A request for all your Paxil withdrawal stories

I’ve just found this video on YouTube:

It seems Shelly Hart wants to write a book about people’s experiences withdrawing from Paxil/Seroxat.

If you want to help write the book, then email your story to:



23 Responses to “A request for all your Paxil withdrawal stories”

  1. truthman30 Says:

    The Irony is, Paxil(paroxetine) causes major problems with weight gain. So to be stuck on it while gaining weight , unable to get off due to withdrawal must be awful..

  2. david smith Says:

    can i post my paxil story here

  3. david smith Says:

    paxil has destroyed my life.
    four years ago i was put on paxil for ocd, i was ramped up to 75 mgs cr a day because i showed no improvement till i hit that dose, i also was on 90 mg a day due to a pharmacy error for 1 month, until a dr visit. she noticed they filled it wrong. at first it started to help the ocd, then i developed what they say is serotonin syndrome. i lost my job as vice president of a bank due to my behavior on this drug, my wife divorced me with 2 kids i lost my home and my friends and was hospitalized 3 times due to this drug. i went from 185 ilbs to 331 in 2 years on this drug. i live in my dads basement now, i lost my other job after the bank due to extreme manic behaviour. i have tried to get off this drug and i can’t. i am 37 years old and i know paxil will be the death of me. does anyone want to hear my story

  4. truthman30 Says:

    “paxil has destroyed my life”

    The same words spoken by thousands of people for the last 17 years…

    Very sad indeed..

  5. shelly hart Says:

    Hi all,
    I’m Shelly Hart. You can just e-mail me your Paxil stories along with an address so I can edit and send back to you for your approval when the book is close to being done. I originally wanted to concentrate on withdrawel but am also accepting stories of people currently on Paxil having problems.
    you may be anonymous if you want to but I need a first name of some sort and a state, country.

  6. shelly hart Says:

    I would just like to add that the only way we can stop withdrawal is to think of people that have not yet started to save them. I think of all those vulnerable people that today are sitting in doc’s office’s waiting to get their first “trial dose” of Paxil not knowing they may never get off. We need to do the stories to Pay it Forward or this will never ever end.

  7. Gary Cheslek Says:

    My son committed suicide after 2 weeks on Paxil/Effexor. You want that type of story? Gary Cheslek

  8. admin Says:

    Gary – I think you must send your story to Shelly –


  9. Andrea Says:

    I am currently on 20mg of paxil for anxiety and tried repeatedly to go down to 10mg. Every time I try to lower my dose, I am fine for about 2 weeks and then I suddendly feel extreme anxitey come on that is far worse than the anxiety that caused me to on the drug in the first place. Not only do I feel anxiety, but I feel sucidal when I try to lower my dose. Also when my dose is lowered I obsess about everything, and get angry at any little thing.

    I have resigned myself to the addiction of paxil so I do not feel the affects of withdrawl.

  10. Susan Says:

    I’ve been on Paxil for about 7 years. They tell you on the bottle, not to consume alcohol. But how can you avoid alcohol, when the drug makes you crave it? I’d go into horrible rages when drinking with paxil. I did immoral things of a sexual nature when drinking with paxil. I prayed my heart out and was able to quit drinking, but not the paxil. The brain shocks are too frightening, and the irritation I feel when trying to wean off of paxil is also frightening. So, I just take it and live with it. During a paxil-alcohol rage, my husband and I had a horrible fight, and that was a year ago, and I haven’t spoken to him since. He deserved it, (my leaving him) but I often wonder, … if I knew then that paxil drives you to alcohol consumption … and then to rage… would my life be different today?

  11. Bob Says:

    I took Paxil for 4 years to fight depression combined with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and it worked great for me. After the treatment, I was socializing, I felt like a new person and my performance at work was great so overall I was a productive happy go lucky guy. At this point, the doctor and I agreed I was well enough to reduce the paxil gradually and then eventually stop the medication. Side effects:Two weeks after I reduced the dose, I started to get really bad vertigo symptoms and because I wasnt told this was going to happen, I thought I had an inner ear problem so I ended up wasting time and money trying to diagnose vertigo not knowing this was cause by paxil withdrawal. Eventually the vertigo stopped I think after two months. I have been coping relatively well without meds except for one panic episode with anxiety at my father’s funeral which is normal.
    Today I find myself in a situation where I am having another bad depression relapse. There is no manic aspect to this one I just feel I keep going down down down and I need to go back to medication but have reservation when it comes to paxil. Should I go back to paxil? or should I try another type of med.? One thing for sure is I need some kind of medication because i don’t know if I’m going to make it alive out of this episode.

