Adverse Psychiatric Reactions Information Link (April) conference – book now

Book now for APRIL’s third conference in London November 6th 2008: Adverse psychiatric side effects of medicines: What’s your responsibility? Download pdf here Download word format here.

APRIL was founded by Millie Kieve who began researching ADR’s after the death of daughter Karen in 1995.

With additional session on coming off medicines ‘how to prepare and cope with withdrawal’.

Speakers and Panel include:
Professor Munir Pirmohamed
Professor of Pharmacogenetics, Liverpool University. Leader in ADR Research

Professor David Healy
Professor of Psychological Medicine University of Wales Author of The Antidepressant Era

Charles Medawar
Founder Social Audit, Specialist Medicines Policy & Drug Safety co-author Medicines out of Control

Dr Anita Holdcroft
Emeritus Professor of Anaesthesia, Imperial College London. Anaesthesia ADR analysis paper 07

Professor Heather Ashton
Emeritus Professor Clinical Psychopharmacology Newcastle University

Dr Joanna Moncrieff
Sen.Lecturer/Hon.Consultant Psychiatrist Author of The Myth of the Chemical Cure

Dr Simon Maxwell
Edinburgh Uni/ British Pharmacological Soc. Med Schools Council Safe Prescribing Working Group

Dr Andrew Herxheimer
Clin.Pharm. co-author Seroxat ADR Review International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine.

Nigel Meadows
H.M.Coroner Manchester City District

Bob Johnson
James Nayler Foundation psychiatrist author of Emotional Health

Dr John Halliday
Pharmacology & Therapeutics Sub Dean King’s College, London

Dr Ben Goldacre
Medical doctor writer broadcaster (The Guardain ‘Bad Science’ regular column)
Peter Walsh CEO Action Against Medical Accidents

Clare Milford-Haven
Clare’s son James died by suicide 10 days after having anaesthesia

Millie Kieve
Founder of the charity APRIL will speak about the patient experience, lack of awareness and how this is costing lives

I’d like to suggest Dr Alastair Benbow attends – and someone from the MHRA… maybe Ian Hudson? No doubt the pair of them could learn a thing or two – and if either of you gents can make it – then lunch is on me.



One Response to “Adverse Psychiatric Reactions Information Link (April) conference – book now”

  1. brick Says:

    this looks interesting – i had nearly 5 months of not sleeping because of anti depressants

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