MPs call upon the Government to provide withdrawal clinics for people addicted to Seroxat…

… and other SSRIs

Oh, and also for the review into the MHRA that was recommended 3 years ago!

Early Day Motion 1056 by Jim Dobbin MP – SSRI ANTI-DEPRESSANTS

That this House welcomes the Department of Health’s announcement to increase the provision of talking therapy for depression; notes Professor Irving Kirsch’s study of the manufacturer’s trials of the SSRI anti-depressants Prozac, Seroxat and Efexor and his conclusion that these drugs are not effective; notes that there is zero cost-effectiveness to drugs that do not work; further notes that large numbers of people are involuntary addicted to these drugs and suffer bizarre and severe side effects which leave them unable to work; calls upon the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence to review the approval of these drugs; calls upon the Government to provide withdrawal clinics for people addicted to prescribed drugs; further calls upon the Government to provide appropriate rehabilitation to bring these people back into the workforce; urges the Government to organise controlled withdrawal of these drugs from the market; and further urges the Government to investigate how the manufacturers and distributors obtained product licences and to implement the recommendations of the Fourth Report of the Health Committee, Session 2004-05, on the Influence of the Pharmaceutical Industry, HC42-1, including an independent review of the UK drug licensing authority the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

Signed by the following MPs:

Dobbin, Jim
Spink, Bob
Younger-Ross, Richard
Clapham, Michael
Smith, Geraldine
Cryer, Ann
Heppell, John
Hoyle, Lindsay
Kilfoyle, Peter
Laxton, Bob
Lloyd, Tony
Crausby, David
Gibson, Ian
Mulholland, Greg
Prentice, Gordon
Holmes, Paul
Jenkins, Brian
Jones, Lynne
Campbell, Ronnie
Caton, Martin
Corbyn, Jeremy
Dismore, Andrew
Francis, Hywel
Hancock, Mike
Taylor, David
Turner, Desmond
Vis, Rudi
Hemming, John
Hosie, Stewart
Hunter, Mark

And another EDM:

EDM 1041 by Paul Flynn

That this House welcomes the revelation under Freedom of Information of un-published trial reports on anti-depressants that prove they are no more effective than placebos for the great majority of patients; deplores the practice of pharmaceutical companies of suppressing publication of trials with negative results that has encouraged the over-prescription of drugs that have serious adverse side-effects; and calls for a re-appraisal of the efficacy of drug treatment for mild depression compared with the drug-free therapies of exercise and cognitive behaviour therapy.


7 Responses to “MPs call upon the Government to provide withdrawal clinics for people addicted to Seroxat…”


    Notice the absence of my MP, Gisela Stuart!

    I’ve been banging the drum loudly to her for well over two years… she has done nothing!

    It came to a head the other day… I emailed her:

    —– Original Message —–
    From: fiddaman
    To: STUART, Gisela
    Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 2:36 PM
    Subject: Seroxat

    Dear Gisela Stuart,

    I have now wrote to the Shadow Minister for Health, Ann Milton regarding the issue of Seroxat.

    It is plainly obvious to me that YOU do not give a toss about the wellbeing of the British Public, if you did you would have been more vocal and supportive.

    All you have done for the past two years is pass my concerns on to the very same people who in turn seek advice from the MHRA.

    You just don’t get it do you?

    Two years ago I first brought the Seroxat Scandal to your attention – you have NOT raised this in the Houses of Parliament once! You claim EDM’s are a waste of time, yet sign them with a whim if it means more televised cricket!

    Your priorities, like the MHRA’s are seriously lacking human compassion. I came to you – YOU decided to do nothing.

    You will claim you have helped by passing my concerns on to the Dept of Health – However you have not chased them up over the issue have you. It’s all one big gravy train isn’t it Gisela – enjoy your ride whilst thousands upon thousands of British patients are harmed by the very same drug I warned you about over 2 years ago!

    I WILL NOT be in touch with you again. In fact the mere mention of your name sickens me to the core.

    Have a nice life


    Bob Fiddaman

    Seroxat Sufferers

  2. truthman30 Says:

    The ones that won’t support any kind of investigation of GSK or the MHRA probably have shares or vested interests in GlaxoSmithKline…

  3. Lynn Says:

    Isn’t this announcement good news?


    Depends which way you look at it Lynn. Good news because it is now reaching people who were stubborn enough not to beleive but no comfort to those who have had to endure withdrawal on these types of drugs.

    Basically what the report is saying is that the pharmaceutical companies have been touting nothing more than a piece of candy but this candy is defective in as much as when the patient takes it for mild to moderate depression, it will not work. Not only that but try to wean off the candy and you will suffer dire consequences.

    GSK, for example, were caught out last year for falsely claiming that Ribena contained Vitamin C, they quickly paid off the fine and guess what? Ribena is still being sold.

    Okay, maybe Ribena didn’t cause the consumer to have suicidal thoughts, maybe it basically did what it was supposed to do (Quench the thirst) but the antidepressant drug they manufacture (Seroxat) is basically a sweet.

    If Cadbury’s manufactured a chocolate bar that caused the consumer adverse side-effects to a tiny segment of those that ate it then it would be pulled from the shelves. The public would be up in arms and Cadbury’s would no doubt be shut down and prosecuted. Those consumers suffering as a consequence of eating the ‘bad’ chocolate would be protected by the food commission here in the UK, a regulatory body set up to watch over the food we eat.

    It seems the regulatory body set up to watch what medicines we take (MHRA) have merely endorsed the ‘bad sweets’ – Basically, they have sat back and allowed the British public to consume a product that has no benefit yet much risk.

    That’s utterly shameful.

    It’s good news for campaigners, not so good if you are someone who is fighting to get off this drug and have been told all along that you are probably still ill.


  5. Matthew Holford Says:

    I think it’s even more subtle than that, Fid.

    Quacks are not allowed to prescribe placebos (it’s regarded as unethical), and yet the placebo effect is extremely valuable. Hey, why not invent something, under the banner of science, which basically just uses the human body/mind’s own capabilities to heal itself, and make lots of money, in the process? Well, there’s no earthly reason why not, is there?

    Cue antidepressants, in many different hues. Except that there’s no science. There’s no honesty. There’s no integrity. There’s no oversight. There’s no regulation. But there’s lots of smug bastards with full wallets, laughing their arses off. And there’s lots of side effects, which will promptly become “consequent to one’s condition” if one is unfortunate enough to suffer them.

    And everybody’s gone quiet, other than to restate what we are required to believe, in order for this charade to continue.


  6. Lynn Says:

    I understand, and I’m sorry.

  7. Alistair Says:

    the step down pill stages were too high for my ex partner to be successfully weaned of Seroxat without dreadful side effects, so instead of being on them for 28 days tops as promised by her GP, she is still on then now 5 years later.
    They were prescribed for panic attacks. Her personality changed completely from a good person to a monster within the first 6 months.
    I later, as a result of being treated for depression following the consequences of my partners ‘failed treatment’ was placed on Efixer, again 1 year later when coming off in drop down doses suffered within 4 days of final dose and had to be placed back on full dose for a further year, then I insisted on the step down at the minimal change each month and even although still feeling side effects, managed these.
    The drugs did not give a ‘cure’ just time until the cure could be established, with me therapy, with my ex none.
    Seems to me that drug companies, especially for anti depressants should be forced to provide pills in much smaller doses, just for withdrawal, that GP’s should be forced to dispense the smaller changes and not say ‘these are insignificant’ as I was told.


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