Seroxat/Paxil – the new Thalidomide? – part 3

Part 3 of this story…

Seroxat/Paxil – the new Thalidomide?

Seroxat/Paxil – the new Thalidomide? – part 2

Reading the above stories (and from doing a little reasearch online), it would seem to me that, at the very least, Glaxo would err on the side of caution and advise that pregnancy and Seroxat/Paxil perhaps do not mix – they might say the jury was out, but at least be advised they might be a problem.

That would be safe, reasonable and logical you would think.

But no.

Glaxo are instead trying to create a new market from Paxil/Seroxat – as a treatment for premenstrual dysphoric disorder… the clincial trials they have funded say just take Seroxat/Paxil for a few days each month and all will be well!

Honestly, from my own experience (and the experience of tens of thousands of others, the ABSOLUTE LAST THING you would ever want to do is to take Seroxat/Paxil for 6 days then stop, then do the same again each month.

What is Glaxo thinking about? Profit – pure and simple – a new way to patent Seroxat/Paxil.

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Just take Paxil for 6 or 7 days a month…. every month!

Seroxat/Paxil for Pre Menstrual Syndrome – no conflicts of interest…?


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