Seroxat comics… back by popular demand – but what’s happened to Pharma Giles?

So farewell then Pharma Giles… does anone know what has happened to the excellent (and oh so funny) Pharma Giles blog?

Was Giles paid off?  Was he threatened?  Why no explanation?

Maybe the answer lies over at Pharma Gossip?

Anyway, as it seems that Big Pharma doesn’t like being made fun of, here are the Seroxat comics once again!

Although the wonderous ego that is JP Garnier has left Glaxo now, I for one will never forget the caring, sensitive man who watched as Glaxo’s share fell by 40% during his leadership. And what about the MHRA investigation that this year found Glaxo had withheld evidence that the controversial drug, Seroxat, increased the likelihood of suicide among teenagers?

Way to go, JP…

Comic 1

page 1page_2.jpgpage_3.jpgpage_4.jpg

Comic 2


Comic 3


I’m not sure which one I like best – it’s maybe a bit unfair to pick on poor Alastair Benbow quite so much because Breckenridge of the MHRA was just as useless when he was interviewed on Panorama.

OK – I’m sorry, I’ve had a chance to reconsider that last remark – I take it back. Pick on Benbow as much as you like, he deserves it!

You’ll remember that Benbow is the man, who, when asked on television by pharmacology expert Dr Andrew Herxheimer about why GSK had given no warning about the severe reactions from Seroxat despite knowing about it for 5 years… simply replied “Seroxat has provided countless benefits to many people and enabled them to do more, live longer and feel better… and I think that speaks for itself…”

That reply certainly does speak for itself – Glaxo’s corporate mission statement is “… enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.” In fact, you can download GSK’s corporate brochure here – it’s entitled “Do more, feel better, live longer”.

Good to know we can rely on Dr Alastair Benbow to seriously address patient concerns about one of Glaxo’s drugs without even bothering to consider the direct question that had been asked.

Watch Benbow in action here and marvel at the way he continually avoids questions.

Please remember Alastair – it’s just a little bit of fun!


One Response to “Seroxat comics… back by popular demand – but what’s happened to Pharma Giles?”

  1. blogger Says:

    For all of you missing the Pharmagiles blog I am reproducing the amusing Childrens Story of Medicine Book created by the legendary PharmaGiles.

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