Eli Lilley – a criminal corporation that “…deeply regrets the past actions…”

I’ve followed the Zyprexa affair since the inception of this blog – it’s a scandalous example of all that’s wrong with big pharma today. Zyprexa is an unsafe drug that was illegally marketed in a very aggressive manner by Eli Lilley.

The only reason Lilley deeply regrets its past actions is because it got caught.

Nothing will change – the company will still market its dangerous drugs in illegal ways. There are ptofits to be made after all.

This from Philip Dawdy at Furious Seasons:

Eli Lilly Formally Pleads Guilty, Apologies To Investors, Ignores Victims

News is out that Eli Lilly today formally entered a guilty plea in court to criminal misdemeanor charges related to illegal off-label marketing of Zyprexa for dementia, a condition for which the diabetes-inducing atypical antipsychotic is not approved. The plea comes as part of a settlement Lilly reached earlier this month with federal prosecutors in Pennsylvania, wherein the Indianapolis-based drug maker also agreed to pay the feds and about 30 states $1.42 billion. So far, Lilly is on the hook for $2.7 billion in payouts over its nasty little mood pill and, as I noted earlier this week, the company could be forced to kick down another $4 billion to settle remaining states and class action lawsuits. Wouldn’t Col. Lilly be proud?

Hell, things got so messed up around Zyprexa that the company was outed by its own employees.

Two thoughts: the company is getting off cheap–Zyprexa has killed more than 3,400 people and injured many thousands more. Second, I can now refer to Lilly from here on out as a criminal corporation or use the adjective criminal in almost any way I want in referring to the company. So can you, and I encourage you to do so. Perhaps it’s time to get some T-shirts printed up. I wonder what size the CEO wears.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that a Lilly executive yesterday apologized to investors in an analyst conference call (via BNET Pharma Blog):

“‘The company deeply regrets the past actions covered by the plea,’ said Phil Johnson, executive director of investor relations, in a call to investors.”

Two thoughts for Phil: you are apologizing to the wrong people. You should be apologizing to the many thousands of people your company’s drug has killed and maimed due to your company’s strategy of lying about how Zyprexa should be used in order to keep the company afloat when Prozac went off-patent in 2001. You should also apologize to the taxpayers everywhere who picked up much of the tab for your company’s rotten drug through Medicaid and Medicare. Anytime you criminals want to issue an apology to the public, you know where to find us. We’re the ones who aren’t on the analyst calls.

Two, you are a couple of letters short of a pretty decent first name.


8 Responses to “Eli Lilley – a criminal corporation that “…deeply regrets the past actions…””

  1. Danny Haszard Says:

    Zyprexa has generated a lot of bad press for Eli Lilly and they still have unresolved Zyprexa settlement claims.
    Eli Lilly is reaping the whirlwind for unethical marketing of Zyprexa that has caused suffering and deaths.
    Daniel Haszard Zyprexa patient who got diabetes from it.

  2. Imee Says:

    The only reason Lilley deeply regrets its past actions is because it got caught. -as with most people, companies, and everything else that doesn’t have “remorse” or “conscience” in their dictionaries.

  3. morris Says:

    I have a friend now in her forties. She was prescribed Zyprexa from the ages of 7 to 9 in the USA.

    She is now again on the drug and has had various psychological problems.

    I wonder if she would be eligible for any financial claims – and to whom does one address such a question???

  4. lilly Says:

    sry my first name is really lilly so i am not taking the—ykno.
    I just thought i have to add that Eli Lilly is marketing Strattera (an SSRI) as well now as the new remedy against ADHS in children. All methyphenidat containing drugs (ritalin, concerta etc) have been on the market forever tested thouroughly and do help although it can be argued if you want your kid on a drug just to make it adapt better. Strattera was a pretty useless antidepressant that EliLilly is still trying to sell (development cost are millions.it takes about 12 yrs in total to get a drug to the market) now as a medication for children with ADHS. Please derest parents DO NOT BELIEVE the marketing strategies. I can and does cause suicidal thoughts and behaviour in your children. Dont believes it “cures” ADHD. get back to the good old ritalin. in an ideal world your hyperactive kids would just be called energetic

  5. raymond thomas fuqua Says:

    I am a recoverd drug addict and the biggest dope pushers on the planet are big pharma and phd’s that care more about a free lunch than human lifes. I have watched dope deals my whole life at least on the street crimanls are honest about the drugs they sell. If a doctor thinks Crack & H are rough try Zyprexa!

  6. raymond thomas fuqua Says:

    I have 3 kids and when the 4 of us are together we bounce of the walls, that is why the best advice I have to offer is get hyper kids off an unhealthy diet and into track and field. Having said that if a chid has been abused there may be a deeper problem, just be sure that you are always in the room when a psych. is trying to help your child. Futhermore, if there is not a generic for the script be very leary and do tons of research, my ex-wife lost her childhood to big pharma and I am very unamused at this point. My family wont waste time in court with big pharma we have our own ways of dealing with crooks and greedy men….we let god and prison sort them out for us.

  7. Eli Lilley and Pfizer – both criminal corporations. « seroxat secrets… Says:

    […] we had Lilley and the Zyprexa scandal, now we have Pfizer and Bextra (together with an admission of criminal marketing activities […]

  8. patrick draper Says:

    Profit is King, What safeguards are in place to stop this sort of thing happenning again? It states that Eli Lilly is reaping the whirlwind for unethical marketing, the Pharma companies are a law unto themselves it seems.

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