Teenage killer Tim Kretschmer had stopped treatment for depression

So news is slowly dripping out about the German school shooting… this from the Times:

“A teenager who murdered 15 people , including nine pupils at his former school in southern Germany, shot one of his victims at a psychiatric clinic where he had been treated for depression, it emerged yesterday.

Tim Kretschmer was supposed to attend appointments at the clinic in Winnenden but broke off the treatment. On Wednesday he killed a man, thought to be a gardener, outside the clinic minutes after he used his father’s Beretta pistol to murder nine students, eight of them girls, and three teachers.

Investigators were still struggling yesterday to understand the motives of a teenager whose obsession with fictional violence might have contributed to the all too real blood-bath that has shattered the normally quiet town in which he grew up.”

We need to know about the details of his ‘treatment’ – what antidepressants or antipsychotics had been prescribed (if any)?

Had he stopped taking his medication or changed the dose recently?

Will there be a toxicology report done on the body of the killer?

The mainstream media just have to ask the right questions – but why they never do is a mystery to me.

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