    • Brandy Eddy Says:

      I would recommend to not go back to paxil. It doesnt sound like you went through that bad of a time with the previous withdrawl however if you did, you wouldnt need to ask that question. What ever you do, do not go on paxil.

  12. TR Says:

    I was prescribed paxil for OCD just about a month ago. It wasn’t helping so my dose was increased from 20mgs to 30mgs. I still saw no improvement and couldn’t stand how it made me feel, as soon as I got home from work i crawled under the covers and slept the day away. I tryed taking the paxil at different times during the day to experiment and see if I could handle it. I couldn’t so I decided to just stop taking it. I was only on the paxil for about 3 weeks. I had never read anything about SSRIs or any of that stuff. After about 4 days of not taking paxil I started feeling SOOO BAD. I had no idea what was going on, after suffering through 3 days of this i went back to my doc and told her I was very sick. she asked if I was still taking my paxil regularly and then I finally put 2 and 2 together. I WAS GOING THROUGH PAXIL WITHDRAWALS. Wow….i had no idea….this is horrible i can hardly function. Yesterday was the worst, i flipped on my family for what I thought at the time was a legitimate reason….well it wasn’t. I lost it, I cried all day i screamed…threw things across the room. I was totally embarrased of my actions. PAXIL IS HORRIBLE AND NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF OF THE MARKET….PERIOD.

  13. Andrew P Says:

    I’m a user of 10 yrs…… this drug has ruled my life after being prescribed it like smarties when i was 19. Great at first. Solved all my problems. Now!!!….. the moment i miss a dose, my mood changes. The longer i leave it. SWEATS. SHORT TEMPER. ELECTRIC SHOCKS, in my head and tongue. FEEL SICK. TIRED. FEEL LIKE IM NOT REALLY HERE> like a computer game. ANGER at anything. doesn’t matter. just small stuff. NIGHTMARES. I live with it cause i’ve decided i’ll never come off it, but so long as i take my 40mg dose every 2 days. I’m OK. A fucking slave to GSK. I’ve recently self harmed. THats a new step. 10 yrs now, nearly 11. I’m 30. It scares me what i might do one day. I try control it best i can, and do a pretty good job, but now and then, i slip. Thank you GSK. Thank you doctors. for all your fucking help in making me BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. PAXIL VICTIM Says:

    I am 24 and have been on paxil for 9 months now, like all of you i started at a low dose for anxiety attacks which run in the family. Then i moved up to 20mg, then 30mg which i am at now and is slowly becoming not enough.
    Paxil has ruined my life, i feel so tired all the time, cant function, cant care for my child and feel down.
    i would advise for anyone to take it but when you have those attacks, you’ll take anything. i would not wish those attacks on my worse enemy! on the 30 mg it was working great except the side effects, then maybe every other day my heart starts to race, start breathing deep and have weird pains due to the effect it takes on your brain.
    so i can just imagine my dose will be going up, i always said to myself i would not take anything addictive but here i am on this horrible pill that is slowly ruining my life and those around me.
    I feel for all of you because i know what every one of you is talking about and i wish to give you all hope and keep your sanity during this crazy ride!

  15. Brian Says:

    I have been taking 40 mg for a couple of years, after going from 20>30>40.

    For anxiety and panic attacks with some social anxiety features.

    I think it has stopped working because I seem to be getting withdrawal symptoms even though I take my 40 mg every day.

    Is this possible?

  16. Jacob MacLean Says:

    Hi there.

    My doctor recommended a small dose of Paxil for me (20MG) to help with OCD symptoms. It’s only been 2 days since I started taking the drug and the side effects were SO bad. I woke up with severe dizziness and vomiting, shaking and major anxiety. I had to go into Emergency and have them check me over. They said my body simply isn’t used to the drug and needs a couple of weeks to take effect.

    I FLAT OUT REJECTED to take this horrible drug. I would rather suffer from OCD than go through these horrible side effects. I have never felt more horrible in all my life. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION! It’s so hard on the system.

    Ativan has really helped calm me down after coming off this drug, the anxiety is just brutal. If you can avoid or get off this drug, I highly suggest doing so!!

