Doctors who really should know better…

I have to say that I find it very distressing that in 2008, some GPs still seem to be working with a ‘Doctor knows best’ attitude that comes straight from the 1950s.

I’m sure many of you will be all too familiar with what has just happened to a member of the Paxil Progress forum:

“Hi all, rang my surgery this morning for my usual repeat prescription of seroxat, and also asked for liquid seroxat to help in reducing the dosage, I was told by the receptionist, that she didn’t understand why I needed liquid and the tablets, and after a very fraught time trying to explain as simply as I could, she suggested it would be better all round if the duty doctor rang me back.

I waited about an hour or so for his call, and I tried to explain that it was difficult reducing and having an accurate dose each day, as I was having to cut the 20mg tablet in half – 10, then try and cut the other half into 5mg, then shave 0.5/1 mg again off that.

His reaction was disgusting, he told me that he had never heard of anyone reducing by such small amounts, and I was prolonging the agony by reducing in this way.I went on to remind him of my w/d 2 yrs ago, under the supervision of a partner of his, and of how ill I had been, and had learnt that the only way of doing this safely, and lessen the w/d effects was to go slowly.

He went on to tell me, that he was the doctor, and he had had conversations with psychotherapists, who all agree that it is the “usual” to go from 20 mg-15-10-5 then off, and as he knew better than me, then I should do as he says, and just drop from 15 which I now take to 10, and the effects we all class as w/d, are commonly known by the medical proffession in general as ” ALL PSYCHOLOGICAL”.


Because they are text book taught, they know more than all of us, who are paying the price for ever believing in a doctor enough, to ingest this poison.

Needless to say I got my prescription for pills and the liquid, HE WAS NOT HAPPY, but as I said, I can always go to casualty and explain why they are doing the job of a jumped up, arrogant pr*ck like him.

Anyone else had this problem, or is it just me?

Any ideas on ” HOW TO EDUCATE THE MEDICAL PROFESSION, GPs ESPECIALLY”, as I am absolutely FUMING they think they know best, we all know different don’t we.


When I read that post I was shocked that a Doctor in 2008 could know so little about Seroxat and the very real problems that some people have in withdrawing from the drug and also that he would have such a terrible attitude to one of his patients and her very real suffering.

I suppose this kind of thing is why I write this blog.


5 Responses to “Doctors who really should know better…”

  1. Bob Fiddaman Says:

    Unfookinbeleiveable! Heading over to PP now to give my take on this.


  2. truthman30 Says:

    Yeah, it really is shocking how arrogant some of the medical profession has been towards those whom suffered from Seroxat withdrawal… (psychiatrists in particular)

    I think most GP’s who continue to deny the absolute reality of withdrawal are in denial themselves. Most of them don’t want to face the fact that they have poisoned patients with a defective and dangerous drug. They don’t want to experience the guilt. Of course some doctors and psychs are on the side of the drug companies. I noticed this in the behaviour of my Ex- GP (the Quack who prescribed me Seroxat in the first place).

    After the first panorama documentary in 2002 exposing the side effects and withdrawals which thousands of people had been experiencing for years, i marched down to his office to ask him “had he seen it?”. He reacted very angrily and said that it was all sensationalist rubbish, but then admited he hadn’t actually seen the program. He later apologised to me for reacting that way. And i later sacked him as my physician.

    On a recent visit to his surgery over another matter, I noticed a big GSK poster on the back of his surgery door.
    Personally I wouln’t trust any doctor who blatantly advertises his allegiance to a drug company right under the noses of unsuspecting patients ..But then again most patients don’t realize, as i didn’t at the time that some GP’s are in fact right in the pocket of drug companies… The ones who display drug company propaganda and paraphernalia(pens, clocks, posters etc) exhibit this stuff so when the pharma reps walk in to their practice they can see that the doc is on side… (watch out for it the next time you visit your GP… And if there is a lot of it about the place.. Get a new GP)…

  3. Reader1 Says:

    I think you are making much too big a deal of this. I also think you have a problem, – wanting liquid and pills. You seem to be consumed with this drug. They need to pull it from you and let that be that. You sound like quite a complainer also.

  4. admin Says:

    Whatever Reader 1.

    You’re really the expert, aren’t you?

  5. Lynn Says:

    Reader1, You can find the companies’ own admissions of side effects in a book called the PDR, the Physician’s Desk Reference. Some schema therapy might teach you some empathy, too.

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