests yearly if I can and care about the state of my liver, my doc recently told me that if it doesn’t give you problems with the first year or so then it won’t give you problems now.
    I understand what licoricelady is saying and jmust say it did save my life, but don’t like the fact that I CANNOTcome off it.

  45. Gerald Says:

    Pam how are you now?
    I will try coming off soon hope to introduce GABA and 5htp been also 16yrs on this

    • pam Says:

      Hi Gerald, thanks for your replies. My doctor also says I will need it for life, which I resent. However, I have jsut gone through a divorce after 19 years of marriage and am in the midst of reorganizing my life to include working full time, parenting half time, buying my first home, insurance issues, etc…. So there is no way I would try and go off Paxil at this point in time. I do believe it has done permanent altering of my brain chemistry, and how long it would take to come back to it’s original abilities in terms of serotonin production, uptake etc. (if ever!) may not be a manageable exercise for me in my life now. On top of using Paxil I now use Provigil daily for energy and mood brighteneing. I like it, it helps me, but I dont like using more drugs instead of less. I have also taken up alcohol again after many years of not drinking at all- but I am not overdoing it, I am using it, helps for temporary coping but know I will stop once I am settled (the alcohol, not the paxil). So, how am I now? Not great, not terrible, surviviing….. I do beleieve GABA will help, and I can pull out some old info I have that may be useful to you. A program called The Road Back has good suppliements. though I dont put any faith in their research, it is all hit and miss. TrueHope is another program out of Canada that may offer something of value in quitting. Good luck Gerald. I cant imagine trying now with working ft, etc….. Best of luck my friend, and fellow Paxil sufferer.

  46. Jon Says:

    I just want to thank all of you including the writer of this article for possibly saving my life from going from bad to worse. I believe I suffer from chronic depression, anxiety, and OCD. I have my good days and bad but the depression and anxiety really make it tough for me to get the most out of my life, mainly being figuring out what to do with it. It is like I am mentally blocked from being able to choose a career path and as a result I have suffered through several low-paying dead end jobs which I believe make my condition worse. At the urging of my family, I agreed to try to get some kind of help. No money, insurance, ect makes that kind of difficult. So I signed on to partake in a study on a new drug which may be used to treat depression. I figured I would try it, for my family, perhaps improve my situation, and if not, maybe if this drug is effective then my participating in this may help someone else who is depressed.

    I took two trips to the medical office, the first was to determine if I would qualify for this study. After being put under the impression that I did, I was given paperwork to read through and scheduled for another appointment, this time with the lead investigative doctor. I went to the second appointment and I suppose after just 2 minutes of talking to me this doctor knows everything about me and how I feel. First off, the questions asked were very generalized, as if all people who have mental issues are the same and all fit exactly into certain categories. He asked me to describe “which one of these lines describes your life and how you feel” and pointed to a bunch of squiggly lines he drew on the back of his notebook. Kind of hard for me to describe my life through a certain line on a sheet of paper, I have my good days and bad, but it is difficult to describe my exact feelings. He asked me about the time when I was 14, when I was going to counseling and put on medication, prozac and luvox. He asked me if that helped at all, well I was a 14 year old kid, I didn’t think I was much different than anyone else at the time. All I could remember was the medication drained me of energy, it put me in a zombie-like state. I thought that the counseling and medication did nothing for me except make me feel different than my peers, an outcast. I didn’t feel any different other than the severe lack of energy from the medication.

    I was informed by the “doctor” I did not qualify for the study. I did not fit the exact criteria for what he was looking for. So I was taken aback when I read this from the article above…”“The drug companies work like crazy to keep them out of their studies,” he continues. “When you look at the entrance requirements for these trials, they don’t want people who are suicidal, they don’t want people with long-term depression. They want people with nice, circumscribed depressions. They don’t want people who are going to sue them.” That is kind of the way I felt when I was booted out of the doctors office that day. On the way out, nobody on the staff would even look at me it was if they were ashamed. Oh, on the way out, I was told my condition was treatable..with Paxil This gave me some hope. The lead doctor told me of a drug that is cheap and easy to get that would make me feel better. He scribbled some barely legible instructions on his business card and finished throwing me out.

    I got home with a positive outlook on this situation, feeling good that what I have is “treatable.” I did a little research on Paxil, and I was alarmed. I found much more negative than positive about this drug. The laundry list of side effects while on it, and the nightmarish issues people suffer from due to withdrawal, their struggle to get off this addictive medication. I saw stories of suicide, instances of extreme rage, hellish nightmares, and people praying they could be like they used to be before taking paxil. People with depression asking for their previous life back..that is saying something.

    This whole experience is why I have always been and always will be skeptical of “getting help” because I just saw it as throwing an individual into a certain class of people, pumping them full of drugs, asking them uncomfortable personal questions, all the while doing nothing to improve the quality of living. Everyone falls into a certain criteria supposedly. I honestly believe these doctors are no better than crew workers at McDonalds. They half ass their way through their work like anybody else and I think that medicine is more of a business than about helping people get is all about money. The way I see it, getting on medication would only add on to my list of problems..I do not need addiction and withdrawal in addition to my other issues. These medications, the way I see it, people struggling with mental issues are highly oppressed and the medications these doctors prescribe are nothing more than shackles to lock up the unwanted minds of today’s society.

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences with paxil and for giving me the truth..I wonder if that doctor that told me to get on this stuff was aware of half of the bad things this drug is capable of? Ahh what the hell did he care anyways, I am just a statistic in his eyes any how.

  47. Trey Maguire Says:

    Hello everyone.

    Has anyone else had this effect from Seroxat? I am a 32 year old father of 3. Lately things in my life went bad while I was on a social work placement. I was accused of being ‘manic’ and I was feeling depressed. I actually had just stopped taking Seroxat because I was recovering from the flu and had been experiencing extreme leg pain. Stabbing pains that nearly made me crash my car.

    Anyway that is not my main point. My main point is that since crappy things happened I went back onto the drug and took it for about two weeks solid. Yet again I noticed that old friend, waking up in the morning with a feeling of absence in the bed with me. My wife was there and my horny too, like any normal guy but I had a headache. And if I tried to play with my little friend I got headache pains that replaced any feeling of enjoyment. So I decided to ditch the drugs.

    Well here we are a few days later and I’ve savaged my wife yet again, shouting at her. I’ve chased after my wife swearing and shouting, and I’ve behaved like an unreasoning dick. I have a headache, and I feel scared half of the time. When I wake up in the morning I feel pissed off when the events I am living through at the moment flood into my head. I was enjoying being Doctor Who in my sleep last night, and woke up without a Tardis and without a job. I don’t know how to feel, I just feel useless and scared most of the time. Like I’m too old to be going through this shit. I should be better than this…

    I won’t go back on Seroxat, but my Doctor says I need it. I say its withdrawal and I’m therefore acting worse than I would otherwise. Plus I hate the idea of ending up dickless again, because when I can’t even have sex with my wife to cheer myself up there is a problem.

    Anyone else had this sort of experience?

    • joe m Says:

      Trey, they put me on paxil about 2002 and it seemed to not work for me, side aftects.
      so they keep uping my dose started at 25 mg, well i was up to 75mg and was going nuts.
      i quit cold turkey! hell bbecame my life and long story short i am now homeless, i have lost
      everthing,and still cant find help!
      its like a lie,had a great job,kids a nice house, all gone,im dumb as a box of rocks.
      and all the things other have said are so true, be carfull i no it was the paxil but you wont
      find a dr. to say it is! its been about 6 yrs now being off abd still get some zaps time to time.
      best of luck and agian be carfull.
      oh pal i hate to tell you this i havnt had sex for over 8 or so yrs! i’m 56 and getting tired of it!
      GlaxoSmithKline is a monster and i hope to you all a beter life then me!

  48. sue Says:

    I have taken Paxil for 10 yrs. While taking it, I have never had another panic attack but my depression has returned on and off during this time. I to, have attempted to stop taking this med-cold turkey the 1st time, and tapering the med several times since. My friends and family told me to never try discontinueing again because I was a totally different person without it. It just does not work to try and get off it. It is definitely gonna be Paxil for life for me. I wonder sometimes, if I couldn’t get the med for some reason-I would die. The side effects of not having it is nasty. My hands feel like there swelling up and deflating like one of the cartoon characters Ive seen on tv, headache, anxiety, stomache ache, and definitely crying, mood swings. And yes, the doctors really believe this med is not addictive, I have seen the MD stop this med completely and/or start another antidepressant for their patient. If I was the patient, I think it could kill me without it. And it does not help-telling the doc about our experience with it, they dont believe it.

