Jim Thomson and the EAASM – what’s really going on then?

I notice a bit of news recently from the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines (EAASM).

It seems that the EAASM reckons the parallel trade in drugs in the EU puts patients at risk… but there is world of difference between the legal parallel trade and drug counterfeiting. But not as far as my old mate Jim Thomson is concerned and the EAASM is Jim’s latest drug company funded venture.

The cynical amongst you might think that Jim and the EAASM only link the parallel trade with counterfeit drugs because the EAASM has actually been set up with pharmaceutical money in order to play its part to tarnish a legitimate practice (parallel trading) that poses competition to the major pharmaceutical industries.

The cynical amongst you might think that – I couldn’t possibly comment…

Parallel trading works like this: prices for patent medicines are generally set lower in, for example, Greece, Spain and France than in the UK, Germany and Holland. Drug companies negotiate the highest price they can with each separate government. Traders buy ‘low’ in the ‘cheap’ countries, transport the products to the ‘expensive’, repackage them in the language of the importing state, and sell them there at a higher price.

Just a thought, but if drug companies were always fair in the price they charged for their patent medicines and they had a fixed price for each medicine, then there would be no parallel trade…

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Jim used to be Sales and Marketing Director for Innervate. Read more on the links below about this:

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