Seroxat/Paxil videos here

I thought I’d start a page to hold all the various Seroxat/Paxil videos that are out there.

I intend to build up the archive so it can act as a single reference point for all those interested in finding out more about the subject.

The link can be found at the very top right corner of the Seroxat Secrets main page.

I hope this proves useful – and please let me know about any videos that I should feature.


One Response to “Seroxat/Paxil videos here”

  1. tracey Says:

    Iv been on seroxat for 6 years, have tried to come of them lots of times and its impossible. I don’t need0 them anymore but physically my body does, when withdrawing I can barely move my head without feeling unsteady sick and worst of all shocks in my head and body, I feel worse than I ever did before I took them to start with. Please if you are ever perscribed these ask for another medication. Seroxat ruins lives.

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