    • admin Says:

      Problem is Sue, that the Paxil may well stop working for you one day… anyway, as long as you believe it’s good for you and working then that’s all that matters.

      I thought that once.

  49. sue Says:

    hey joe-man, get back on the Paxil and get your life back man. sooooooooo sorry!!!

  50. Rick Says:

    Easier to quit smoking than to quit Paxil.

  51. Sharon Says:

    I weaned off officially 3 days ago – felt good throughout, but yesterday and today the electric zaps are so bad as is this feeling of being delayed – kind of like when someone is talking on the television and their lips don’t match up with their words – it’s literally making me nauseaus – called my doctor who said to go back to the lowest does for a bit and then wean again – someone else said that it is normal to have withdrawal symptoms for weeks after – I quit smoking after 22 years and yes it was easier – btw it’s very common to put you on something else why you’re weaning off Paxil – from what I understand Paxil is the worst of all the drugs which is why I’m determined to get off even if I have to go on something else.

    • monica Says:

      Hi Sharon, I just read your post and what you’re going through at the moment. I had a lot of side effects for a while and was even tempted to go back on this hideous poison. That is exactly how I viewed it, poison! II truly believe if you can try and bear the symtoms without masking them with another drug, it will be worth it in the end. I know it’s unbearable at times and very frightening. It sometimes feels like you’ll always get zaps and other weird stuff randomly happening. It took several months of struggling and gritted teeth and determination not to let it control me and now I’m fully recovered. Obviously, whatever you decide to do, please get guidance from your Doctor as I’m not medically trained to advise you, I can only tell you my story on here and hope it gives you the strength and confidence to carry on keeping off it and allow your body to adjust in its own time. The very best of luck and best wishes to you.

      • Rob Says:

        Monica…thanks for being around to talk about this. I went on Paxil 10 mg ,raised it a bit to 15, back to 10 mg. it bothered my stomach a lot after a while …so after 3or 4 months I started tapering down to 5 mg then nothing. I’ve felt pretty bad for 3 weeks. Can’t focus , think..get dizzy and dizzy rushes. Been irritable ,cranky and everything is a struggle to do..tired almost always. Sleep ok wake up and could go right back to bed.
        So I took Pax for 3-4 months stopped and have been fairly miserable ever since…and I have so much to do w work ,life ,business , everything. Almost too messed up to type this …hoping the withdrawal pain fr Paxil will go away but so far still here. I guess I should keep waiting? What about Valium or reefer to help…I wasn’t on it that long. I’m a little scared and confused.

  52. Rachele Says:

    Ive been on Paxil for apprx. 13yrs. It did wonders for my terrible OCD & Anxiety Attacks! But little for my Major Depression. There have been several times that for whatever reasons I had been without my Paxil for short periods of time. And by the 3rd day I started having withdrawl symptoms, or more like a living nightmare!!! Severe electrical shocks about every ten minutes, Non Stop terrifying Anxiety Attacks, uncontrolabl Mood Swings where I couldnt stop crying. At bed time, just as I was to dooze off to sleep, my throat would close up, where I couldnt breatte,& as if I was being sufficated to death!!! Terrifying to say the least!!

  53. Tillie Says:

    I was given paxil when suffering abuse from a voilent partner. At first it helped but over the years has caused me to make bad decisions and have acidents due to unsteadiness. I have taken it for 16 years but have been reducing to for approx. 4 years. From 30mg to 5mg a day. This current dose of 5mg has been 5 weeks. I have good days and anxious days. The mornings are the worst I take exercise, vitamin b6 and omega 3, primrose oil and multivits. I am determined to be paxil free but feel I need to stabelise before I reduce my dose further. I am very pleased to have found you site and have found it very helpful.

  54. Eric Says:

    I hate this drug. My sex life has been completely ruined, I can ‘t stop taking or I get so dizzy I can’t function. How dare these pharmaceutical companies do this to people and make doctors peddle this shit! Live a healthy life, appreciate all the little joys life has to offer and stay away from this stuff.

    • monica Says:

      Wise words Eric, thanks for your input. I hope for all of our sakes that our comments are read and help those who have and are still suffering with this poison!
      Shame on those who promote this substance….

  55. Barbara Bethke Says:

    went on paxil when my son was deployed to Iraq. I was working so hard, my husband dealing with a brain tumor and thought I was depressed. The worse I felt, the higher the dose I took , thinking it was just the stress of my life. When I could no longer walk straight and had blackouts, even while driving (which cost me a DUI), I decided it was time to come off it. The withdrawl was pure hell and I was hospitalized, accused of being a drunk and ended up going back on it and weaning slowly but never really recovered. I never had but now suffer panic attacks daily, severe headaches, unfounded fears and severe other symptoms. Now I can’t really do anything, afraid to leave my home, answer my phone, even get out of bed except to the bathroom and that is not to shower, it takes me weeks to talk myself into showering. I was on it for maybe 2 years and now have been off for 4 years and the symptoms seem to get worse and not better. While diagnosed with seritonin reuptake withdrawl syndrome, there really isn’t any help or answers. I feel like I breath but don’t live. My head hurts all the time, I sometimes can’t sleep for days, I am mean and impulsive. I need help but there is none. Doctors now say I have a mental illness, which I’m certain I do but never had any problems prior to age 40 and paxil. I don’t know how long it will last or if it will ever end and I’m thankful I found this forum because noone seems to know what to do with me so I am pretty much isolated from the rest of the world.

  56. missmissa Says:

    I was prescribed paxil when my daughter was just over a year. I turned into a zombie and the panic attacks got worse at first but the anxiety attacks stayed worse while on it. The drug caused me to have stomach problems (and I still have them) thyroid problems and I was a zombie. At some point during my 18 months on paxil my doseage was doubled without my knowledge. When I finally quit cold turkey I had 2 weeks of hell with the electric shocks in my body and the crying and the nausea. My family was not supportive I was told I was overreacting. I also believe that paxil exacerbated my gallbladder (which formed a stone so large it got stuck just below the bile duct) causing it to be removed 11 days after my first gallbladder attack. I find I am still not able to cry really and that no one understands how just a bit of happiness after 2 years being able to feel nothing but apathy and anger can feel like the world to you. I’m also wondering if my insomnia that I have had for over a year is related to paxil even after 18 months off of it. I don’t think breakups cause insomnia this long. If anyone knows of how to make anyone acknowledge this IN ADDITION TO the birth defects issue please do.

    • Barb Bethke Says:

      I wish I could tell you things get better but for me they have not. I too have been having gall
      bladder attacks. Most doctors think I’m crazy or a drug addict which could not be farther from
      the truth. I do not know how to make the public and physicians acknowledge and treat those
      of us who suffer for years and maybe even life. We are up against the pharmacuticals and the
      money and lobbying they can afford while many of us can’t even work let alone pay the
      mounting medical bills. If anyone has any idea, I am all in

  57. jennifer Says:

    I been taking Paxil for about 3 months. And I stopped taking them about 2 weeks ago for the last week I been having really bad nausea and dizziness? I don’t want to take it anymore because it don’t seem to be helping me Idk what to do…

  58. Jeff Says:

    I had taken paxil for 2 years and have quit. The first month I experienced brain zap feelings, sore eyes, headaches, fatigue and but worst of all was the nausea. Now 2 months after I took my last pill I still have nausea after meals but most of the other symptoms have subsided. If I could do it over again i wouldn’t take it. I feel doctors are to quick to proscribe drugs to fix a problem. While on medication the individual should work on coping skills and try other forms of therapy to ensure a successful life without drugs. Luckily i was able to stop my life for a month to beat the withdrawal effects and i wish everyone luck who is in the same situation.

  59. Vicky Says:

    Paroxatine Withdrawal
    10 days ago in the midst of my withdrawal I started reading some of the posts for some reassurance. I was left feeling very disheartened and alone. I found loads of posts from people in the midst of their withdrawal but no one writing about coming out the other end. How long does it take? How does it feel? Will I feel this way forever?
    I wanted to share my story for anyone who is going through a similar experience or about to endeavour upon a similar journey. There IS light at the end of the tunnel , I am sure of it!

