Stephen Kazmierczak – the Illinois gunman stopped taking Paxil (Seroxat)…?

… according to news channel ABC7 Chicago – full story here:

“Authorities have not figured out what motivated the man, described as a hardworking, award-winning former honor student by NIU faculty, to go on a shooting rampage that killed five students.

Kazmierczak, 27, was treated for mental illness nine years ago. He was considered volatile, according to a staff member who worked at the facility at the time, and violent if he stopped taking the antidepressant and anti-anxiety pills prescribed for him. Including Paxil, it was medication he was supposed to still be taking and apparently stopped a couple of weeks ago.”

So Paxil/Seroxat may have been involved in this tragedy, however we need to know the details – we need to know the truth.

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Update: There is now confirmation that the anti-depressant NIU shooter Steven Kazmierczak went off of a few weeks ago was Prozac, but it’s not clear if he was on the original patented version made by Lilly or if he was on a generic. His ex-girlfriend told CNN that the drug made him feel like a “zombie.”


3 Responses to “Stephen Kazmierczak – the Illinois gunman stopped taking Paxil (Seroxat)…?”

  1. Truthman Says:

    This is not suprising in the least, i myself became borderline homicidal on Seroxat, also i became aggressive , volatile and hostile in withdrawal..

    There is an interesting discussion going on over on pharmalot about the SSRI-homicide-suicide connection..

    Finger On The Trigger: Meds & School Shootings

  2. Lynn Says:

    That is interesting, and frightening, how people cannot accept that something called medicine could hurt some people more than help. And the “point” that he got worse when he stopped taking the Paxil will probably be used to further sell Paxil.

  3. brian Says:

    Fox news Douglas Kennedy has a piece on this latest anti-depressant driven mass murder/suicide:

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