JP Garnier does what other GSK employees did – simply refuses to answer difficult questions about Seroxat

On BBC radio yesterday JP Garnier was interviewed – and I use the word in the loosest possible sense.

Once the going got tough (when the questioning turned to Seroxat) Garnier simply refused to answer questions put to him – in the same way that GSK employees refused to co-operate with the MHRA’s recent criminal investigation into the company. Then he walked out, after ending the interview saying “I’m not interested in answering this question.”

It seems Garnier thinks the Seroxat problem is all over and done with and he doesn’t have to bother with public concerns anymore…


I missed the radio broadcast yesterday, as I’m sure many of you did… but thanks to the internet we can all listen to JP throwing his toys out of the pram… again and again and again…

Just press play!

The Seroxat questioning starts at 3.36.

And this is now Garnier’s performance was seen by the Times:

GlaxoSmithKline chief executive Jean-Pierre Garnier leaves Today programme in a huff

Jean-Pierre Garnier, the GlaxoSmithKline chief executive, probably expected an easy ride when he appeared on Radio 4’s Today to puff the firm’s anti-bird flu vaccine. He didn’t get it. James Naughtie laid into an increasingly furious Garnier about the criticism that GSK came in for over Seroxat, the antidepressant drug linked to suicides among children. “Does this mean that all the information GSK holds on the development of Seroxat will be put in the public domain?” Naughtie asked. This comprised “millions of documents, millions”, Garnier countered, saying that all had been made available to watchdogs.

Naughtie pressed him further. “I’m not interested in answering this question. We’ve dealt with this subject. Thank you for taking the time to hear about the [bird flu] pandemic.” And Garnier was off. It might not have helped that Naughtie referred to a man who clearly takes himself very seriously as “Jean-Paul Garnier”.

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