    I decided to diarize my withdrawal. The description I hope will reassure anyone with similar symptoms and document how long it takes. I also want you to know what however bad it gets that it will not last – It will get better! This is my day-by-day diary report

    My relationship with Paroxatine:
    I am a 33 year old female living in West London. For various reasons, I have had a turbulent past of depression, anxiety and panic disorder. Taking Paroxatine DID transform my life for the better. I felt ‘normal’ for the first time and able to lead a life without planning everywhere I went for fear of a Panic Attack. I can honestly say that without Paroxatine I do not believe I would be where I am today; newly married and happy.
    So why not stay on Paroxatine?
    My Husband and I would like to start a family. However following a trip to America I saw adverts inviting people to claim compensation for heart and other defects in babies by mothers who had taken paxil (paroxatine) during pregnancy. (No one had ever warned me but I would like to think my doctor would have mentioned this at some point!!!)

    My Paroxatine History:
    Pre-2004 – Took peroxatine for one month in 2001 and two months in 2003.
    October 2004 – April 2008 – 20mg daily
    April 2008 – upped to 30mg daily following five weeks in a clinic with anxiety and depression.

    Having experienced withdrawal symptoms in the past, I went to see a psychiatrist* to talked about a weaning programme. I was advised to drop in small steps and to be patient and listen to my body; if I felt I was not coping, to jump back a step for another week then try again. As it turns out 4 week intervals seemed to suit me. The psychiatrist stated that the last part was often the hardest; ‘Cold Turkey’ – I was told these symptoms would persist for 5-7 days.
    *I saw a psychiatrist as my Doctor suggested I could come off in 6 weeks – I knew from previous experience that this was probably too quick.

    The programme I took*:
    August 20th 2012 – September 16th 2012 – 30mg every other day (4 weeks)
    September 17th 2012 – October 14th 2012- 20mg daily (4 weeks)
    October 15th 2012 – November 11th 2012- 20mg every other day (4 weeks)
    November 12th 2012 – December 9th 2012- Half a 20mg daily (4 weeks)
    December 10th 2012 – December 25th 2012- Half a 20mg every other day (2 weeks)
    December 25th 2012 – Last (half) Tablet taken
    *This seemed right for me, but for others, weaning may take longer. Some people never experience any symptoms at all.

    Cold Turkey Diary entries:
    DAY 0:
    December 25th – I took my last tablet on Christmas Day 2012. The Christmas break has meant I do not have to go back to work until the 2nd January, any withdrawal symptoms can we worked out in the safely of my home. 5-7 days – lets hope so!
    DAY 1:
    December 26th – Felt fine – as if an alternate day. Nothing to report.
    DAY 2:
    December 27th –
    Morning: Woke up feeling dizzy but could carry on even though I felt very agitated and angry for no reason. I cleaned the kitchen, changed the bed and sorted out paperwork.
    Afternoon: The nausea and electric shocks did not kick-in until the afternoon. I spent all day in my flat. Evening: I just sat and watched television.
    My appetite was normal even with the nausea and my mood good although getting a little cabin fever.
    DAY 3:
    December 28th –
    Morning: Woke up feeling dizzy, nauseas, electric shocks and agitated. A friend popped in unexpectedly and could not cope. I was starting to get waves of hot flushes and felt very angry inside. I really hope she did not notice but think she did. I felt very tired so went for a sleep mid-morning. I had a very strange dream and when I wanted to wake from it I couldn’t, like a kind of sleep paralysis. Scared about going to sleep tonight. My Husband was in the flat and being very supportive but a feeling that has engulfed me that I had not banked on was this overwhelming sense that I was alone. It’s a feeling I have not felt for a long while, a complete black cloud of despair and numbing depression. Without demeaning other illnesses, it feels like a type of ‘locked in syndrome’, the world is going on around me but I cannot connect with it.
    Afternoon: I forced myself to get out of the flat and went for lunch in a quiet corner of a nearby brasserie. I think it did me good as for about 10 minutes I felt normal again, then the feeling return. I am very hot, like flushes running through my body. I walk home in the cold with just a vest top as I am burning up!
    Evening: Started to panic towards the evening, the feeling of despair is overwhelming– what if this is how I really am? What if this feeling does not go away? My appetite was normal, very thirsty but cannot stomach anything milky – even my beloved cups of tea. My nurse friend called out of the blue and advised I try to get hold of my doctor for Stemitil (a drug I had been given before to treat dizziness on a previous withdrawal) – Managed to get a prescription. Getting very emotional towards bed time and just want to cry.
    DAY 4:
    December 29th –
    Morning: I slept fine, vivid dreams but nothing strange. I lay in bed for 10 minutes and felt fine… Then I got up and cried. Upset stomach, dizzyness, nauseas, electric shocks and agitated – The feeling of depair has returned. I am now starting to wonder if this will ever end and it’s only been 3 days of this. I am tearful all morning and feel very alone and scared. The twitchy agitated feeling has not left me.
    My landlord texts me and wants to pop in with some keys. I say that 4pm is a good time – I remember looking at my text thinking 4pm was at least 5 hours away, each hour being an hour I have to endure. I decide to try and contact my psychiatrist to ask about the stemitil as I subsequently discovered it ALSO has withdrawal symtoms. He advised that 5mg is a very low dose and is fine to use short term.
    Afternoon: I start talking stemitil at 1pm. Need to leave the house as I am craving fresh air, drive to a quiet country pub, leaving the house feels weird – no appetite – just want to drink coca cola! Sugary goodness seems to make me feel better!  Return to flat – My mood is lighter, the black dog is not weighing my down and feel like the numb feeling is lifting. If yesterday and this morning was a 10, I am now a 4. I am in there somewhere!
    Evening: Started to panic towards bedtime about going to sleep. I am like a small child who does not want to go to bed but it overtired. My Husband is being wonderful although I wonder deep down if he really understand as he has never been through this.
    DAY 5:
    December 30th –
    Morning: I slept fine. Wake up feeling a bit dizzy with an upset stomach but my mood compared to 28th December is far better. Had a little cry in the morning (seems to be the norm at the moment). The Stemitil seems to have taken the edge of the dizziness, I am wondering if it’s also a mood enhancer as I started feeling better within hours of taking it. Conscience?
    Afternoon: It has occurred to me that keeping busy and getting out of the house is good so we embark on a 5 mile walk to Kew and then proceeded to walk around the Gardens. I have slight waved of dizziness, no appetite for lunch but I feel good, I feel connected again.
    Evening: Its getting dark so we grab a bite to eat in Kew village (I don’t normally eat out three days in a row… these are exceptional circumstances!) My appetite has returned – probably from all that walking – but refrain from drinking any alcohol as I am frightening of upsetting the balance. Get the tube home. I am not afraid of sleeping. If yesterday morning was a 10, I am now a 3.
    DAY 6:
    December 31th –
    Morning: New Years Eve. The Plan: KEEP BUSY! My husband is working today so I take myself to Westfield shopping centre.
    Afternoon: We have friends staying tonight, planning ages ago and due to feeling better I decide not to cancel. Matt arrives early… 4pm, was not expecting anyone until 6-7pm, this throws me. Pre-withdrawal I would like to think I am quiet laid back about this sort of thing but notice that I am feeling aggravated and annoyed quite quickly.
    Evening: Other friends arrive and everyone has a glass of champagne – except me! I am too scared alcohol might rock the boat.. a tee total new year! I really don’t might… I will do anything I have to not to go back to Day 3 and 4! Go to the pub for the evening to get out of the flat… Its the first time I have been around other people and I am not feeling quite myself but not sure if this is because everyone else around me is drinking and I am not. Overall a good day. If yesterday was a 3, I am still as 3.
    DAY 7,8,9,10,11,12:
    January 1st – January 6th
    I won’t bore you with minute by minute details as the last six days have been good, I still get the waves of dizziness and anxiety but it’s important to note, these are NOTHING compared to days 3 and 4. A little OCD is creeping in, but I am sure this is related. Went back to work on 2nd, before I returned, I wrote an email to my boss explaining (in medical, not emotional terms) what I was going through. My boss has a big hugs kind of person but I am really glad I did as it has given me the confidence that should need to, I have a reason to leave the office early. I am still on Stemitil, although a little worried as my course runs out on Wednesday, the same day as my husband is going away with work for five days. I am going to book an appointment with my Doctor for Thursday as a failsafe.
    I have recently confided in a few close friends so feel that I have a good support network… If this is now I feel for the next week or so, this is wholly manageable… and of course I will keep myself busy.

  60. Gertie Says:

    Does your site have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an e-mail.
    I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

    • Barb Says:

      I am happy that you are able to deal with this. I have suffered since 2002 but have been totally disabled since 2008 and my symptoms have not subsided, if fact, I no longer can leave my home. Most physicians in the U.S. do not even believe the syndrome is real

  61. Adrian Says:

    Thanks for your great site, it is an inspiration for those of us that have been on paxil for many years.

