Come on MHRA – admit Seroxat/Paxil really is addictive…

No one seems to want to admit Seroxat/Paxil is addictive… not Glaxo, not the FDA, not the World Health Organisation, not the MHRA… it seems the only people who are prepared to stand up and say Seroxat is addictive are those of us who actually took the drug.

I thought I was right to say I was addicted to Seroxat because I was totally dependent on the drug as I found I could not stop taking it without suffering terrible physical and mental withdrawal symptoms… a simple and straightforward enough premise. In fact The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English (date: 2008) agrees with me, defining addiction as: the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

In a recent meeting with Bob Fiddaman, Kent Woods of the MHRA disagreed as he repeated the big pharma mantra about the definition of ‘addiction’: “8. KW noted that the term “addiction” ought to be reserved for circumstances which typically entailed cravings leading to increase in dosage…”

Well Kent, I’ve got some news for you – I have no time for semantics designed to protect drug manufacturers (or the MHRA) while you sit there and ignore patients’ experiences.

I was addicted to Seroxat. It is an addictive drug.

Here are some more definitions of Addiction:


3 Responses to “Come on MHRA – admit Seroxat/Paxil really is addictive…”

  1. anonymous Says:

    They are never going to admit that Seroxat or any other SSRI drug is addictive. That’s their trump card. If they admitted the truth, then these drugs would become even more controversial. Avoidance, denial and ignorance is the modus operandi at the MHRA. It’s served them well so far, why change a policy which works for them?

    We know Seroxat is psychologically addictive, we know the body goes haywire and the mind goes crazy when a dose is missed. We know this means that there is a physical addiction. Anyone with half a brain in their head can do a simple google search to find this out. The MHRA know there are huge problems with this drug. They met Bob Fiddaman because he is one of their harshest critics. It was a PR move, nothing more and nothing less. Why does it take a brave blogger over a year to finally get them to at least listen to his concerns? The MHRA is a smokescreen for the pharmaceutical industry. The MHRA uses doctors as scapegoats, the Doctors blame poor regulation and the industry blames the patient and the doctors. Its a gigantic game of “pass the problem”. The MHRA has no real power, it has no real intention , it does not protect public health, it protects the interests of its clients, GSK and the pharmaceutical industry. That is evidently the bottom line here.

    Well done to Bob Fiddaman for rattling their cage though , that guy deserves a medal. He has done more for patients in the past few years than the MHRA have ever done. 🙂

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