  17. Christina Says:

    Ive been on paxil for about a year now along with wellbutrin. At first i wasnt so sure about my bodys responce to the drug. I was extreeamly shaky, like a methhead on withdraw, but i started to look forward to taking it. It effect were great. they were like legal cocain. the mixture of meds was working pretty well . I was feeling like my old self. however i femembered why i didnt like my old self. I would feel the need to get out and drink, be rebeliouse, dance, became involved in some act not to be repeated here, got into physical fights, i was out for instant grativication. needless to say this did not sit well with my husband. Ive recently decided i do not like who i have become. as a matter of fact i hate myself alot. so i am discontinuing evertything slowly. i have been so misserably uncomfotable . its only been four days. but four long days of hell. i am dissy, disoriented, hungry but cant eat, neausious, bloated , ive had indigestion like never beffor, dry heaves, major adominal pain, and ive been incredibly emotional. i am not looking forward to the days to come

  18. Brandy Eddy Says:

    My name is Brandy and I have been going through paxil withdrawl now for about 4 weeks. I was on the drug for 7 years. At first I weened myself off of the drug, slowly, and I was doing ok. About 2 weeks after i was off the drug completely I have been having a horrible horrible time. It started with dizziness. Then you start freaking out because you dont know why you are dizzy. I cry over almost anything. My chest feels so tight. My back, neck and chest are so tight they are sore. I have panic attacks all the time. I feel like my insides are trembling. My heart sometimes feels like it is jumping out of my chest. Sometimes I feel like needles are being poked into my chest. My head, fingers, feet feel like they are tingling and going numb. Then because of all these symptoms you think you are having a stroke or a heart attack and then here comes more panic attacks. It helps me to relate to others stories and know I am not alone. My withdrawl has been so bad that I am willing to suffer for another 6 months to a year before I will go back to the drug. If anyone wants to talk, or wants to relate please send me an email, I am here. My address is beddy723@frontier.com.

  19. Veronica Says:

    I went on Paxil for a year to get over a terrible trauma I suffered. I started to decrease slowly (from 60 mg) down to 10 over a four month period of time. Every decrease took some getting used to and I could feel it like I was drained and struggling a bit. I recently (8 days ago) went from 10 to none and that is when the REAL symptoms hit me. I kind of poo poo’ed the side effect withdrawl stories until now. The first few days were Ok, but then i noticed terrible fatique, dizzyness, and weird buzzing in my ears, when I turn my eyes I get a popping in my head that is like when you clear your ears on an airplane- and is annoying but not painful. I also am having weird crying jags all the time. I cried when I saw a homeless guy today, not that this isn’t sad, but I just lost control – very unusual behavior for me. Also terrible depression and thoughts of suicide. Isolation feels really painful (not like me at all). Headaches off the charts 24/7. My sinuses are in terrible pain and I am full feeling and draining them all the time (mabye a coincidence). I also am having anger like I have never had in my life. Lastly I am having the most amazing daily multiple orgasms and if I don’t orgasm during waking hours I have them during sleep. Also I am beginning to lose all the damn paxil weight- food seems MUCH less appealing.

    • Veronica Says:

      An update- it has been 14 days now and I wanted to let everyone know that it is a really good idea to tell people that you are ‘not yourself” when you try to interact because the withdrawl made me get an angry tone of voice and inadvertently offend people. I thought I was talking normally but people who love me told me I sounded loud, harsh and critical…. I spent the last few days with trusted friends and they told me I was really out of control emotionally- I thought I was being normal! Other symptoms are getting better- headaches have lessened and beginning to feel like my old self again a bit, Good Luck everyone!

      • Steph Says:

        Hi Veronica.

        I have been on Paxil for about 10 months. I am just wondering, since we have been on the drug for almost the same amount of time, how are your withdrawal symptoms? How long did they last?

        There have been a few times that I have forgotten to take the tablet for a few days and I get incredibly dizzy, but no brain zaps or anything like that. I am wanting to ween myself off of it, but am wondering how bad the process will actually be. Since I have not been on the drug for years, I am hoping that the withdrawal will not be as harsh as some of the stories I have read.

        Any insight from you would be extremely appreciated.

        Thank you in advance,

  20. Rob Says:

    Paxil. I hate this drug more than any of the other drugs they have tried on me to bring back the happiness I had that Paxil stole from me. Back in 1997 I was going through some hard times but nothing that warranted this drug from hell. Maybe if they had given me me elivil of something like that for a month or two. But not something that basically takes over the production of serotonin in my brain. Something that completely alters the way my brain naturally provides it. As of this writing I have been on Paxil for 15 years. I trusted the integrity and knowledge of a doctor back then and took the drug.
    I never needed it. I didn’t know any better. And I made a stupid decision to agree to take it.

