Marty Keller, Dean Wing and integrity at Brown Medical School

There seem to be quite a few posts around about this story… all pointing back to Aubrey Blumnshon at Scientific Misconduct.

Writes Blumsohn:

One thing will be obvious to anyone who has spent time looking at scientific misconduct and academic bullying. Publicly known instances tend to aggregate within particular institutions.

It may be a denominator effect. “Bad apples” might arise in productive institutions with a large number of apples. Ineffective (or corrupt) leadership might also permit fraud and bullying. Unprincipled leadership is also associated with sham investigation and attempted cover-up, which in turn precipitates public discussion.

Several institutions spring to mind, not only for the frequency of serious problems but also dismal cover-up, ignoring of principles, and bullying of those who have discussed integrity.

  • The University of Toronto (cases of Nancy Olivieri, David Healy, Godeon Koren, Brenda Gallie and others)
  • Berkeley (Ignacio Chapela, Tyrone Hayes)
  • Brown University Medical School (David Kern, Martin Keller)
  • Harvard (too many cases to mention)
  • Kingston University in the UK

Another characteristic of leadership failure is the refusal of institutions to apologize when they must know that they have done wrong. There is failure to discuss the principles honestly and publicly. There is failure to demonstrate proper academic behavior to students. When apology does take place it is often end-stage “damage limitation”

I suggest you read the whole article here.


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