Siege Barrister Mark Saunders shot dead by police had been taking anti-depressants

It’s the news I had been expecting to see… read the entire article here from the Daily Mail:

“The wealthy barrister shot dead by police marksmen at his luxury home had been taking anti-depressant drugs for several months.

Friends of Mark Saunders, 32, who was killed by at least five bullet wounds, have revealed that he had been on prescription drugs for depression and had behaved “erratically” when drinking alcohol, as he did on the day he died… friends said the cocktail of anti-depressants and alcohol, which he consumed at a pub near his home in Chelsea, West London, last Tuesday, may explain his bizarre actions.

Neighbours spoke last night of their shock at the actions of “mild-mannered” Mr Saunders.”

So what could possibly explain this bizarre tragedy? Why did he do it? What made his personality change? What made him so aggressive, and perhaps, suicidal?

Perhaps part of the answer can be found here:

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or here:

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When are we going to see some proper independent research into the myriad problems associated with taking – and withdrawing from – SSRIs


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