Charles Nemeroff resigns from Emory University – that’s not the end of it though…

So, we say farwell to Chuck “Bling Bling” Nemeroff as he resigns from Emory.

Sorry Chuck, but it’s too little too late. You’ve done the damage already by talking up shitty drugs and crappy research. If you think this is over now, you’ve got another think coming – the time is right to finally bring a so-called Key Opinion Leader to account for his lies. I hope Senator Grassley agrees with me.

If we’re going to put a stop to KOLs selling their reputations to the highest bidders then we need an example to be made of someone. It seems Senator Grassley has the evidence against Nemeroff to do this – does he have the nerve, I wonder?

This from Phil Dawdy at Furious Seasons:

A few of you have probably already caught the news elsewhere: yesterday, Charles Nemeroff resigned as chair of the psychiatry department at Emory University. The move came on the heels of revelations that he’d taken in $2.8 million in pharma consulting monies since 2000, but had only reported less than half of that–all while taking NIH research grants on the other hand and assuring his university that he was taking in less than $10,000 a year in pharma dough.

For those of you who don’t know, Nemeroff is one of the biggest depression researchers in the world and his work is hugely influential in the field. But as CL Psych has repeatedly detailed, Nemeroff’s work is often scientifically compromised.

Emory University has issued a statement:

“Dr. Nemeroff is recognized internationally as a leader in psychiatric research, education and practice. He has made fundamental contributions to the field over many years. The length and complexity of the history outlined by Senator Grassley will require careful review of underlying payment records from the pharmaceutical companies, which we have requested from Senator Grassley’s office. We have also requested that Dr. Nemeroff provide us with relevant information and documentation so that we will have all the facts before us.

“Dr. Nemeroff has assured us that: ‘To the best of my knowledge, I have followed the appropriate University regulations concerning financial disclosures. I have dedicated my career to translating research findings into improvements in clinical practice in patients with severe mental illness. I will cooperate fully and work with Emory to respond to the alleged conflicts of interest issues raised by Senator Grassley and his staff.'”

Whatever, dude.

Read more about all this – here, here and here


3 Responses to “Charles Nemeroff resigns from Emory University – that’s not the end of it though…”

  1. D Bunker Says:

    On The TAKE researchers need to be prosecuted with the same fervor Meter Maids use against motorists. Until we see these KOLs become CONs (along with chem. co. cheifs) the rum papers won’t stop, and neither will the rising death tally.

    Chucky gets caught for $2.8 Million and he “Retires”? Where’s the cuffs and the “Watch your head sir” as he retires into the back seat of a black and white?

    Then when Nemeroff and Keller, and All the rest of them get depressed over their prison terms, they can eat their Own god damn Seroxat, Prozac, Zyprexa and whatever else.

  2. Radio Doctor admits being bribed by Glaxo to recommend drugs « seroxat secrets… Says:

    […] Charles Nemeroff resigns from Emory University – that’s not the end of it though… […]

  3. Steve Cray Says:

    Someone needs to look into the dealings of Dr. S. Craig Risch, currently at UCSF. He was also at Emory for a time in the mid 80s. He and Numeroff published NUMEROUS publications and did research together. I suspect the dirt isn’t confined to one set of hands.

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