  62. Rosie Says:

    I’ve been on it for 18 months for depression and anxiety. It is truely amazing for anxiety, having almost ‘cured’ the form of OCD I didn’t realize I had: Pure O. I have shifted countries and my health insurance isn’t confirmed yet so I have had to go cold turkey on the Paxil. I was taking 20mg a day and stopped 5 days ago. The brain zaps haven’t got me, thank God, but I have been extremely lethargic and yesterday I was struck with severe and ongoing nausea, which led to a few hours of vomiting. Taking a 10mg dose cleared the vomiting and nausea within six hours.

    I want to come off the drug because I have gained 15kg since starting it, yet the withdrawals are so severe they interfere with my ability to live a normal life. I can’t believe this wasn’t told to me when I agreed to start it.

  63. Tanya C Says:

    When I was first prescribed paxil in 2001 the doctor gave no warning what so ever and neither did the pharmacist or the side effect sheet that paxil had any withdrawal (“discontinuation”) side effects. I’ve been on paxil for 11 years now and after trying everything under the sun to get off of it I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I will be on it for the rest of my life… I start getting withdrawal symptoms.. The brain zaps, I call them.. About 19 hours after my dose. (40mg). If I knew then what I know now I would have never even considered taking this nightmare of a drug.

    As for Paxil not being addictive… IT IS highly addictive, I am a recovering addict.. I’ve been clean from morphine, crystal meth, and crack cocaine for 7 years now, but can’t get off paxil..?? When I don’t have my next days dose of paxil and I know I can’t get it cause my doctor is away, I panic (just like a junky for his next fix) because I know I’m going to be sick as hell.. I can’t even move my eyes or I get this powerful electric shock through my head and body and extreme dizziness and disorientation, and that’s just the beginning of the withdrawal.. if that’s not addiction then I don’t know what is.

    Frustrated beyond words!

    • Gail Says:

      Hello Tanya. I was on Paxil for 10 years. I tried many times to get off but could not handle the side effects. Finally, I tried the smallest baby step reduction that you can imagine. I took 6 normal doses a week and one dose that was 3/4 of a dose. Then I did this again for another week. Next I took 5 normal doses per week with 2 doses spaced evenly that were 3/4 of a dose. I did this for 2 weeks. I continued this pattern and would slow ! it up if I felt I wasn’t able to handle it. This went on for many many months . I don’t even remember how many. But it worked. I have been off of Paxil for almost 10 years now. And happy. I hope you can find a dosage reducing plan that works for you.

    • Dave Behm Says:

      You and I have a lot in common Tanya.I went on Paxil in 1997 and stayed on it for 15 years.40mg/day and at times increased to 50.I tried many times to quit it-usually cold turkey.I’d last maybe a week and thats all.The dreams and electric shocks.On one occasion I swear I was having a seizure.I don’t get seizures ! Finally in May 2012 I stopped – cold turkey. I just quit Methadone,and the drugs you mentioned also 2 months before – also cold turkey.Methadone was bad,took about 45 days to finally get rest but the Paxil…That went on for at least 8 months.Moody,crying,spinning,dizzy,brain zaps,horrific dreams,tired all the time,social anxiety,just plain insanity ! Today is July 30th,2013 and rarely do I get these symptoms,but every once in a while it still shows.Only once in a while when I shift my eyes.

      I began wondering if there’s permanent damage done to my brain because it makes changes to the way neurons fire in the brain.It is possible to get off it,but you gotta be stubborn ( and if you quit what you did then I assume you can be ) It will be the fight of your life.If I had to do it again,knowing what I know today,I wouldn’t even think of it.It was by far my worst experience -EVER !!

  64. Alice A Says:

    I started taking Paxil six years ago. My mom was diagnosed with bone cancer, and I was having a hard time dealing with it. Someone suggested I take Paxil, and I am so sorry to say I followed that advice. One year ago I stopped taking Paxil cold turkey. Immediately my blood pressure rose. I had never had high blood pressure in my life before this. It is still high one year later. Recently I experienced shortness of breath and even dizziness one time. This had never happened to me before. I would advice everyone to stay away from this dangerous medication.


  65. Susan White Says:

    Who would have guessed that 18 years ago when I first started taking paxil (then later paroxetine – it cheap generic) that I would still be taking it today at age 65. I have just retired from teaching and am looking forward to lots of interesting volunteer opportunities and fun with my husband (biking, hiking, and yes, lots of that too). Went to the doctor for an annual and told her I wanted to try again to go off paroxetine. She said she’d fax in my usual prescription (40mg) but that I should back off slowly – over 2 to 3 weeks….. Well, I got busy and forgot to pick up my prescription. My first day without the “p” was fine, as was the second and third. Wow, how could that be. Maybe something was happening that I didn’t need p anymore. Do 4 was nothing short of wonderful. I spent the day with family, which included lots of grandkids, and felt like I was on a high on my way home. I can’t tell you that I have ever felt that high before. I was wonderful beyond words. Why was I so lucky to go off p and have no side effects like before. Day 5: It was horrible. All of the usual side effects doubled and tripled their attack on me. I had diarehea, dizzy beyond words, couldn’t turn my head for fear of falling or fainting, and was very depressed. How could this have happened like this. One day high and the next day wondering how I could just end it all. My doctor’s office is closed on Monday so I had to wait. On Tuesday, day 6, after experiencing an unusual dream (I will not define my “unusual” in a public arena) I began wondering if going off p was just a matter of putting up with these horrible symptoms for a few days – that somehow the worst was over and I should just tough it out. I made it 8 days. I felt like a zombie and my suicidal thoughts were sitting there, on top, coaxing me. I gave in and took 40mg paroxetine. Day 9: I’m not totally better but I know I will be in a day or two (fingers crossed). BUT I WILL NOT GIVE UP. I WILL NEVER TRY COLD TURKEY AGAIN. NEVER. BUT I WILL SIT DOWN AND MAKE A SCHEDULE OF WITHDRAWAL FOR MYSELF – TO HELL WITH THE DOCTORS. I WILL MAKE A SCHEDULE BASED ON THE WORDS OF HOPE I’VE READ ON THIS WEBSITE. I’VE DECIDED ON AN 18 MONTH JOURNEY. A VERY VERY SLOW AND METHODICAL JOURNEY AND I W I L L MAKE IT…………………………………………………..

    • admin Says:

      Take it slow.

      Never more than a 10% reduction of whatever your current dose is. Use the liquid and don’t let a time limit put pressure on you – even 18 months!

      Your story sounds like mine – and what you’ve decided to do sounds like me as well.

      I think you should keep your doctor informed about your plan and what you’re doing. And talk to your husband – you’ll need his support and understanding – maybe he should read some of the stories here…?

      All the very best, Susan – stay in touch.

  66. Kaia Says:

    Hello admin –

    I have enjoyed your helpful comments throughout this webpage. I have one question, though. If one takes your 10% reduction of your current dose recommendation literally, one would never get off Paxil. Ever. Each dose would be 90% of the last, ad nauseum, subtracting tenth of mgs, and then hundredths, etc. At some point, you have to make a minimum jump of some kind. I noticed earlier you suggested that going from 2.5mg to 0 mg was too high. What would be your minimum dosage adjustment? 0.5 mg? 1 mg?

    I’m asking because I’ve been taking Paxil for 12 years, recently increasing my dosage from 25 mg to 75(!) mg because I didn’t get a $2300 sleep study to diagnose my sleep apnea, and the apnea symptoms looked a lot like depression/anxiety+snoring. I took the plunge on the sleep study and am now treating it with CPAP. Now I’d like to cut back or eliminate the Paxil.

    Thanks for the advice!

    • admin Says:

      You’re right – the 10% rule just makes you reduce really slowly and hopefully very gently.

      I ended up on a half ml in a little syringe before I plucked up the courage to stop altogether. I really can’t recall, but I would imagine I went from 1ml to 3/4 to a half… it was a matter of trial and error, so those last steps would have been more than 10%.

      75mg is an awful high dose, I must say and as you reduce your sleep will suffer with such strong dreams and I had terrible night sweats as well.

      The other important thing I’d say is that after each reduction take as long as you need to feel ‘OK’ again, then think about the next reduction. It sounds really hippy, but listen to your mind and body!!

      And make sure everyone close knows what you’re doing and tell them each time you’re reducing – you may need their understanding and support.

