It’s ‘join up the dots’ time again… more stories of extreme violence and antidepressant use

When will someone take the possible connection between extreme acts of violence and antidepressant use seriously.

I’m not saying that medication will turn every patient into a mad killer… but the connections are all too real in too many cases.

In the UK recently we read this story about a horrible murder suicide – The debt-ridden businessman who killed his family before setting fire to their £1.2million mansion lay down to die on his wife’s body, an inquest heard yesterday. Christopher Foster, 50, was first thought to have shot himself after blasting wife Jill, 49, and 15-year-old daughter, Kirstie, in the back of the head.

Foster had run into “severe financial difficulties” and was taking anti-depressants to cope with suicidal tendencies after his oil rig insulation company Ulva went into liquidation.

More recently in the US there has been this story…there was an awful murder-suicide in Middletown, Maryland last week in which a father (Christopher Wood) killed his three children and his wife before killing himself… Wood, 34, also suffered from depression and anxiety and had been prescribed four anti-depressant medications,… Because toxicology reports will not be available for several weeks, detectives do not know if he was taking his medication at the time of his death. The drugs seized were Cymbalta (duloxetine), alprazolam, paroxetine, and buspirone, officials said…

Read more at SSRI stories.


One Response to “It’s ‘join up the dots’ time again… more stories of extreme violence and antidepressant use”

  1. Lugo Teehalt Says:

    Three other high profile cases are the print worker who slaughtered many of his work coleages, see the book ‘The Power to Harm’. (Prozac)

    And the Columbine high school masacre, (Luvox, a prozac knock-off)

    And Duchess Fergie’s aid who killed her boyfriend in a ‘frenzied’ knife attack and then tried to jump of Beachy Head.

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