More on Marty Keller… “Another Shrink Bites The Dust”

This  from Evelyn Pringle:

Brown University’s Martin Keller is the latest chairman of psychiatry to be replaced since an on-going investigation led by Iowa Republican, Senator Charles Grassley, on behalf of the US Senate Finance Committee revealed the millions of dollars in undisclosed payments flowing between psychiatric drug makers and “key opinion leaders” in the field of child psychiatry.

In recent months, Charles Nemeroff at Emory University gave up a post he held for 17 years and Alan Schatzberg also stepped down at Stanford as chairs of their psychiatry departments. In December, Massachusetts General Hospital announced that Harvard’s Joseph Biederman would no longer be participating in several drug company funded clinical trials and would limit his speaking and consulting activities with drugs makers, pending the outcome of an inquiry by the hospital of his potential conflict of interests.

Fred Goodwin, the former host of a radio show called “Infinite Minds,” broadcast for years by National Pubic Radio, had his radio show thrown off the air last fall.

Keller originally gained fame as the lead author on Paxil Study 329, which claimed Paxil was “generally well tolerated and effective for major depression in adolescents.” However, a later review of the underlying data showed the drug worked no better than a placebo.  In addition, among the 93 kids taking Paxil, five suicide-related adverse events occurred compared to only one in the group of 89 kids taking a placebo.

Yet in the 2001 paper published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the authors reported that only one child suffered a serious adverse event, a headache, not considered to be related to treatment with Paxil.

Documents obtained in litigation have since revealed that GlaxoSmithKline knew the study was a failure when the data was reviewed in 1998, long before the paper appeared in the Journal.

Keller always gets the credit for publishing Study 329, but the fact is, not one of the authors who lent their names to this fraudulent study have come forth to explain their obvious deception. Therefore, their names deserve to be highlighted as well and include: Neil Ryan, Michael Strober, Rachel Klein, Stan Kutcher, Boris Birmaher, Owen Hagino, Harold Koplewicz, Gabrielle Carlson, Gregory Clarke, Graham Emslie, David Feinberg, Barbara Geller, Vivek Kusumakar, George Papatheodorou, William Sack, Michael Sweeney, Karen Wagner, Elizabeth Weller, Nancy Winters, Rosemary Oakes, James McCafferty, and Sally Laden.

Senator Grassley’s list thus far also includes Harvard’s Thomas Spencer and Timothy Wilens; Melissa DelBello at the University of Cincinnati; and Karen Wagner and Augustus John Rush from the University of Texas. Rush recently moved to Singapore.

The Finance Committee has jurisdiction over the Medicare and Medicaid programs and, “Actions taken by key opinion leaders often have profound impact upon the decisions made by taxpayer funded programs like Medicare and Medicaid and the way that patients are treated and funds expended,” according to the Senator.


3 Responses to “More on Marty Keller… “Another Shrink Bites The Dust””

  1. Lynn Says:

    Excellent! I had no idea this was happening.

  2. herb Says:


    I apologize for this off topic comment but I happened to read several postings you made recently to Dawdy’s forum.


    I have suffered from depression and I am telling you, it comes from life trauma, life events, an inability to cope and it stems from emotional reaction…

    Most people who have suffered from depression will tell you this..

    Why do you not listen?” — truthman 30

    I could accept some of which you have to say about your personal experiences but when you go off and start discussing “most people” you come off to me as another of those zealots preaching black or white and not really knowing that which you speak.

    I’m sorry to say that I strongly disagree with your concept of “most people” simply because my spouse and others over my more than 4 decades as a support person, caregiver and facilitator I have learned you are wrong. You are wrong because my wife and others that I’ve communicated with did not have “…life trauma, life events, an inability to cope and it stems from emotional reaction” in their case histories. They’ve ceased to function with the some of the accompanying symptomology you describe.

    “The only people who have a valid authority on “mental illness” is those who suffer from it!” — truthman30

    Oh really! Does your reasoning also hold that oncologists lack “valid authority” because they don’t suffer from cancer or neurosurgeons from brain Glioma or orthopedists from broken bones or psychiatric professionals because they don’t suffer Major Depressive Disorder etc, etc? Or do you simply negate as stated previously my more than 40 years as an experienced support person, caregiver, researcher and depression-lay expert to my spouse? Under your system of thought my wife would be a dead “valid authority” in stead of alive and depression free.

    Unlike you I prefer to share my personal experiences and research as it relates to my spouse’s case history without giving any advice as to treatments or therapies or endorsing any products other than to endorse patient and/or support person education while encouraging hope and persistence to not give in to these illnesses.

    I’m sorry to have to disagree with a number of your black and white thoughts which I’ve read because I know better and “Maybe then you would understand.”

    Incidentally, I do collaborate with a young country woman of yours who has sworn by Seroxat as the only drug that has kept her going for years.

    As always I wish you and those afflicted with these illnesses wellness.


  3. truthman30 Says:

    I don’t know why you posted this here..
    But anyhow..
    If you want to discuss this further , post your comment in the furious seasons thread..

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