      Thanks for your kind comments and good luck with whatever you decide to do.

      • Kaia Says:

        I’ve been down to 62.5mg paxil for 4 weeks now, with no withdrawal effects so far (woo hoo! hoping for continued good luck). With the cooperation of my psychiatrist, I took a break tapering the paxil and got rid of the buspirone (15mgx2/day). That was done quickly – 7.5mgx2/day for 1 week, and then gone. So far so good. I’ve been using my Zeo sleep monitor to check up on what’s going on with my sleep since my sleep study showed i was getting NO REM sleep and NO deep sleep. My REM sleep came back as soon as I got on the CPAP for the apnea (even with all that Paxil). But the deep sleep didn’t come back until I got rid of the buspirone. In fact, the first night of no buspirone, I had 2 hours of deep sleep. Must be trying to make up for lost time… I’m really glad to be getting rid of these medicines.

      • Kaia Says:

        Oh, and I’ve been taking magnesium supplements as suggested by George Eby on his website, to increase my body’s ability to make its own mood-stabilizing chemicals. Had some side-effects, but fixed them with taurine and probiotics as Eby suggests. Good website for those wanting to prepare their bodies for paxil withdrawal!

  67. rj Says:

    I have been on and off paxil since it was prescribed to me the first time at 12 yrs. tried lexepro once and was up for 3 days straight. I have been on paxil recently for a yr. I have never felt so crazy in my life. One of the reasons I had stopped was because for a very long time I have been having stomach problems. They got progressively worse to the point I would cry. I was diagnosed with an ulcer and gastritous and was put on pioxotin. when they took my dose of it down my stomach pain day returned. I had stopped my paxil as i hadnt been eating or drinking much. bewteen the pain in my stomach, and all of the side effects of the paxil withdrawl, I found myself in the clinic office crying to the doctor that i didnt know what was wrong but i was in so much pain and feeling very very anxious and unstable. when she found out I had stopped the paxil she said it expained the emotions. that i was having seratonin withdrawls. I was prescibed another medication but was to scared to start it after I learned how horrible the paxil had been.
    I think I am 3 weeks cold turkey now. My wonderful boyfriend convinced my to try some herbal suppliments that he had heard about on a Joe rogan podcast, A man was on who had been fed up with all of his antidepressants and anxiety meds he was on and looked for a natural solution.
    I am taking 5-htp and B anti-stress suppliment. I got them at the whole foods store. been taking for a week and they are working!! 5-htp helps you produce seratonin naturally. and these are fast acting, timed release and vegan! I still feel underlying anxiety come evening but when I take my second dose for the day (as it says on the bottle), I find that i can manage through it with something posotive to do or a quick distraction. I dont fear bedtime this week! I am still struggling with some random dizzines, nausea, virtigo. my muscle spasms are not happening anymore though. I will also say that stativa marijuana products do work to help any pain, nausea, muscle problems that i have had. You can get marujuana products withouth the THC and only has CbCs which means you get all the medicinal affects without any of the physoactive effects. Anyone suffering from high anxiety should not use Indica strains of marijuana as it can make your anxiety feel much worse as it will relax your body but not your mind.
    I hope to keep moving forward and I hope that maybe these natural vitamins can help someone else as they have done for me

  68. ki Says:

    I’ve been on paroxetine hcl 10 mg for about 8 years. Over the last 4 years whenever I am out in the sun a lot I break out in hives, small blister rash. My dr. suggested I stop medication to see if that’s the cause. If not he will do blood work to look for other causes. I started tapering off two weeks ago. I haven’t taken medication for 2 days now and I’m experiencing dizziness, weird dreams, and today stomach issues. Didn’t realize stomach issues was a side effect until I read all of these comments. Now I think I need to take another pill, maybe 5 mg for two more weeks and then stop. I was told when I started taking this medication that it wasn’t addictive. It has helped me with PMS mood swings and anxiety. After reading all of these comments, once I get off these pills I don’t think I will take them again. Any suggestions or comments would be great. thanks

    • Barb Says:

      Good Luck ki. I’ve suffered for years after the withdrawl nightmare. This doesn’t appear to be the case for everyone so I’ll pray for you.

  69. Jen Says:

    If you are not super depressed, don’t take this medicine!!! I work in a pharmacy and I see so many people on SSRIs so I figured there must be something to them. I am also a divorced mom with a lot of stress who has been feeling a little run-down lately, so I talked to my dr. who prescribed Paxil. I only took 20 mg. for about 3 months. I didn’t see a big difference so I decided to wean myself off because I didn’t like the side effects (I have already gained 5 lbs, for instance).

    Getting off this drug is horrible!!!! I don’t have the emotional problems many have discussed, but I am incredibly dizzy, my hips hurt, I can’t sleep, it’s just the worst. I know it’s the medicine because I have never had any of these problems before and am otherwise totally healthy.

    I just felt compelled to post something in case some poor person is googling “paxil withdrawal” like I was so they can hear yet another first-hand account. At least try a different drug if you ever plan to get off of this medicine. I refuse to start it back up so I guess I am in for months of hell!

    • Rob Says:

      I’m going thru the same nightmare as u …waiting to feel normal …wondering how long it will take…did the Paxil 10 mg for 3-4 mos. it bothered my stomach so I went to 5 mg for a week or so then kinda just stopped Have felt terrible for 3 weeks and didnt understand what was going on til I googled it and started reading about all the peeps having same problem …the story is actually more involved but this is the gist of it…had no idea stopping Paxil would make me feel so bad…confused, scared wondering what to do. Having trouble even making the apptmt to see Dr who prescribed this and let him know what’s going on

  70. Irene Says:

    I cannot thanks enough to you all for share your experience. finally find a place where I feel not alone. Reading your post make me going from a feeling of hope, sadness ,sometimes laughs because I think we are screwed! (not really …we have hope ,are we.?) I started paxil a year a half ago, after a couple months a give birth my second child. I was diagnosed with post partum depression , having those awful sad thoughts wanting to end everything. Now after almost two years I want to stop, trying a couple months ago with the schedule from the doctor from 40 mg two weeks and reduce to 20mg and 10 mg ….after 6 weeks I was fine for a week and then started with the syntoms that everyone here describe . The brain zaps , I feel deaf from the sound buzzing in my ears, feel flu like and ended on the sofa could not talk. Anyway back to the pills only 20 ml wait on that for 3 months like my doctor suggested and started over again. Now I am on my 6 week taking 10ml every other day…for a week, and even taking the med like that I started the symptoms. I had a meltdown , crying “…noo !
    My husband want me to leave home for a week and finish with this alone. Hahaha! I only can laugh of my feeling like shit, useless, guilty for not be a good mom and not feeling alive.
    So…question should reduce to 5ml from this 10ml that I have been taking for 4weeks already? I know my doctor will say continuum with every other day or back to 10 ml everyday . Hummm…what should I do for next step until jump on the stop complete ???
    Anyway…thank you so much for share and support each others. Please update how you all have been lately, hopefully more good news about getting better.

  71. Jen Says:

    Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. I was looking for information about Paxil as my Mom has been using it for probably 10 years. She has been going through a step down process for many months. She doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I understand that this will take a long time. I don’t know how to help her. I’m trying to be patient. She is crying all the time…or she’s mad. She talks about giving up on life and that she can’t take it anymore. It is very scary to she her like this. It seems nothing I say is right but I don’t want ignore her. I don’t want her to feel more alone but she pushing me away and it very hard to be nice to someone who is being so mean. Can you offer me any advise on how I might be able to help her? Things I can say or do? Do you have people in your life that are helping you through this? What do they say or do that has made you feel better, even for a few minutes?

  72. asad Says:

    hi everyone, i am asad and i am taking paroxetine 20 mg daily,, can any one please guide me how to very very properly reduce the drug to the zero,,, i pray with tears for all of my brothers and sisters that may GOD the strongest the most beneficient bless you with greatest health with me,, please please any one guide me properly.. i have very severe problem also that i am from pakistan and here psychiatrists are not as efficient as your one,s. i will be waiting for your kind help,, u can email me…

  73. suzanne Says:

    Today is my 12th day of being off Paxil. The “ZAPS” in my brain are the most worrisome for me. How long can I expect these zaps to continue? I did wean off slowly over about 22 days before stopping Paxil altogether.