    SIDE EFFECTS.(for a man). Inability to get or sustain an erection. I am married and have not had sex for over 11 years. It started about a year after being but on it. I didn’t understand why I just could not get fully erect. It evolved over the years into no erection at all and hardly any Penis to be seen. And Viagra does nothing. Second was weight gain which I have gone up and down with during the whole time. I am 5’9′ and blew up to 250 one time. I normally am 168 with a 34″ waist. So embarrassing. Then there is the fact that the drug stops working and you have to up the dose and or add another of it’s type (SSRI). Then you realize “well this isn’t working I guess I will stop using them and try something else. Oh, the doctor forgot to tell you. This drug is as bad as heroin, benzodiazapines or Oxycontin as far as addiction and trying to get off. Actually…………It’s worse!!
    And just like those drugs, the longer your on it, the stronger the addiction and the more intense the withdrawals are when trying to get off.

    GOING OFF- I have tried 3 times to get off Paxil. I have never made it. Doctors are so fucking ignorant about it that I have had some tell me to just taper down over a week and quit. Oh my god, are you serious? My friends beg me to get rid of my guns due to totally stupid advice like this. I read up on it thanks to the internet. First I tried to go off over a 90 day period. Every day I went more and more insane. I couldn’t be around people, especially at work. Just like everyone else reports. Intense brain zaps. Complete emotional instability. Worrying over everything as if it were happening like my young kids growing up and not finding a good person to marry. Normal people think about that, I cried about it for days. All hope is gone. No serotonin is dropping on my receptors. No dopamine. I am fucked. I thought I was the worst father in the world and apologized and cried in front of my kids who worshiped me as a dad and could not understand what was wrong with me. God I wanted to die. I finally went back up to my old dose but remained depressed. The Paxil did nothing for me and took life from me. And I couldn’t stop taking it.

    The second time I don’t remember much. I was getting very messed up at this point. But the same thing happened, I just tried stretching it out longer. During all this time doctors tried every SSRI and other antidepressant on me as well as dozens of other drugs to help my depression and non functional state. I spent a fortune on psychiatric bills for all those $150 dollar 5 minute visits. Wow let me tell you of the respect I developed these geniuses. N O T !!! I have not seen a Psychiatrist is almost two years but am still paying $50.00 a month to pay off the bill I owe.

    The third time I decided to stretch it out for 9 months. Surely if I wen’t that slow I could get off this god damn hell. I chipped away at my 40mg pill. Then switched to a 20 mg and kept chipping away. The whole time I was irritable and impossible to get along with. Every day I felt sick. When I got down to about 2mg. I called my cousin and told her I was so excited I would finally be free and start gaining back something I lost and loose something I gained. But none of it was to happen I went nuts the next day and for a week I got worse and worse. I could not believe it. After a week of the intense crap it always brings I went to my doctor and begged him for a prescription for 40 mg of the junk. I had failed again.

    This is already to long. I can’t go into more of the hell I went through in withdrawals. Simply said. You are not yourself. You are a mental and emotional basket case. You are scared like hell of going insane and worry that you have permanently done so at times. Your body hurts all over. You feel like you have the worst flu of your life. You are confused. The best part of life is sleep so sleeping pills creep in at some point. Then you have to fight that.

    That was a year ago. I am on disability. I am mentally and emotionally messed up. I have no life. My libido has been gone for 14 years. My passion for the things I loved in life is long gone. I would just leave and end up killing myself but I have two sons in college and a wife I used to love and who used to love me. But I became so argumentative and mean our relationship was ruined about the same time my ability to make love to her died over a decade ago. We are still together.

    If I could go to those who profit from this drug, well lets hope that day doesn’t happen. I want to get them addicted to it and watch their lives go down hill and never be able to get off it. Then ask, was it worth it? You may now commence trying to get off your wonderful drug.

    To those of you with a problem that seems to warrant the use of some drug. Please find an educated doctor. Interview them before hiring them. Find out if they see that using these drugs, Paxil, Effexor, Wellbutrin and others should be a last ditch effort. Use a therapist for talk therapy. So much can be worked out by talking through all the turmoil inside you, layer by layer. If you need something short term (30 to 45 days) OK but read about all the side effects before going on anything. I think it should be the law that doctors must review all possible and probable side effects with patients before putting them on any psychotropic drugs. And lastly. Don’t take anything they will give just cause your desperate to feel better or just want to get high ( which is often just wanting to feel better). Do your research.

    Now I am 58 years old. Can’t work. My only solace is when I go and take care of my elderly parents for 3 to 4 weeks at a time. They live far away from me. Id write my own book but I’ve become so incompetent I couldn’t finish it. I pray to god that I can keep at least one person from ever getting HOOKED on Paxil or any Select Serotonin Re uptake Inhibitor. Please look hard at your diet. Look hard at everything you put in your body. And do it before you get into trouble. This life can be so rewarding, so fulfilling. Don’t create mental illness through the use of these unfortunate total failures of medicine.

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