New Seroxat/Paxil videos added

I’ve just added three more videos to my Seroxat videos page (see the link at the top of the page). Thanks to the Truthman once again.

It’s an interview from Fox News in three parts with Dr Peter Breggin about his new book Medication Madness.

Breggin has been a long time critic of antidepressants… but strangely none of the drug companies listen to him.

Maybe the drug companies are too focused on their profits to worry about patient harm?

Have a look at my video page and then if you still want more then simply go to YouTube and search for Paxil or Seroxat or Aropax.


2 Responses to “New Seroxat/Paxil videos added”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Thanks for the interview with Dr. Breggin. I have never heard him speak.
    I read that pharm cos. actually have a say in what medical students are taught, at the Univ. of Washington medical school for one. I saw just one professor’s list of his conflicts of interest and it was shocking. (This was a couple years ago.)
    I was given absolutely free Celexa at a clinic for six weeks in 2001. New insurance and government reimbursement restrictions have actually put public hospitals out of business in the U.S. Were you the person who posted that psychiatrists get paid more for three med consults than for one psychotherapy session? Doctors must be feeling a lot of greed, fear of lawsuits, and/or self-pity about being blamed for them to continue to hurt people and it has to be deliberate by now. Doctors would have to have been living under rocks for the last four years not to have heard of this. I wonder how many other patients of just the doctors and psychologists I have tried to tell what happened to me have tried to say the same things and been ignored. Doctors are hurting people and they don’t seem to care. This is the most frightening and upsetting part for me.

  2. truthman30 Says:

    “Doctors are hurting people and they don’t seem to care. This is the most frightening and upsetting part for me.” – Lynn

    I agree Lynn, The medical community has been complicit in promoting these drugs. Why do they not speak out? Because they are part of it, that’s why. It’s very sad and not a good situation for patients or sufferers of depression or anxiety. Dr Breggin, David Healy, Joe Glenmullen and Dr Michael Corry are the only psychiatrists that I know about who actually had the balls to speak out for patients in regards to the SSRI problems.

    I have a new post on my blog.
    Check it out.

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