  74. brittany Says:

    I have only been on paxil for a month and a half I was up to 20mg a day before I quit cold turkey because of week long migraines, jaw clenching, and angry outbursts. I am on day 6 of no medication and Im still not myself. One second I feel empowered like I can do this and the next Im sobbing uncontrollably. I lash out on everybody around me, have horrible brain zaps, dizziness, confusion, itchiness all over my body, my head is shaky and sometimes my body will start shivering and shaking for no reason. The heart palpitations are awful as well as the headaches and vomitting. Can quitting cold turkey kill you? Because I feel like Im dying. Im scared and dont know what to do. I went on this for panic attacks and my psychiatrist said he would monitor me closely and take me off it if need be. I told him I didnt want to have bad withdrawals like all the other times I took antidepressants but here I am in the same situation again. I cant handle it anymore. How do I make these things go away? Please somebody help me.

    • admin Says:

      Cold turkey is never a good idea. How about going back on 20mgs and stabilising – then reduce SLOWLY using the liquid never more than 10% any drop and allowing time to stabilise between each drop – took me near on two years to stop from 20mgs… and talk to your Doc.
      Good luck

      • Karen Says:

        You and Gail give me hope for successful withdrawal from Paxil. I have taken 40 mg Paxil for 18 years and after starting this drug, I experienced immediate relief from bulimia (OCD), panic attacks, social anxiety, constant crying, and depression with no bad side effects. I had somewhat of an emotionally abusive childhood and two abusive marriages. Now after 18 years, I have constant ringing in my ears, high blood sugar after fasting, and high blood pressure. I’d like to rule Paxil out as a cause for these. Also, I just never feel like doing much of anything, so I must be mildly depressed. If I miss a few days of taking Paxil, I go thru vivid nightmares, night sweats, feeling of doom and despair, anxiety, and wanting to binge and purge. I have to run to the pharmacy and get my “fix.” The minute I start back on it, I feel immediate relief from these negative emotions. I am going to follow your advice and Gail’s for withdrawal. I’ve never taken liquid Paxil. I’ll tell the doctor what I’m planning. In the past, doctors ask me to decide based on how I feel on Paxil and how I feel off of it. Hands down I do feel better on it, but it can’t be healthy to feed my brain which is lacking in serotonin. Could be a genetic thing, as my father and his mother, my grandmother, suffered from depression. Wish me luck and thanks for your postings.


      • admin Says:

        Good luck Karen – it can be done – but take it slow if you decide to withdraw – REAL SLOW. Never withdraw more than 10% of your current dose and then take as long as it takes to stabilise between drops.

        I do wish you luck! but you’re stonger than you think – we all are!


      • suzanne Says:

        As an update to my post about 4 months ago. I am now on my 6th month since stopping Paxil cold turkey. A lot of my bad feelings have ended now. So, there is hope to get back to “normal” again!! Oh, and I only took the medicine for 4 MONTHS, so that is how powerful it is – took me over 6 months to get over something I only took for 4 months.

  75. Hana Says:

    i’ve taken paxil for 6 years for shyness and anxiety. In the beginning it was like a magic pill I’ve never felt this better before. but a year or two after, it pooped out on me and made everything worse. Instead of being only mildly shy that I used to be before taking this med, i became severely socially anxious. so now the pd told me to decrease from 40 to 20 for a week and then stop the next week. im scared of having withdrawal symptoms although he told me I won’t. What will happen after quitting? will I everrr be normal again?

  76. Rose Says:

    OMG!!!! I thought that only I had gone completely insane and the rest of the world was sane until I read the posts about the side affects of paxil and withdrawal symptoms.I told my first doctor that I felt “BRAIN DEAD” as I couldn’t sleep at all for many nights at a time; had memory loss and brain and body ZAPS ;felt like I wanted to pass out and felt like I was gonna die at any minute.That DUMB doctor just looked at me like he didn;t know what I was talking about.I ended up telling him off, and that was the END of that!! LOL After NUMEROUS trips to the emergency room ,I am now back on Paxil after trying unsuccessfully to quit cold turkey,wishing I could quit but knowing that is not going to happen any time soon.STILL getting brain zaps,mood swings and feeling like I wanna climb the walls.Different doctor,SAME BULL@#*%!! She doesn’t listen to a word I say when I try to describe the way I feel.Maybe SOME DAY I will be “NORMAL AGAIN”.

    • Hana Says:

      There is a method that can ease or diminish wd symptoms and that worked successfully for many. It is cross tapering. You take the longest half-life ssri med Prozac as well as Paxil and then lower gradually. Take a look at this website ….I haven’t tried it yet but will soon.

  77. Cecile Says:

    Ive been on Paxil for 18 years. Only stopped taking it during pregnacy to avoid any possible birth defects.
    Ive decided to quit this drug. Ive been having memory problems for some time now. Sometimes its soo bad that I feel like an airhead. I cannot remember simple pc entries I use on a daily basis or the code for my phone. My mind becomes a blank space.
    I believe that the pong term use of Paxil is to blame for this. I also believe it has altered my personality. I have no clue who I am. I want to be drug free and find out who I am and see how much damage this drug has done to me.
    A week ago I went down from 20 to 10mg, so far so good. Im taking it very slowly. Will prob stay on 10mg for another month and then try to decrease to 5mg.
    Hoping I wont get sick from withdrawal symptoms.

    • paulm Says:

      I wish you the best of luck. Please keep us informed. I too experience the memory loss… I also struggle to recall certain words. Its embarassing. I find it makes me tired and slow. I have gotten down to 10mg but when I try to get off completely the symptoms are brutal… I’ll try again.

  78. No name Says:

    My husband start to take Paxil 20 mg after the stroke. The doctor in hospital gave him without even telling what he is taking and not saying anything to his family!!!! After few months he forgot to take it for 3 days and had a big seizure. After few weeks he had reduced the dose to 10mg. Again after only 2 days of not taking he had another seizure. In the middle of time he moved to anti epilettic medicine. I’m wandering if he ever will be able to stop taking Paxil. I wish the doctor discussed with us side effects before to start the therapy.

  79. Eleanor Bishop Says:

    Have been on this poison for 2 2 years. was put on it for the menopause. The gp who prescribed this for me has long since retired and dead, I hope. am trying to get off it but none of what’s been prescribed seems to work. pissed off making appointments to see doc. starting to feel embarrassed. seeing him again tomorrow, 4th time in 4 weeks. I expect he’s pissed off as well. I hate the world and its MOTHER I’M 77 years of age, who the fuck needs this.

  80. Lisa knapp Says:

    I’ve been on paxil for a very long time, over 10 years, I’ve been on other antidepressants as well, p axil seems to work the best, but when I was trying to wing myself off of p axil, which I tried many times, it was horrible, so needless to say I will have to take paxil the rest of my life !!!!

  81. Bruce G Says:

    It’s NOT true that you can’t get off Paxil. I took it for 15+ years and I really needed it when I began & I never regretted the decision. The anxiety probably lasted almost ten years and was under control and life was good again. But my concentration was less (maybe age – mid 50’s, maybe not). I accidentally forgot to take the drug a few years ago while taking Vicodin after dental work but after 2 days the anxiety returned so I assumed it was a life commitment or taking tranquilizers as I had always done — what’s the difference, one or the other? I suspected the pain killer muted the withdrawal symptoms. But recently I decided it was time to try again after I was having periods of tiredness that made no sense. I tapered down 5mg per week and I’ve been off it for over a month now. I knew the withdrawal symptoms, basically not much for me – a shooting sensation seemingly of my brain trying to sedate I guess I’d say. But with the help of Clonapin to ease the sensations, I’m off the Paxil, I’m fine. Concentration is back to normal, I can multi-task as always, less sleep overall, no tired spells, even improved sexual performance which was OK with the drug, and even an unexplained slight rise in blood pressure for 2 yrs that came without notice is abating. That’s MY experience. To quit the drug is something that I think has to hit you. My body told me. Then I made up my mind and tried.

    • Hana Says:

      So you’re taking clonapin (I guess its called klonopin?) daily?

    • Greg Says:

      When it comes to the brain everyone is different. You were lucky (maybe), about 99% of people who take this drug are not. By the way swapping Paroxetine for Clonazepam is hardly a measure of success. Clonazepam withdrawal is a nightmare in it’s own right.

  82. Carol Says:

    The nausea associated with withdrawl is awful. Any suggestions. This lasts all day. But at its worst in the mornings

  83. Jess Says:

    I was prescribed this drug when I was 14 years old. I have now been on it for 18 years. I’ve tried to wean myself off of it by dropping down 5mg, but after 4 days of that I couldn’t take it. I’m pretty sure I need it for life. The really sad thing is my decision to not have children solely relies on the fact that I cannot stop taking this medication. What kind of idiot doctor prescribes these drugs to teens??

    • Paul Montague Says:

      I have been successful at getting down to 5mg / day and I think I can go all the way to 0mg. If you want to hear the plan, let me know… cheers. Paul

    • Hana Says:

      I tried to come off of it and I lost my mind. The things I’ve done while in WD (2 months off) were scary. The WD got even worse as days went by. I can’t believe you took it for 18 yrs. I was on it for only 6 yrs. quitted as I was turning into a zombie. Paxil f’d me. Big time. I’m on another med now. It seems like I”ll never be without one, even though my illness isn’t severe. Yes, doctors are f idiots. They don’t even know there’s something called prolonged WD syndrome. Long story.

      • Greg Says:

        They have no clue and a 4th year Pharmacy student told me that. They do Chem 1 at Uni. Pharmacists do Chem 4. It’s all about money. Screw the people.

  84. Znatix Says:

    Dude, paroxetine is a f**ing hell the withdrawal is hell. The sleeplessness, seizures, panic attacks, anxiety, agitation, mood swings, irritabilitily and weight gain.Those f***ing withdrawals are horrible everytime I go to sleep I always thinking about suicide and ending my life. Long story short, this medication should be not taken.

    • Hana Says:

      THIS IS SO FUCKING TRUE! I’ve experienced all the symptoms you’ve stated except for weight gain. The worst part is the symptoms didn’t go away or at least lessen. Instead, they got worse over time. I waited for 3 months until I couldn’t take it no more. I couldn’t work. Everything was put on hold. I’m now on another medication.

  85. Rachel Says:

    Why is this world just out for the money! How did we become such a society that money was so much better then ones life?

    Basically we are their lab rats and we all know that the pharmo- company’s are keeping tract of every paxil user, so they know who is it on paxil and for how long, when they go off paxil when it gets in creased. They will use the patients that stay on it the longest as there success stories. They will never discuss the people that have gone off the drug nor will they research why they went off cause they already know, it’s addictive and don’t want that information of all the issues during their with drawl to get documented in their studies of the human lab rats!!!

    I just read my local newspaper this week and read a story about a 70 year old lady that finale realized after the mixed cocktails of antidepressants was and did ruin her life for 30 plus years.

    I hBe been thinking thinking about getting off the paxili take and it scares me to death, the withdrawals I went through when forgetting to get my prescription over a weekend was so bad that I really did feel crazy.

    I have been loosing out on so many of my happy hobbies, I haven’t been able to get the drive to do the one thing that use to me so my h to me because it now makes me cry???

    I want my life back and would love to see paxil taken off the market! I would also like to see those that were given paxil a refund on the life they took not just for me but all. This company should be sued for the problems they knew they created!!!!

    This week I get to go to the best doctor I know, one that has been taught and still goes to seminars almost ever week to ever week in the homeopathic way to feel better, while going though withdraw from pharmo- company’s medication craz.

    Let’s think about it you go to the doctor for one thing you get prescribed a medication then sometime in you life time you will do up with another alment, only to find out later was caused by the drug they gave you. If you didn’t research it you would hBe been prescribed another medication!!!

  86. John Says:

    been on paroxetine for well over 15ys suffer from learning disabilities and panic attacks and get really depressed and have cerebral palsy in my legs as well as something else in my legs that runs in family, have carers coming around 3 times a day and my social worker makes me more depressed, some of my carers makes me depressed and some know how to have a laugh. Doctor tookme off all meds after trying to kill myself afew times with pills they now get locked up. The I went cold turkey and they reinstated them all again so changed practice now paroxetine.

    Now they found out paroxetine is causing me to get bleading in my bowels and and other problems so they tried to take me off them over months now they do not work very well after that, but made me so bad so bad had to but me back on them,

    About 2mths later back to square 1 with another doctor who is good with depression and other things wants to take me off them from 30mg down to 20mg 2wks 10mg 2wks then none, but now after been on 20mg for nearly 2 weeks getting really depressed starting to snap at people and will not go out doctor says will not put me on any diazepam because they are very addictive so he said you can forget that, And wants me to goto CBT, cannot see it working for what I have read up on net, But on sleepers to help me sleep been on them for yrs.
    Getting really dizzy and light headded and so depressed,

    Feels like doctors are useing me as a guinea pig all the time will not go to docors as I have short term memory loss miss 1 more then will remove me from practice, Will not leave house now and have someone come around to try to get me out more I order everything on net, Had problems with 1 doctor after another do not trust them anymore will not got hospital has I got stranded there had to ring parents up to collect me as they thought I was having heart problems but panic attacks world not stop so they gave me some diazipam for 3 days.

    My head is in a mess thought doctors ment to help people,
    Keep on googling it for spelling,

    • Greg Says:

      Doctors have their place but it’s not in the world of pharmacy. What are they going to do when none of their anti-biotics work. Their age old favourite. We are almost there now. Are they going to tell you herbs don’t work when they actually do and can save your life or just keep prescribing pills that don’t work. The sheeple need to to wake up fast.

  87. Gab Says:

    Hi I have been taking Paxil for 3 months, 1st 2 months was on 20 mg my gp suggested to add 10mg suddenly I feel worst had side effects: felt drugged, felt my eye movements. dizziness… I stopped it the whole day wasn’t 100% so decided to take 20mg and I feel ill again… I’m confused and scared, help

  88. Gab Says:

    I wanted to go on a trip and I don’t know if i can now…

  89. Greg Says:

    I owe everybody on this forum (and a few others) a huge thank you and I mean it. Thank you! I was suffering from depression, anxiety and a mild form of complex ptsd. I wasn’t suicidal but very fragile. Literally within 5 minutes of mentioning depression to my Doctor I was prescribed paroxetine. I did some reading. I’m used to the googliness of the web and I have learned to take reviews with a pinch of salt but after reading hundreds of pages of blogs of people whose lives have become a living hell I decided they were right and my Doctor was wrong. I then watched letters from Generation Rx. Real people whose lives have been destroyed permanently by this stuff. So I saw another Doctor. Same thing except worse. This one actually regurgitated the GSK Paroxetine advert, verbatim, like he had been brain washed. It was quite scary. Anyway I much better now and provided you are not on Paroxetine I can share what actually works and works well:

    Ashwagandha (incredible stuff). Not the tabs! The real powder mixed with warm milk and honey.
    Turmeric (close second) but does cause initial drowsiness. (not Curcumin, yet another scam) 1 – 2g a day
    5 HTP but not in the huge doses they are sold in. Can’t comprehend how they sell this stuff in 100mg tablets! I smash one tablet and take crumbs during the day if required. One tab last about 4 days.
    Melatonin, only for sleep and once again I crush a 3mg tab and take a crumb before bed.
    The remaining daily regime:
    Fish oil 6g
    Spirulina 6 – 9g
    Multi B

    Good luck, best wishes and thank you all. I almost stepped in it.

    • Paul Montague Says:

      I just got off Paxil after 20 years! I am much stronger. I am now only interested in natural products. What do you know of Turmeric? I’m interested in your thoughts. Paul


    • Paul Says:

      What do you know of Turmeric?

      • Greg Says:

        Paul, Ashwagandha powder is by far the best. Turmeric is good ( I take a 2g dose first thing in the morning) and does work but nothing like Ashwagandha powder. (withania somniferum). In addition to the vits and minerals listed you should take around 6 grams of ashwagandha a day. The trick is how you take it. Firstly only buy the powder. Not extracts or refinements of the powder or capsules, just the powder. One heaped tsp in about 1/3 glass of hot milk with 1/2 a tsp of honey. Stir and let sit for an hour. Then stir and drink in one gulp. At least 3 x per day. You will notice the difference. If you want to try Turmeric it’s half a teaspoon of powder mixed with some cracked pepper and olive oil to make paste. let sit for 30 mins and then add some water (not a lot). Stir up well and drink. Don’t ignore the other vitamins and minerals and stay away from capsules with active ingredient extracts.

    • Greg Says:

      A year later and more mass shootings from SSRIs. I have refined the list above somewhat and add 3 more essentials to this list:
      Gotu Kola (dried herb 2-3g per 1/2 cup of tea with a bit of vinegar)
      Dropped the spirulina and B6. Most Multi B’s contain enough B6 and B12. Now I just take the multi/mega B 3x per day.
      5 HTP for sleep only and very small doses of melatonin and only if needed. Never take a whole 3mg tab. Crumbs.
      Finally, Kava if you having one of those “the bottom dropped out” days.

      • Greg Says:

        Update, stay away from Kava. I had bad liver pains. Switched to Valerian for those rare moments when the wheels are coming off. 1000mg tabs. No side effects and work very well.

  90. Richard Says:

    You would quite literally be better off (a lot better off) and have a much better chance of survival and getting over your addiction if you were addicted to Heroin or Crack! That is scary. What Doctors are doing prescribing this stuff is criminal. Governments allowing it to happen is evil. Capitalism and greed is what it boils down to. The medical profession and in particular GPs has become nothing more than a pill dispensing group of quacks who work for Big Pharm. There are numerous things you can try without going the Big Pharm route and if push comes to shove there is always opium. You would still be better off than taking paroxetine and feel damn good too! Paroxetine to me is a death sentence. I will add to the menu of Greg, above. Healthy diet and healthy body. You know the saying. It’s true. Stay away from junk and stay away from coffee. Drink as much tea as you want but no coffee, period. Not even decaf.

  91. Mary Ann Farley Says:

    Because I had terrible side effects from nearly every antidepressant, I went on a research rampage to find a natural solution to my depression. After many months and much trial and error, I literally cured my major depressive disorder with the following.

    1) First read this article, then scour the rest of the site: People with defects on the MTHFR gene are 500 times more likely to get depression. I have two defects, for which I take a specific form of folic acid, called L-methylfolate. DO NOT take regular folic acid. Take the methylfolate kind, and make sure it’s a food based version.

    I also consulted with one of the doctors on that site, Dr. McQueen, via phone, and she was wonderful. We came up with a great nutritional program.

    2) Fermentation is your friend. I take a fermented multivitamin called New Chapter 40+ for Women. Don’t take any other vitamin in their line as each is different. When I took this vitamin, I sometimes would experience relief of my depression within an hour. And I would take it twice a day when my depression was bad.

    I also have added in fermented foods like kefir and kimchi, both popular in Japan, which has a one percent depression rate.

    Within just a few weeks, I was depression free. Pharma companies will never let you know that depression is a nutritional disorder. I don’t know if what I explained can help with Paxil withdrawal, but it can’t hurt. My mom is having trouble going off it, which has led me here. I’ll leave my web address if anyone has questions. I’d be happy to help.

    • Greg Says:

      There is 3000 years of natural medicine out there that has deliberately been kept from us. It’s called the Ayurveda. It works. The top 2 Ayurvedic herbs for anxiety/depression on my list are Ashwagandha and Gotu Kola.
      As a side note I found Ginkgo lives up to it’s reputation in every respect. Improves brain functioning, depression gone etc. etc. However everyone is bit different when it comes to our bodies and I found I couldn’t switch off at night, hence not much sleep. Pity though. It really does the trick. Actually felt happy!

  92. Kay Says:

    I am 71 and hoping to get off Paxil. When I began taking it, it seemed a life saver. I was in menopause, my mom died, and older teens were making life awful. I’m now mostly retired, just work part time, and noticed the depression seems to have returned. I woke up in the morning with the old feeling of doom and inability to get out of bed. I went on a trip and forgot to take the Paxil and noticed it was easier to get up in the morning. I do have the zaps now and then, and a little dizziness. So far, nothing too terrible. I seem to have my emotions back. I’ve been on this over 20 years and it seems to have outlived it’s usefulness for me. I’m wondering if others have had any experience like this? I’ve been taking 20mg every few days to taper off.

    • Says:

      It took me 10 years to finally get off it. Happy I did finally do it. Slowly (very slowly) cut back the dosage and wait until your body gets used to that level, before cutting the dosage down again. Each level would last a several months before I lowered it again. Its the only thing that worked for me.

      • Sara Says:

        Do you experience any withdrawal symptoms, Paul?

      • Paul Montague Says:

        Yes, every time I tried to cut the dosage I suffered some negative responses. I think I finally tricked my body by cutting the dosage by so little that it didn’t recognize the reduction. I stayed on the new dosage for 7 – 8 months before going lower. When I got to very low dosage I used a razor to cut the pills into quarters. It took a very long time but worth it for me. I’ve been off it for about 8 months. I will never go back. I wish you luck.

  93. Adrian Says:

    You can all do it, I was on paxil for 17 years and have now been off it for 2 years. I weaned myself off it over 18months.Thankfully there are no longer symptoms. I still get anxious at times but have learned some coping skills.
    Just take it slow and only reduce when you feel comfortable. Good Luck

    • Kay Says:

      Might you be willing to share some of the coping skills you found helpful?

      • Says:

        What works usually differs based on the individual. Having said that, what worked for me personally was learning cognitive behavioral therapy and using it every single day. Additionally, I began reading more about Buddhist philosophy which helped me keep everything in perspective. After I mastered these two I knew that I no longer required any form of medication.

  94. Dallas Says:

    I have been on aropax since I was 17 I’m
    33 now at first it changed my life but then I put on heaps of weight I sleep all the time .. I’m so tired on a daily basis
    I’ve tried changing medications before but nothing works they seem ok for a while but then I go numb and cry all the time and won’t leave the house aropax has wrecked my life I just wish at 17 I could of got the help needed I might not be this way now ..
    I’ve been on 40mg now on 20mg
    One week ago I went down to half a pill 10mg I have been dizzy and had pins and needles
    I’m very depressed and no longer value life …
    When I was young I could of done anything with my life but I feel like I’ve waisted away …
    I have no friends because I’m to tired to call them or hang out with them life just sucks doctors can’t help me

  95. ang Says:

    Paxil is the devils drug. People please request to try any other anti depressant. I was put on this when i was 21 i had some depression my mom told them i was bi polar jus like her. No… I was immature spoiled and had an outrageous temper.. That was what i should have been treated for. Im 42 now btw still on paxil ive tried so many times to stop and tried other meds but i was so sick couldnt take them. I truly believe me being on this stuff so long has made me worse in every way i am now so ( having a brain fart on how to spell and yes my mind is bad from it tell that later) soo gloriphobic. I dont want to leave my house i use to want to go go go. But this drug has e affectedme more bad than its helped. Yes i need and needed something for my depression it wasnt bad my mom made me think it was and for my temper because i do have a bad prob in that dept. I have had no sex drive at all since i was a teen.. Yes a teen. Except in my mid 20s when i started drinking jim beam by the gallon everynight 7 days a week. Those 4 yrs give or take a yr or 2 i wanted to have sex 24/7 with everyone i dint tho my beautiful girlfriend of 20 yrs snatched me up took me home b4 i did something stupid because i was wasted i wouldnt remember half of what happened the next day and still dont. When i quit drinking there went the sex drive. I have nun 00000.. No joke dont think about it dont want or even miss it. Have not had an orgasm in yrs. My beautiful gf and i have had sex twice in 2 yrs. Some of u will make fun of me some will get it. Im putting this out there hoping i can help someone. And the generic parproxetine is worse. Im in a rutt i want to make my spouse happy she adores me tells me how special and beautiful i am everyday. I just cant. If someone has some helpful ideas how to help me without me trying to come off this drug plz lmk… Oh and my memory is gone. Cant remember so much. Believe me ive tried so many times this drug for me has had worse withdrawals then anyother drug ive been on. Had a bad car wreck broke my back 4 places got put on oxicotton and roxi cotton and klonipin and zanax for the bad panic attacks that i got everytime i left the house in a vehicle which i never had before anyway yrs being on those yepp addicted. Went thru all the buying off the street because i needed more or after the dr deciding i should stop with in a month. It was hard when i finally did withdrawals were bad but still not as bad as the paxil. With paxil i have every single withdrawal symptoms there are and some no one else has ever had. Tried the slow way months of cutting back nothing mattered. So sick tried to commit suicide several times. And the damage it has done to my mind. It made me worse than i ever was am or i have ever been. Please listen to me do not take this drug… Please share and please be nice i really am only trying to help even 1 person.

    • ang Says:

      And withdrawals from drugs tjat u get a hi off of or i did that potent pain meds and was no where near the symptoms. That should really say alot. I know paxil os bout serotonin and all that good stuff but other meds i took werent like that. Jus thougjt id throw that out there too.

    • Mark Says:

      I agree. Paxil is devils drug. It has ruined my life. I took 19yo to 35yo, then trying to stop… When I tried, my life turned to hell. Now 3 years later, still having awful symptoms : dizziness, tinnitus, nausea, brain zaps etc… Things I never had before of course…

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